Choice of Life: Middle Ages

Choice of Life: Middle Ages

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The concept of the game is easy. Clicking cards ,but earning all of the achievements and trying not to fail is the hard part. I the game you have to make choices which either let you live your life and complete that chapter, or make you lose a heart. Once you lose all of your hearts you are forced to restart the chapter.


*– [Real player with 5.5 hrs in game](*




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--- ☼ Graphics ☼ ☐ Bad β˜‘ Alright ☐ Good ☐ Beautiful ☐ Fantastic ☠︎ Difficulty ☠︎ ☐ Easy β˜‘ Average ☐ Hard ☐ Unfair Β§ Bugs Β§ ☐ Bugs destroy the game ☐ Lots of bugs ☐ Few Bugs β˜‘ Nothing encountered ☯ Story ☯ ☐ There is none ☐ Bad β˜‘ Alright ☐ Good ☐ Fantastic βš” Gameplay βš” ☐ Frustrating ☐ Boring β˜‘ Alright ☐ Fun ☐ Challenging ☐ CAN'T STOP ۞ Game time / Length ۞ β˜‘ Really short (0 - 3 hours) ☐ Short (4 - 8 hours) ☐ Average (10 - 20 hours) ☐ Long (40-60 hours) ☐ Very Long (61-100 hours) ☐ Extremely Long (101+ hours) *– [Real player with 4.4 hrs in game](* --- ![Reigns]( "") ## Reigns I didn't really know what to expect from Reigns… at first glance during the summer sale (but ended up paying full price) it looked like a novel game mechanic, with just enough silliness to be worth the miniscule asking price of Β£1.99\. It looked like something I would: Be able to dip into occasionally for giggles Be able to walk away from without feeling cheated on a run session Feel I got reasonable value for my purchase without a huge commitment But I really didn't expect it would deliver that much. *– [Real player with 23.9 hrs in game](* ---

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--- Your choices matter in this game. Results may be unpredictable and there is no guarantee of satisfaction or success but the game itself entices you to keep coming back for more in hopes of finding all characters/deaths/endings/secrets/cards as each playthrough is unique with thousands of cards available to be shown. Actual gameplay is very simple and intuitive: swipe either left or right to make choices that impact your reign which is represented through four distinct meters at top of the screen (church, citizens, army, and wealth). Every decision that you make influences one or more meters in one way or another and it is imperative that you keep all four meters balanced so that none becomes either completely filled or empty–doing so would unquestionably bring your reign to an end. Though sometimes the results of each decision may be completely arbitrary or nonsensical such that the effect on your four meters will often leave you scratching your head and wondering what had just happened. Most of the time, you will also likely wonder what would have happened had you made a different decision. *– [Real player with 14.5 hrs in game](* --- ![Black Book]( "") ## Black Book the only guide in English on here (at time of writing) suggests paring down your deck to as few cards as you can manage, which is genuinely helpful especially if you're getting frustrated with the game mechanics or want to speed things along. however, there's too many cool spells for me to consider that, and there's something to be said for equipping the max allowable and getting a rogue-like experience of figuring out how different spells play off each other. getting a page of random spells and figuring out how they best work together is definitely part of the fun for me. *– [Real player with 53.7 hrs in game](* ---

