This game delivers on everything it promises. With a bit of google translate magic on your phone it’s very easy to play with the chinese mods. I highly recommend playing this game.

Real player with 26.6 hrs in game

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Very Good And Fun Game But For Less Cards And Also Many Mods And Cards That Are Not In English I Hope In The Future This Game Can Be Successful And Always Growing

Real player with 9.8 hrs in game

卡牌缔造者-CardMaker on Steam

Chuckle Phrase Builder

Chuckle Phrase Builder

This game is amazing ! I would recommend this game to anyone who wants to spend a good time with friends.

Real player with 14.3 hrs in game

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Ok so this is my third time posting a review for this game. First i gave a bad review because there were simply too many bugs and errors that made it impossible to play, but then they fixed it so fast that i changed my review to a good one. But now they felt like game needed more updates and added lobbies, which seem cool. But i have been trying to enter a lobby or create one and wait people to enter and nothing is happening, no matter how long i wait its empty. Now here i am, changing my review to a bad one once again because even though this game is actually great there is no point of keeping it if you wont be able to play it.

Real player with 5.7 hrs in game

Chuckle Phrase Builder on Steam

Erannorth Chronicles

Erannorth Chronicles

I got this game for free because I won it as part of a modding contest for Erannorth Reborn. So I had to put effort into making the mod and win the contest. So it wasn’t really a handout.

This is the best deck builder RPG I ever played.

The character creation alone allows a degree of freedom that no other game like this can hope to achieve.

“A-Stranger” and “DaGibus” reviews already say pretty much of what I would say myself (and much better than I would too). So I will point at their reviews instead. Let’s just say I agree with them.

Real player with 439.9 hrs in game

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Edit: With the introduction of Pariah mode I’m having a lot more fun and feeling a good sense of progression. I’m getting some loot rewards that I can’t use yet which is a great motivation to keep going and get stronger. It was really tough to start out in that mode so I ended up starting in Quest mode until I felt I had good enough healing and crowd control to move my toon from the Book of Heroes to Pariah mode.

This is a really fun deck builder for people who love theory crafting and min/maxing character concepts. Many combinations of customization to explore. I like that you can play in different game modes so if you want to explore a world map you can do that, but if you’d rather just get to the tactical fighting you can run a gauntlet instead. You can also customize a lot of game parameters such as the number of enemies that will arrive in a typical encounter, etc.

Real player with 158.4 hrs in game

Erannorth Chronicles on Steam

Governor of Poker 3

Governor of Poker 3

As a poker game goes it has it all. + Some blackjack. Collecting hats ,badges ( i don’t need no stinking Badges) Coins etc all adds to it. Wasted many hours. My only down side is The amount of people who just throw in all the chips every hand.

but once you weed them out the game you find some damn good Players who just want to have fun.

If you like poker but dont want to use real cash This is as close as it gets. and if you do run out of Free chips . you can allways buy a few more. or wait for a free roll to come around every 4 hours.

Real player with 1845.3 hrs in game

GOP3 is a multiplayer poker game. They have a nice BlackJack table and a Slotmachime just to make you spend your chips. Another pay to win game. But its not bad, you can spend $10 on a HAT! there are hundreds of them. Like Im gonna wake up on a sunday morning and think…. I should spend $100 on HATS to play a poker game. YAY….awful. despicable.

Real player with 328.4 hrs in game

Governor of Poker 3 on Steam

CasinoLife Poker - #1 Free Texas Holdem 3D

CasinoLife Poker - #1 Free Texas Holdem 3D

This game allows people to cheat , multiple accounts by certain players. I have seen a player have 2 if not 3 avatars at the table at once , and they keep getting away with it . People passing chips and getting paid on face book for it for instance, people selling 500 billion for like 100 dollars , but in game purchase you get 11 billion for 100 , people using in game hacks etc….. on and on . Do not waste your time or money on this scum bag Doo Doo game.

Real player with 83.1 hrs in game

It’s an online poker game. If you like poker, then give it a shot.

Customizeable avatars, weekly events, career rankings, poker tour challenges, and a couple other features that other poker games don’t have.

Purchasing chips is optional, you can make due if you play safe, and you can get free chip gifts from friends, hourly from the main menu, and by completing different challenges.

Real player with 39.2 hrs in game

CasinoLife Poker - #1 Free Texas Holdem 3D on Steam

Spiral to Despair

Spiral to Despair

Spiral to Despair is a blackjack style card game infused with RPG elements set in the depths of hell.

You will be facing demons across the hell to solve the mystery of your origin and unravel your story.

  • Progress through story and clear dungeons by defeating monsters in the game of blackjack, loot items and valuables.

  • Use potions and flasks in your encounters to enhance your abilities and stats.

  • Enchant items, unleash legendaries and upgrade charms to get stronger.

  • Unlock achievements by doing various tasks and progressing.

You can export your save to cloud server and access it from another devices and continue your adventure.

