Spiral to Despair

Spiral to Despair

Spiral to Despair is a blackjack style card game infused with RPG elements set in the depths of hell.

You will be facing demons across the hell to solve the mystery of your origin and unravel your story.

  • Progress through story and clear dungeons by defeating monsters in the game of blackjack, loot items and valuables.

  • Use potions and flasks in your encounters to enhance your abilities and stats.

  • Enchant items, unleash legendaries and upgrade charms to get stronger.

  • Unlock achievements by doing various tasks and progressing.

You can export your save to cloud server and access it from another devices and continue your adventure.

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Spiral to Despair on Steam

The Count of Monte Carlo

The Count of Monte Carlo

The Count of Monte Carlo is a novel take on blackjack, in retro style. I think it balances difficulty and enjoyment well–it can be frustratingly hard while figuring out the peculiarities of some of your opponents, which only makes beating them more satisfying. Definitely one of the better digital card games I’ve played, with all the arcadey goodness that keeps you hooked.

9/10, buy this game if you like blackjack!

Real player with 11.9 hrs in game

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It’s blackjack with a bit of a dungeon crawler RPG thrown in.

Very simple, easy to lose time playing.

Art and music style remind me of something I would have played on a library computer in the late 90’s early 2000’s

like a standalone mini game.

I would be very interested to see this what else this developer has in store, because I can’t stop playing.

Real player with 5.2 hrs in game

The Count of Monte Carlo on Steam

VR King of Battle Cards

VR King of Battle Cards

This game started off a bit rough and hard to play, but the developer continued to work on and improve the game, and the results are showing a lot.

The game is fun to play and anyone who loves card games would love this too; each creature has its own stats and you can improve each cards individual stats, such as a creatures speed, attack speed, strength, etc, so you can make creatures a lot stronger. The potential for this game is big, and I cant wait to see what new creatures and spells get added into the game, as well as multiplayer hopefully in the future!

Real player with 4.2 hrs in game

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VR King of Battle Cards on Steam

Star Realms

Star Realms

I used to really enjoy the online version of this game. Saddly that is no longer true. While I would HIGHLY reccomend this game for the Campaign Mode, the Online Mode is another matter ENTIRELY!!!! Once you reach level 5, you must win a number of sucsessfull wins to advance onwords, but each loss counts you backwords on that total. THIS, is not a problem. THE PROBLEM, is that many players have found a way to “HACK” either the timeclock, or the game itself! I have found myself ready to acquire a good card, only to have my game freeze. Then reload. Not only do I lose precious time during this reloaded “Glitch”. But often it will undo my card purchases or even worse, my bases will be destroyed or my health slashed in half. All of which being impossible with the card’s the opponet had availible to play. Now, I KNOW I’m not the best player. I admit that freely. But after almost 500 games, I STILL CAN’T GET EVEN HALFWAY THROUGH TO LEVEL 7! This means With the losses counting against me, I have only managed to go up 1 LEVEL in almost 500 games!!!

Real player with 561.4 hrs in game

I’ve enjoyed Star Realms for many year. It is an entertaining deckbuilder game, which is easy to learn. A huge number of cards have been added to this game over the years, and the core sets (5€) are definitely worth the value, while a lot of the smaller dlc (2-4€) is a bit pricey. Although skill does play a part in winning, I would definitely say that a large part of winning comes down to the luck of the draw. And the expansions increase the luck factor quite a bit. I would still say that it is quite enjoyable, and I take it as a challenge, when my opponent start out quite a bit better off than me. Sadly I will not be giving this game my recommendation, based on the recent addition to this game, in the form of Star Realms Arena, which is a particular nasty way of introducing gambling into a kid friendly game.

Real player with 516.5 hrs in game

Star Realms on Steam

Astral Masters

Astral Masters

One of the first online card games and still very unique and entertaining. Most important features:

  • Game is easy to understand and games don’t take long (though some might, which is also interesting)

  • No endless monetization - you buy it, you have everything.

  • You still have a feeling of progression as with levels you gain more points to increase the power of cards you can have in your deck.

  • Proper drafting experience where you actually have table where people draft from same pool and play against eachother.

Real player with 14.6 hrs in game

This game is amazing!

I love the cards, the synergy, the deckbuilding possibilities. The artstyle is unique and amazing. The gameplay feels a bit off, but once you get used to it, you realize how the game has been built with the “less is more” philosophy in mind.

