Brave’s Rage

Brave’s Rage

“Brave’s Rage” is a challenging real-time strategy card game. You can build your own unique deck and team, flexibly use bullet time and perfect defense mechanism, defeat the enemy elegantly and efficiently, and explore the truth behind the princess kidnapping!


Once upon a day , an evil dragon came to Aim kingdom and took the princess away. King managed to rescue the princess by assembling groups of braves, but many of them never came back. With this opportunity , Forces were going to start something again , even Devils and Old ones were involved.


  • Classic DBG game with new flavor

You can build your card deck during the game ,and you can also have up to 3 braves of different classes, which is ,double building with card and braves, double the fun!

  • Real-time strategy

You can act whenever you want , and good timing can bring great advantages, such as perfect defending (just like soul-like games).

  • lock-free skill function

You can avoid damage by moving when use cards, and also can hit multiple targets while enemy moves together. This will give you new experience that is totally different from classic card games.

  • Brave’s growth

Up to 10 different classes of braves , each class has its unique talent tree, and while braves upgrade, they will get a new skill from skill pool. This will challenge your statics, good luck!

  • Events and Enemies

You will encounter various of events and different kind of enemies during the adventure, and each new round of game is new experience. Choose your braves and cards wisely.

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Brave's Rage on Steam

Matching Cats

Matching Cats

Kittens are always cute and here there are cats of all styles.

Basic memory game like a catch with moving cards, but soon get used to it.

Real player with 3.1 hrs in game

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My wife liked the game. Recommended for everyone who likes relaxing games.

Real player with 2.0 hrs in game

Matching Cats on Steam