Spiral to Despair on Steam

The Lord of the Rings: Adventure Card Game - Definitive Edition

The Lord of the Rings: Adventure Card Game - Definitive Edition

Ever since the online emergence of Magic: The Gathering (sadly not available on Steam anymore), many developers tried to copy the formula and release their own version of a turn-based card game either for mobile phones or PC. A flux of these came in 2015, when even major companies put heavy emphasis on releasing entries of this genre expecting huge income. Many actually became more successful than the original, mainly more and more people began playing games on their smartphones and due to the simpler rules used compared to MTG.

Real player with 134.9 hrs in game

How much you’ll enjoy this game partially depends on your expectations beforehand. If, like many others, you’re a huge fan of the physical card game you might walk away disappointed, as it changes quite a few mechanics.

That being said, looking at the product objectively as a whole, it’s pretty solid. Personally, I think they improved on the game quite a bit. Granted, I find the physical card game it’s based on to be pretty mediocre. It’s probably one of my least favorite card games from fantasy flight. Whereas the physical version felt a little stale and slow, the digital version feels a lot snappier, interactive, and overall more intriguing than the physical version.

Real player with 107.7 hrs in game

The Lord of the Rings: Adventure Card Game - Definitive Edition on Steam

The Four Kings Casino and Slots

The Four Kings Casino and Slots

UPDATE::: The devs have seen it fit to immediately ban me from their discusson board after this review was posted. For that I warn folks who have issues to be careful speaking up. Seems this Dev likes their dirty tricks when they don’t want their filthy laundry aired out.

This is my final review edit. After enough time with four kings, I have decided they have completely lost touch with the fanbase who supported them from day one. Just as they did on playstion home for six long years.

Im going to be honest here, I’m not liking the way things are going. I thought after they had their time with playstation home, we’d see changes that showed they learned their lesson last time from customer feedback.

Real player with 538.7 hrs in game

Four Kings Casino is probably the best simulated casino style multiplayer game to date. Most typical casino games are present and the play style is that of an mmo with customizable avatars ect allowing you to navigate the realistic virtual casino setting and join the different games as you choose. Gameplay is very similar to the Digital Leisure casino that was part of playstation home, for those that played that, only graphically better. Bugs have been minimal over the several hours I’ve played so far and the game is pretty polished for the first few days of early access beta. I would definitely recommend this game for casual players who enjoy both casino style gaming and social mmo type game mechanics. My only caveat is that this game is not strictly a free to play game, but after its offical launch will be a microtransaction model wherein you have the option of purchasing additional casino chips to augment or replenish your current holdings. As with any game of this nature the inherent cost will depend on what you decide to spend, so amongst those gamers who inexplicably expect to enjoy playing polished multiplayer games without having to financially support them I’m sure there will be complaining.

Real player with 154.5 hrs in game

The Four Kings Casino and Slots on Steam

Vidya Poker

Vidya Poker

Do you like video poker? So do I! I think this game captures the enjoyment of an arcade style poker game pretty well. I really enjoy the fact that I can play the game (AKA lose money) as fast as I want to or maybe take some time if I have a really buff hand. I also like how casual it is because losses don’t carry near the same weight as real life. I made some videos if you want to check them out.


The customization options are cool because you can change the fronts and backs of the cards and you can change your toon/avatar/mascot in a couple different ways (skins and the 3D model). I like the animations of the default toon but I haven’t gotten enough diamonds yet to buy a different toon. The background can also be changed from the default stormy sky to a plain green background.

Real player with 35.2 hrs in game

It’s ok. If you like to gamble its fun. If you like to play hold em and 3 card poker, but never played video poker like me you might run out of money often.

Real player with 31.8 hrs in game

Vidya Poker on Steam



Welcome to CityClick, a wild and whimsical card game where everything seems to click in place.

Collect cards and craft decks before battling it out in both co-op and head-to-head game modes to complete the objective and come out victorious!

Customize & Collect

CityClick has tons of cards to choose from and collect. There’s a deck for every personality and playstyle, and it’s up to you to find the cards for your winning strategy.

Recruit and customize a wild cast of animal mayors, each with their own cheeky personalities and grizzly emotes to guide you through your journey, and taunt enemies along the way.

Play Your Friends

Grab your friends to join in the chaos with competitive and co-op game modes!

Don’t fancy online play? Not to worry, CityClick features a campaign that follows your mayor on their journey into office.

Go On Tour

Every leader starts small, but as your popularity grows, so do your possibilities! Expand your reach by venturing forth on your own adventure, unlocking exclusive cards, mayors, and cosmetics on your way!

Pick Up & Play

CityClick is easy to pick up and play, with plenty of depth for those with the skills.

Anyone can join in the fun with intuitive mechanics and customizable gameplay to suit your needs.

Need extra time? AI too difficult? No worries, you can change all that.

CityClick Travels With You

Continue your mayoral duties on the go with crossplay between Nintendo Switch, PC, and Mac!

CityClick on Steam