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--- RECOMMENDED. - Long, fun, you learn a thing or two. - Searching for synergies is needed and pays off when you find one or two that works - Item managment is important! - You need to balance your activities progress but have a lot of room to experiment and change skill points. - The exploration in 3d its kinda yanky, but doesnt affect the main gameplay and you wont even care. - Your choices do come back to haunt you, and the choices you take do actually have consecuences inside the gameplay too (but thankfully you can always course correct) *– [Real player with 48.8 hrs in game](* --- ![Watch Me Stream My Mental Breakdown]( "") ## Watch Me Stream My Mental Breakdown A deckbuilder game with a novel theme and a twist in mechanics because it has a visual novel built around it, with its own set of problems and goals. It's designed to be replayed, with the goal of earning permanent starting cards after winning the overall game, so it gets a little different every time. The plot is simple, but that's fine because the point of this game is the cards. I thought the little details in the story were charming. "Panda" really captures the essence of a streamer, and it makes dealing with disappointed parents feel more lighthearted when they're pandas. It's a game that's not trying to be serious so you can focus on the cards and I appreciate that. *– [Real player with 43.6 hrs in game](* I want to enjoy this game, I really do, and I understand a lot of the references and tropes in it are geared towards jaded streamers who agree with the fact that there really isn't a guide to go about streaming successfully. That being said however, I want something of a guide, a meter, something more than viewers to tell me I'm successfully streaming. I've tinkered with the length of streams, I've tried to be conservative, tried to be nice and run the nontoxic suite, I've tried to be combative and run the ego trip end the stream as quick as possible, I've tried to go full immunity and keep my chat from hitting me, I've let chat beat up on me to rest up next week, doesn't seem to matter, I don't see any difference in my stream results. Maybe it picks up when you get your viewership set, either way I don't know if I have time to keep playing to try to find it, I don't even know if this is something I will revisit down the line. If you play the demo for this know that you're just going to get more of the same, it never seems to pick up, never gets fully explained mechanically. Dunno if there's more to do with this, if the devs are going to keep making changes, but I'm not happy with it at this point. *– [Real player with 23.8 hrs in game](* --- ![InfiniteCorp: Cyberpunk Story]( "") ## InfiniteCorp: Cyberpunk Story It’s your first day on the job working for the Mercat Commerce Inc. Which happens to be the largest trade and service corporation in the world. You find your office, sit down at work terminal, login and there’s an email waiting for you from your boss welcoming you. He explains that you’re the manager, one of many the Human Resources team has hired recently. It seems they keep hiring the cheapest rookies and because of this they do not last very long, hopefully you’ll prove to them you’re worth far more. Your job is to make business decisions using your terminal, swipe left for No and right for Yes. *– [Real player with 2.3 hrs in game](* ``` [url] FOR MORE REVIEWS ABOUT CARD GAMES, CHECK OUT OUR CURATOR PAGE: [b]CARD GAME KING [/b] [/url] ``` Note: More of a puzzle than a card game. ### **TL:DR** Scroll down for full Gameplay A simple game in which you are presented by a continuous flow of events to which you respond in one of two ways: which either decreases or increases one or more of the 6 key stats (5 "factions" plus the "board" stat). The goal is balancing each stat as if one drops low enough, the game ends. Those that played Reigns should be familiar with the system and might enjoy a simpler cyberpunk version of it. *– [Real player with 1.3 hrs in game](* --- ![Three Kingdom: The Journey]( "") ## Three Kingdom: The Journey Three Kingdom: The Journey is an game which focus on player choice and build path rougelike card game. You are able to choose the play style from the beginning of the game as one of faction in Three Kingdom. Build up new deck and fight with different powerful enemies, take down city points to empower your deck, then fight to the end. **Game Feature** -Engagement: Every time you enter the journey, you can choose from random different type of territory which lead you to face random enemies, shop, event… -Choice: Choice begin matter since the beginning of the game, you are able to choose your preparation like your general and equipment, and empower them on your journey. There are hunderds of cards and different reward that will leave you to make the choice, making a beatiful combo to enemies is the key to conquer your journey. -Feedback: You don't need to worry about your journey, keep gaining experience to unlock more powerful equipments. -Deck Build: Build up your deck from the journey, grow your army team by defeating enemies, hiring.....Or if you are lucky, some legendary general would like to join you. **Game Content** -100+ Cards. -20+ Equipments. -60+ Enemies. -20+ Evenets. -9 different type of territories. -3 Level of Journey. --- ![Reigns: Game of Thrones]( "") ## Reigns: Game of Thrones The only reason I don't recommend this game is that it doesn't seem like anyone really knows what's going on. This is a spin-off of another series of games with the exact same mechanics, so it naturally does yourself no favors for this to be your first time playing this sort of game, as the case is with me. Like other reviewers have mentioned, it's never clear how your actions will be taken (whether you will increase or decrease certain bars). Not only that, but when you leave for the Wall, you are unable to see