Koi-Koi Japan [Hanafuda playing cards]

Koi-Koi Japan [Hanafuda playing cards]

I just plain love it!

Hanafuda is a tough game to describe. When people ask me about it I usually just say “It’s a lot like Go Fish, but with a deck of Japanese flower cards”. This is only partially true, the game is a bit deeper than that, but at it’s core the game mixes chance and strategy into a really fun, really unique match game. The cards, the rules and the scoring can appear daunting at first, but once I got the hang of it (I have some experience with this game elsewhere) it is a really great and unique card game.

Real player with 51.8 hrs in game

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I can’t recommend this game at full price. If you have friends to play with, it might be worth buying in a sale.

Koi-koi is a Japanese card-matching game using Hanafuda cards. It requires the players to match same-suit pairs of cards from twelve suits of four cards to produce sets (‘yaku’).

This implementation of koi-koi is very basic. The single-player AI is predictable, and not particularly hard to win against. The single-player mode doesn’t have a lot of replayability value, as it’s just the same game over and over. The single-player DLC requires the player to make certain yaku to progress. Some of these are very rare. While the pictures that you get as a reward are nice, it’s immensely frustrating to be unable to progress until you get an ideal hand.

Real player with 44.9 hrs in game

Koi-Koi Japan [Hanafuda playing cards] on Steam

Palace of Cards

Palace of Cards

The different card games are very well explained. And you can play for free for a very long time. Thumbs up.

But then…

Their prices are downright ridiculous and outrageous. Just for professional players.

Die unterschiedlichen Kartenspiele sind sehr gut erklärt. Und man kann sehr lange kostenlos spielen. Dafür Daumen hoch. aber dann…

Deren Preisvorstellungen sind geradezu lächerlich und fast schon unverschämt. Nur was für professionelle Kartenenthusiasten.

Real player with 516.7 hrs in game

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I have always loved rummy as a whole but many rummy games/apps have so many new rules this game however follows from what i have known the correct original set of rules plus the ability to chat and watch our stats is also a plus i have this on my steam and my phone i love it i give it five stars outs of five !

Real player with 33.7 hrs in game

Palace of Cards on Steam

Bishoujo Battle Hanafuda Koi-Koi

Bishoujo Battle Hanafuda Koi-Koi

Easy to pick-up, hard to master.

The game does a great job showing you the ropes and helping you understand how to pair each card set. It’ll take a while for you to know the sets by heart (I still need to rely on the helper and on the set list) but the more you play, the more it becomes second nature.

The game has pretty nice presentation, and the anime girls are just a nice visual treat for you to collect as you play through the campaign. It’s really nice to notice that, without trying too hard, you start strategising over which cards to pick, whether you should push a koi-koi, or not.

Real player with 9.9 hrs in game

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I was a big fan of the other koi-koi game by Zoo Corporation, this one is basically a copy of it, except that you face anime girls and collect anime girl cards.

The other game is more traditional and has DLC maps. Make your choice

Real player with 8.0 hrs in game

Bishoujo Battle Hanafuda Koi-Koi on Steam

Dead Simple 21

Dead Simple 21

I didn’t go in expecting much but this is a real gem. Variation on 21 with special cards, play modes, timer, interactive elements. Awesome solitaire or for challenging your mates. Highly addictive.

If you love your card games or need a fun way to kill idle time (on planes, trains, in bed, etc.), check out Dead Simple 21. It’s addictive. I’m challenging anyone that walks past to have a go at beating my high score. And I learned a new card game!

For more niche curation, follow me at: https://store.steampowered.com/curator/27440015-CSH-Picone/

Real player with 1.6 hrs in game

Dead Simple 21 is a blackjack inspired game where you draw cards from a deck and place them into one of four columns trying to hit 21. This game is a fun casual game to play. It features a fantastic art style and theme. This was fun to play, and I recommend giving it a try.

Real player with 0.8 hrs in game

Dead Simple 21 on Steam

Gremlins, Inc.

Gremlins, Inc.