You have quick duels with pre-made decks. You have “League” mode, which is a tournament versus nine AI opponents, all of which are unique both visually and in gameplay style. Trust me, after the 3-4 league play, you will have distinct favourites and most-hated opponents.

Real player with 13.1 hrs in game

Astral Masters on Steam

Metroplex Zero

Metroplex Zero

In 2280, Eurasica is ruled by cutthroat hyper-capitalist megacorporations. Only you can thwart ZantoCorp’s attempts to reestablish a dark tyranny. Metroplex Zero brings a new take on roguelike deckbuilding with it’s party-based RPG-style combat.

Visit powerful locations

To resist capitalistic tyranny, you’ll need to power up. Choose your route carefully, different locations give different benefits; upgrade your champion, recruit powerful units, upgrade cards, gain passive bonuses or duplicate any card in your deck.

Strategize to fit your playstyle

With five heroes to choose from, each has its own unique and surprising gameplay. Before each battle, scout your enemies and pick the ideal 36 cards to take on your foes. You are never forced to bring any card you don’t like into battle. During your run you will be able to acquire new cards, equipment, and augments. You can get special surgical implants, level up your heroes, and manipulate corporations into giving you very nice shopping discounts.

No playthrough is ever the same

You’ll never play the same deck twice!

  • Over 250 different cards, allowing for a blend of various playstyles and builds

  • Over 70 unique game-changing augments

  • 5 heroes each with very different gameplay

  • Level up your heroes multiple times in every run

  • Choose your own level up perks every time you gain enough XP

  • More than 20 unique random events

  • Over 30 different enemies

Metroplex Zero on Steam

FAWE: Enchanted Forest

FAWE: Enchanted Forest

FAWE: Enchanted Forest - board card game about mystical forest where magic has been saved.

Fight 3 or 4 Players in FFA or Teamplay mode on 1 Board with unlimited amount of Cards of 5 types - 4 Base Cards and 1 Super Card. Every Card has Attack and Defense and gives Buffs and Debuffs. In addition Super Card gives you ability to Upskill.

FAWE: Enchanted Forest on Steam




An outstanding game, one I thoroughly enjoyed playing and reviewing. Great artwork, excellent game mechanics, balanced play, plenty of progression, an epic score, and such a tonne of content for a great price. If you are looking for a review, then please take a look at the link above. Otherwise, get out there and buy DragonClash.

Real player with 29.2 hrs in game


  • Card game about Dragons' fight

  • nice cards / art

  • complex actions and ruleset


  • very confusional

  • not beginner friendly

  • very long battles, if you are starting to grasp the game’s content

  • a little tiring and/or boring


  • boss battles / mechanics

  • further ingame depth and progression

As a Dragon lover, i picked up this game because it would have been a nice addition to my library (or hoard, since we’re talking about Dragons).

Also the game game seemed to look nice.

Real player with 3.5 hrs in game

DragonClash on Steam



Strategy Meets Action

Drag and drop cards to play in real-time! Play cards in quick succession with no waiting for turns. Cards take effect as they’re played so think quick and adapt to an ever-changing board.

Build your Team, Build your Deck

At the beginning of a match, each player selects their team of three heroes. Each hero contributes five unique cards/moves, so be sure to mix and match for new strategies and interactions.

Key Features

  • Strategic yet action-oriented card combat played in real-time

  • Online matchmaking with ranked PvP and single player matches vs AI

  • Simple inputs paired with quick decision-making for engaging game play

  • A robust variety of character skins, player icons and card backs to collect

  • Inventive mechanics for genre-bending gameplay

HASTE on Steam

Freebooter of SPLORR!!

Freebooter of SPLORR!!

I flung turds at a werewolf, bribed some bats, dropped my trousers and defeated a dragon. All this while drinking beer, wine and coffee to keep me going! Was an interesting, random pickup ex’splorring' this game. Trying to win on hard mode now and not poop myself… again.

Definitely recommended for some lighthearted quirky fun!

Real player with 23.2 hrs in game

Freebooter of SPLORR!! is a fun call back to dungeon crawlers of old. Mixed with some great humour and unique encounters, this is definitely worth it. The music and sound effects are on point, giving you an immersive experience.

The randomness of the dungeons ensures plenty of mixed gameplay, and plenty of achievements to work your way towards! Great game if you love the dungeon crawler style games! Highly recommend!

Real player with 12.8 hrs in game

Freebooter of SPLORR!! on Steam