Master of the Wizards

Master of the Wizards

Choose your Wizard!

Master of the Wizards is a party card game for 4 to 6 players in which you control a respectable wizard, you can choose one of our six characters to be your avatar.

Conquer strange lands!

Conquer Lands to gain influence throughout the realms and some extra power. Reach 20 points of influence to win the game.

Cast powerful spells!

Target other Wizards with your mighty Attack Spells. Be the last Wizard standing to win the game.

Buff yourself!

Increase your power with Buff Spells to get the upper hand.

Curse your rivals!

Cast Curse Spells upon rival Wizards to make their life miserable.

And Chain their spells right back at them!

Answer your enemies' attacks with Chain Spells to make them someone else’s problem… But beware of being a Chain target yourself!

Challenge your friends!

Battle for the title of…

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Master of the Wizards on Steam

Day of the Dead: Solitaire Collection

Day of the Dead: Solitaire Collection

Good way to spend your morning drinking coffee and playing a card game!

Real player with 30.4 hrs in game

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works with big sur

Real player with 18.1 hrs in game

Day of the Dead: Solitaire Collection on Steam

Flowers Garden Solitaire

Flowers Garden Solitaire

One of the best games in its genre, but with minor flaws. I advise everyone. 9.5 / 10.

Real player with 7.3 hrs in game

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solitaire games are pretty much identical to each other, the usual +1/-1 gameplay with power-ups and such, and even if some developers try to put their unique(ish) spin on it, their subsequent releases are still mostly gonna be reskins of the same thing. no problem with that, I’d rather enjoy a variety of themes than replay the same thing over and over.

Real player with 4.3 hrs in game

Flowers Garden Solitaire on Steam

Memory Battle

Memory Battle

Classic and Casual memory game, never get old, it’s fun and improves your memory! Has a nice 2d art. They created a “battle mode” that should be the twist… But tbh, i don’t feel like it have any “real twists”, almost same as classic mode but can take longer, and the board gets a bit easier since it gets divided between shield/sword cards, so you know what you’re looking for more easily.

So far you can play 1v1’s on local and it has remote play steam support, which is awesome, but a direct multiplayer and increased player cap (for classic) would be welcome. Also you can fight AI in three difficult settings (ez,normal,hard).

Real player with 10.8 hrs in game

You’ve played memory before, right? Find the cards that match… Use the pairs as attack and defence in a fight. DLC for different cards. Can be solo, but it’s really better played 2player VS

Real player with 1.7 hrs in game

Memory Battle on Steam



KindFolx is a single player PvE real time deckbuilding card game! Follow Reinus in his quest to liberate the city of KindFolx from its corrupt leader!

-Fast paced combat that requires efficient and creative decisions

-Randomly selected enemies, events, and treasures will make each run different from the last

-A variety of mechanics and cards allow you to play in different ways that suit your play style or create additional challenge

-Frame by frame animation!

Long ago, in a land unlike the one you know now, a war raged between Humankind, and Monsterfolx. After 5 years, the battle would end, and Humankind would rise victorious.

Ozma, a human hero of the war, embraced peace between the races, and proposed the erection of a city that would be a haven for humans and monsters to live in harmony. The city would be called KindFolx.

5 years later, Ozma would pass away, and as agreed, a Monsterfolk would take his place at the head of the city as a sign of trust and faith by the humans. Darlocke, a cruel general of the monster army, would bring about a new wave of human hatred. Oppression would begin, and homelessness, violence, and slavery inflicted on humans would soar.

Now, in order to prevent these growing atrocities from inciting another war, a team of adventurers have banned together to put everything on the line to overthrow Darlocke in the heart of the city.

Will you and the Adventurers Guild be able to successfully destroy the evil in the deepest parts of KindFolx?

KindFolx on Steam



Wanted to hold off reviewing it until I beat +15. If you’re looking for a new deckbuilder, I’d recommend this one. I’ve played Slay the Spire, Monster Train, and a few others, and this one really made me want to thoroughly complete it. There is enough variety and unique combinations that really makes each run fun and challenging. It’s not perfect (I’ll talk about that below), but it’s worth the coin.


*Gem system adds a fun element that makes some not so useful cards viable.

*The large deck angle adds more ways to build around bad cards.

Real player with 150.8 hrs in game

I unfortunately can’t leave a positive review. I am a linux user. Before buying this game, I checked and saw that the game worked fine with steam compatilibity tools, so I bought it. The game was working perfectly. Then they added an update, which added some random visual bugs (slightly annoying but nothing major) as well as some random game crashes (around once every 1h30 of play for me, but since I’m slow and runs were about 2h30 that was quite annoying). Then the last major update hit, claiming some bugfixes. Cool. I do not experience any bug anymore since my game doesn’t even launch anymore. I’ve tried switching the compatilibity modes, proton versions…etc… to no avail, the game doesn’t launch anymore.