how your actions are affecting others. Luck, rather than skill, is what determines how far you get even if you manage to memorize what the cards do. Certain key events sometimes don't happen until far too late. You are almost always praying that something will show up that will raise or low a bar that is in critical danger of triggering a death state. *– [Real player with 56.2 hrs in game](* edit : 28.01.19 / The main story does work but 2x achievements are broken and you cant unlock the whole story/cards.Its been a while now…... /// - Me after 2-4 hours Reigns:GOT (while quitting multiple times) - F* it. Everything scripted and random. Cant even survive 20 damn moons. Very weak mechanics. - Me after 4-8 hours Reigns:GOT - Okay.ok. I get it. Mechanics are not THAT dumb, and there might be a bigger storyline behind unlocking characters and the good old 3-eyed raven. Lets give it a go. *– [Real player with 22.4 hrs in game](* --- ![Tainted Grail: The Fall of Avalon]( "") ## Tainted Grail: The Fall of Avalon Avalon is dying. King Arthur is long gone, and Knights of the Round Table are in disarray. Guardian Menhirs, the only thing that makes it possible for humans to survive in this remote land, are going dark. Your village chose its best and brightest and sent them on an epic quest to reach Kamelot, find the Grail, and save the land. You were not among them. They’ve never returned, and now it’s your turn to lead a band of unlikely heroes, the only ones this land can still provide. These ordinary people set off far too late, under-equipped for the task ahead, and with little hope of success. Tainted Grail is a dark fantasy open-world RPG with fresh turn-based exploration and combat. It is based around deep, immersive story from one of the best and most innovative board games (biggest Kickstarter project of 2018!), but introduces a whole new experience crafted directly for PC. #### EVERY DECISION MATTERS Tainted Grail is a deeply immersive experience that takes the best elements of RPG adventures and brings them to the next level through intricately branching storylines. Written by Krzysztof Piskorski, one of the best Polish fantasy writers, it will draw you right in and keep you engaged, surprised, and invested in many secrets of Avalon. In this dying world, no decision is easy or morally obvious, and you will often face impossible choices. Other times, the consequences of seemingly minor actions will haunt you in the least expected moments. In the end, your impact on Avalon is going reverberate through deep, meaningful changes to the game world - entire towns will raise or fall, land will shatter, ancient powers will be restored, or broken forever. #### EXPLORE THE UNKNOWN A major part of the game involves expeditions into the land covered by the Wyrdness, an ancient force twisting people, creatures, and even space itself in all manner of ways .There will be plenty of enemies and weird, unexpected events waiting for you. While dangerous, exploration will be the only way to gather precious resources and, ultimately, to figure out what is happening to Avalon and if it can be stopped. #### STRATEGIC COMBAT During combat, you will decide between using skills specific for your hero and figuring out the best possible combinations to do it. Every hero will bring a different playstyle, defined by unique skills, that you will continue to further develop based on your favorite tactic. You will supplement this rich toolset with various items and special moves. All of that makes every encounter a different and exciting tactical challenge! --- ![Card Tower Defence]( "") ## Card Tower Defence I recommend it to these people. #### Anyone who knows the joy of being made with one card in a card game. (or vice versa) #### Those who know the fun of clearing tower defense. #### A person who is full of confidence in clear tower defense. #### Poker + Blackjack + Tower Defense = Card Tower Defense **β—† You can enjoy the fun of card games and the fun of tower defense.** **β—† Card** - One tower is one trump card. - There are 52 types of basic towers. - Towers can be combined using the rules of poker. - Towers can be sold using the rules of Blackjack. **β—† Tower Defense** - There are 20 types of stages. - There are 20 types of missions. - There are 31 kinds of ability. - There is a magic that can be used every 3 waves. - There are 60 types of towers and 8 types of monsters. **β—† It has been renewed by reflecting the feedback of the existing Card Tower Defense.** - Removed path making system. - In response to the feedback that the play time is short, the play time has been increased by 20 times. - Significantly reduced the level of tower purchase. - Changed the ability of the combination tower. - Monsters with slightly different STATUS have been changed to have special abilities. **β—† As a developer who has played Tower Defense a lot, I highly recommend it.** --- ![Legacy Bites]( "") ## Legacy Bites Play cards to save the population of humans and the rest of the animal kingdom! Key Features: Random Game with optional deck building Campaign Mode containing 24 missions Gameplay: The world is divided into human and animal populations. Your goal is to keep each population within specific boundaries. A game is played over various rounds. Each round a threat card is played by AI which changes the population of humans and animals in the world. The player receives 1-4 cards for that round to negate the effects of the threat card. Although the threat card only affects populations when the round ends, player cards may affect populations that round and up to the next two rounds. Plan and play cards carefully. After the last round ends all remaining population modifiers are played out. Keep an eye out for that! To make matters even more interesting, the boundaries for each population may change during the game! And there is a round timer! You'll need quick hands and a quick mind to succeed! ---