I saw adverts of this game while it was still in beta stage. The peculiar character of the graphics made the whole intriguing but I suspended with the purchase till Gremlins, Inc. left pre-release state. Watched some gameplay videos but without sufficient knowledge of the rules I could only tell that the game has really strong influence on the players. In fact only the description of available achievements made me realize the depth of the Gremlins, Inc. and convinced me to add it to my Winter Sale basket.

Real player with 3910.4 hrs in game

This is a virtual board game with a strong focus on strategy in a non-deterministic setting, requiring probabilistic reasoning (think of poker).

The game is set in a steampunk society of (genderless) gremlins that see the purpose of their existance in grabbing power and profit by tricking and cheating each other. The design of the game material is in a hand-drawn cartoonesque style and visually appealing. Also the available music kits (to be won as prices in free-to-open chests) are a nice feature.

Real player with 1076.9 hrs in game

Gremlins, Inc. on Steam

Ortus Regni

Ortus Regni

This is a really good card game. I have not tried the non-digital version but with that you can get expansions and they seem amezing.

Good things:

-Can play all against all, 4 players.

-Easiest connecting to a game i have ever seen. Works like a charm.

-No “in your face” grafics or music.

-Make your own decks as you please.

-Different game types and rules.

-Free, i guess thats a plus :)

-Every game is different.

-No fantasy, pretty realistic, and you just wanna play one more game.


-Takes a while too get into the game rules. Atleast an hour and perhaps even a few tries. Dont give up :)

Real player with 31.2 hrs in game

I have read in the reviews and on the forums that some dont get the game or that they think it is too hard.

It isnt hard at all if you have ever played other card games like magic.

It is simple yet deep enough at the same time. The atmosphere, the look of the cards and the sounds feel very medieval. Very.Medieval. You couldnt ask for more.

Also the game is free not free with payment option but free. Yay.

You dont unlock cards you have them all from the beggining.

The tutorial is nice enough. It gives you a quick overview over the game mechanics. But you have to play some matches for yourself after to really understand. Though the story it told was nice enough.

Real player with 20.7 hrs in game

Ortus Regni on Steam

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links

I have put a lot of thought to what I would give this game. From about 2500+ hours worth of play I will say that I WOULD RECOMMEND AND NOT RECOMMEND this game to others. I wish there was a neutral choice when it comes to reviews.


The overall game has the different faces of NOSTALGIA; the anime, the TCG and the OCG before newer summoning conditions and cards were introduced. The format is a bit different but its EASY to catch on. Reliving the past life of Yugioh! gave me vibes and had my attention. There are even WEBSITES and DISCORD CHANNELS that are available for ADVICE and STRUCTURE build decks to go for KOG (King of Games). Duel Links not only provides PvP around the world, but the game launches weekly (or 2 week) PvE events that are helpful to receive new cards or obtain in-game currency. Gold, Jewels, Skill Chips, Keys. Those items can be used in exchange of new cards or skills from the card trader( when you level up at a certain level), which is very useful for newer duelists. I really do like the addition of skill chips because it would take awhile for me to obtain every skill form every duelist. Though it is still slow, it still helps out. The one thing I believe we care about most are the GEMS! Whenever its winning a duel from PvP, a new box is released, an apology notice, PvE events or any special occasion days we are happy to receive gems. These gems are used for purchasing packs(packs of 3 cards, excluding selection boxes) from set boxes.I believe this year Konami decided to decrease the gem value given to duelists, that way everyone would have to play much more than before, but also for something else (Will get back to). Basically, WE ARE GETTING SOMETHING NEW each week or any other day whenever we initiate Links. Konami may not give out the exact things we want, but AT LEAST THEY ARE ACTIVE and provide new or some content. If I were to persuade or meet any friends to play Yugioh Duel Links, that be wonderful! For newer duelists that like Yugioh! and is curious about Duel Links, I say give it a try and DECIDE if this is your type of game.

Real player with 4088.8 hrs in game

I’ve played over 4000 duels on the mobile version as I’m writing this, and I’m sure I have at least a few hundred hours invested into this game. I enjoy playing this game a lot, and I’ll explain why this game is worth my time here.