Real player with 103.6 hrs in game

Roguebook on Steam

Forgotten Tales: Day of the Dead

Forgotten Tales: Day of the Dead

If you know me at all, you know I LOVE solitaire. I’ve been playing it ever since I was a wee lass, but golf solitaire has recently become my favorite version of the game. Imagine my delight when yet another title released featuring the enjoyable gameplay I’ve come to love. Forgotten Tales: Day of the Dead had SO much promise: beautiful artwork, a fantastic theme, and interesting new power-ups and board goals I hadn’t seen done in other games — and yet against all odds it failed. As a lover of solitaire and supporter of indie game developers everywhere, it pains me greatly to have to write this review, but it is my sworn duty to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help me Dios.

Real player with 27.3 hrs in game

TLDR: Fun solitaire game, I’m glad I bought it, one oddity to note - the game is rigged in your favour, the next card on the deck being turned over has a high chance of being one you need!

The gameplay: 100 sets of 3 games each, each set has a goal like achieve a certain score, avoid diamonds for the next 5 cards etc. I’m half way through the game right now and haven’t needed to use the boosts much yet, the one most powerful of which is to unlock a second deck so that 2 cards at a time are revealed. For each set you earn 0, 100, 200 or 300 depending on your score, you also get zero to three skulls at the same levels, getting all the skulls is linked to an achievement. Even if you’re bad at the game you could still get all the skulls by grinding the early level for money for boosters to ensure a good score, hopefully it doesn’t come to this in later levels.

Real player with 25.9 hrs in game

Forgotten Tales: Day of the Dead on Steam

Sketch Crawler

Sketch Crawler

Sketch Crawler is a super-creative deck-building roguelike single player RPG game about the King of Cartoons who lost his kingdom in a wicked magic picture.

The Magic of Drawing

With just one click, you can redraw any object in the game: creatures, spells, walls, furniture, and decorations. Your drawings will be saved and used for further generations of the Sketch Crawler world.

The Мagic of Сolor

In the world of Sketch Crawler, colors have their own mysterious power. By adding a color to a creature, you can add new abilities and powers to it. By adding a color to a magic spell you can greatly enhance it.

Endless Fun

The procedural generation of dungeons and enemies gives you endless gameplay.


You will die many times and start over and over again, trying to save the King of Cartoons. And that’s okay. The cool thing is that once you make it through the dungeon, you’ll keep all the cards you have collected along the way and your next campaigns will be better prepared.


There is no need to kill to win here. You can let your enemy escape, the amount of loot and experience you get will not change.

Experimental Game

We are experimenting with letting players create whatever they want and make it matter in the game. We want to tempt players to draw.

A Place for a Scene

You will also be able to record voiceovers for all your characters and even for your enemies!


  • Everything you draw appears in a procedurally generated world.

  • Conquer dungeons with turn-based card combat.

  • Build your ultimate deck from cards you find.

  • Redraw found cards to give them new properties.

  • Draw creatures and see them fighting for you.

Sketch Crawler on Steam

Card of spirits(卡靈)

Card of spirits(卡靈)

“Card of spirits” is a really novel and interesting game. It overturns the traditional rules of card games, but adding new elements I have never seen. The winning condition is decided by the common cards' values. Compared with other card games which all have the similiar minions and spells, this game has a simple and fresh rules, but not losing strategies. The art in this game also shows a different view to players. In collection part, “Card of spirits” did really give me a big surprise. With new models adding, I think this game can be popular.!!!

Real player with 11.6 hrs in game

I’ve played some more of it & decided to change my opinion to negative - the points I was previously referring to as “a little irritating” now seem to really get on my nerves & bad for such a small project.

It’s a very small colorful card game (against AI) with unknown rules (rather simple so you can figure them out soon while playing). It runs in a borderless static window 800x600, so what you see there on Steam screenshots is just someone’s desktop wallpaper behind the game window in the center. It’s being controlled from keyboard with just 3 buttons: left, right, enter. The program looks, works & sounds nicely - fonts, ornaments, sounds etc.

Real player with 7.6 hrs in game

Card of spirits(卡靈) on Steam

Warriors of the Nile 2

Warriors of the Nile 2

Warriors of the Nile are back!

Building up on the original version’s [Turn-based Strategy+Roguelite] framework, in Warriors of the Nile 2 you will once again experience iconic fast-paced, exhilarating combat. This time, you will lead warriors blessed by Egyptian gods and fight against the invading Roman army.

Choose your adventure route. Strategize and make preparations amidst ever-changing stage conditions, then move with precision as you fire away. Create a unique skill build by choosing from an array of skill tablets.

What’s different from the original version is, in the new Warriors of the Nile squad, each character possesses a trademark skillset. Not only have attack modes changed, but the new feature-packed individual system will bring an all-new dynamic into the game.

Choose a suitable skillset tablet for you, be it making a clean sweep at the battlefield, using multi-phased attacks and chain attacks to break through enemy lines, or using charge attack leaps to take out the back row……

Awaken the gods' blessings at key moments to unleash Miracle and turn the tides in your favor!

  • Explore ruins, visit merchants, and challenge the arena in adventure mode;

  • Light up carvings to gain more battle bonuses;

  • Build a capital and restore the glory of pharaohs past;

  • Level up your warriors to unlock new tablets and equipment.

Warriors of the Nile 2 on Steam