For a lot of Yu-Gi-Oh veterans like myself, the newer, flashier, modern TCG is too fast and lacks strategic depth. Synchro summoning may be passable for some, but XYZ, Pendulum, and now Link summoning is… weird. We miss Tribute and Ritual summoning, and we enjoy the slower format of the game.

Real player with 1424.1 hrs in game

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links on Steam

Age of Rivals

Age of Rivals

AoR is deceptively simply - all you do is pick from one of four cards. Eight picks is a round, four rounds is a game. That’s it. 10 minutes per game.

Behind that simplicity of gameplay is a cleverly designed, exquisitely well-balanced, damn fun little game. You can get the hand of it in 20 minutes, but appreciated the full interplay of the cards and game dynamics takes a bit longer. Still, after 10 hours I felt confident and was winning more than half my games against other players.

Part of the genius of the game is that, while you can guarantee you will draw up to 3 specific cards, in general each game will have very different start conditions and card draws. You can design a strategy around a particular horse cards, for instance (there’s a nice little strategy around the Four Horsemen card that I enjoy), but if you don’t luck out and pull horses in as a resource at some point, your strategy just won’t work. Fortunately, that’s not the end of it. If you are flexible and quick on your feet, you’ll cobble together a new strategy on the fly, and can still pull out a win, even without a single horse.

Real player with 136.5 hrs in game

Age of Rivals is a strategy card game. There is no play to win, in fact once you buy the game there isn’t even an option to spend money on cards. You gain additional cards simply by playing the game. I love this feature, and wish more collective card games followed this structure.

So how is the gameplay? It’s very easy to learn, the tutorial is very hand holdy but perfectly explains everything there is to do with the game. And I strongly advise you do the tutorial as you get enough in game gold to buy your first couple card packs.

Real player with 93.3 hrs in game

Age of Rivals on Steam



Valve got greedy.

Apparently Valve forgot everything they learned from TF2, CS:GO and Dota2. Making fun games fully accessible to everyone. Online games without players and communities are destined to fail.

But… Nope. Valve decides to exclude 90% of the World.

  • Pay for the game.

  • Pay for cards to play the game, making the best cards the rarest and therefore most expensive. (when they said power level wouldn’t be related to rarity)

  • Pay to enter prize modes.

  • Take a % cut of prize mode entry fees.

Real player with 102.0 hrs in game

Valve has literally abandoned the game…

Edit: 13/03/2021

This game was so hyped at the time, and for me, the gameplay lived up to it for me when it launched, it was so different from everything that I’ve tried before and I did not even know Dota 2 universe… But after years waiting for something, it’s finally Official, both versions of the game, Classic and Foundry, will not be in further development… Here is some of the main things that were impactful during all this time being a casual player.

Real player with 64.7 hrs in game

Artifact on Steam

Collective: the Community Created Card Game

Collective: the Community Created Card Game

Huge Change:

They removed the Draft feature that triggered every time you levelled up your character in a match… The single most important distinguishing feature that made this card game what it was for me and unique among the others.

Huge thumbs down for me, I had grown to love this game mainly due to the excitement of drafting at each level up. Without that, the game is as good as dead for me and not much different to other card games out there. Will still give it a chance, but I cannot express enough how disappointed I am in this and how much i disapprove this change.

Real player with 357.0 hrs in game

After over 140 hours and almost 2 months playing it, It has interesting concepts but some serious downfalls.


A - Trying to Encourage Player Participation

This seems like a good idea that has been tried in different ways in other card games, just that by now I would have expected people to learn from those previous games and have guidelines to avoid mistakes made before.

B - Both Single and Multiplayer

Card games with both seem to do better than those with only 1 except for either modern roguelike games (Slay the Spire, Iris and the Giant, etc.) or older games from years ago when multiplayer was more rare (original Magic: The Gathering from 1997, etc.).

Real player with 151.6 hrs in game

Collective: the Community Created Card Game on Steam