Legends of Solitaire: Diamond Relic

Legends of Solitaire: Diamond Relic

This is a lovely mix of solitaire and mini games. Graphics are crisp and clear, control is smooth. There are 20 levels, with 10 rounds, interspersed with mini-games. At the end of the level there’s a turn-based card battle. You need X amount of stars to unlock the next level, but if you don’t have enough you can go back and replay individual rounds. You earn up to 4 Stars per round, with 4 being perfect and 1-3 based on how many cards remain. Coins are earned by clearing tiers, removing cards with coin icons on them and matching same suit cards. Coins can be spent in the shop for power-ups. You can “equip” a maximum of 5 power-ups, but some of them are passive and won’t use up slot space. Various Obstacles are added as you progress, and you need to find special cards to deal with them. There are the usual wild cards and you get 1 undo per round.

Real player with 10.3 hrs in game

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You will be playing this game for A LONG TIME! Especially if you are going for all quadruple stars. So good work on making a really, really, really long content card game! Oh and nope… At 10 Hours… You still wont be done. At 10 Hours… I am only half way done!

There are different modes… So if you don’t like the “Up, Down”, you can pick from two others. Difficulties? Yes! But I think they only affect the “special card” drops. Eventually you will see this game so much that anytime a character appears on the screen… Instead of their names, it will be “Oh hey, that’s Queen!” Or “Hey! That’s the number 2 card!” So don’t over do it. Play at your own leisure.

Real player with 9.2 hrs in game

Legends of Solitaire: Diamond Relic on Steam

Restaurant Solitaire: Pleasant Dinner

Restaurant Solitaire: Pleasant Dinner

Great casual game, quite difficult as the game progresses.

Real player with 57.1 hrs in game

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It is a very good solitaire game at a very decent price especially in special. 200 levels for 60 cents. Nothing to complain about .

Real player with 13.8 hrs in game

Restaurant Solitaire: Pleasant Dinner on Steam

Marie Antoinette’s Solitaire

Marie Antoinette’s Solitaire


So … I felt I owed it to the game and its developer to complete the game, especially after giving it a negative review originally. Honestly, by the time I got about half-way through (there are 120 levels total), I was bored beyond words and would have abandoned it long before finishing, had I not wanted to give it a fair shake in its entirety.

It’s not a “bad” game per se. Simply put, it’s your basic one-up, one-down card game with somewhat pretty art and no imagination whatsoever in the gameplay.

Real player with 6.3 hrs in game

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most solitare games are basically the same, especially if they’re made by the same people, so marie antoinette’s solitaire by deyteris is exactly like maidens of the ocean solitaire by deyteris without mermaids, or flowers garden solitaire by deyteris without bleeding eyes because of all the clashing colors, so this review is also very similar to my other reviews.

Real player with 3.3 hrs in game

Marie Antoinette's Solitaire on Steam

Big Klondike - Classic Solitaire

Big Klondike - Classic Solitaire

Hey, I’ve got a couple minutes, I can play a hand… drat, lost it, I’ll just play one more… darn, lost that one also, maybe just one more… hey, won that one! maybe I can get a streak going? …

Real player with 94.2 hrs in game

This is a fine game. It is a good job done by these developers. Aesthetically pleasing, nice sounds, reliability, no glitches that I could see. I have played one game so far and I am thanking these devs for their work with the DLC version purchase. I encourage anyone looking for what we used to have for free that now microsoft has cucked and apparently they need to sell subscriptions for and no ads; to buy this game. This is good craftsmanship by these devs.

Real player with 45.7 hrs in game

Big Klondike - Classic Solitaire on Steam

Magic of Autumn

Magic of Autumn

This game has its high points and low points, it’s a good value for the cost but not everyone will enjoy it.

The card battling is interesting, you don’t get to re-use cards so you have to carefully build your deck and choose how you play. I found it very thought provoking and a fun challenge, but you cannot expect a traditional deck shuffler here.

The atmosphere is very nice, I liked the art style and the story snippets contributed nicely to the feel of the world.

The system of learning spells (cards) by interacting with things made the world feel alive, although it was frustrating to figure out I had missed something and have to go back and find it. Also some stuff moved around frustratingly out of reach, it took me about 10 minutes of patrolling a corner waiting for one thing to pass close enough.

Real player with 11.3 hrs in game

It’s a shame such a wonderful game goes unnoticed.

It’s a little adventure game about conjuring everything you find on your way and creating cards from it. You’ll face enemies with a lot of different strategies and you’ll have to adapt your deck accordingly.

The graphics may look simple, but they work really well all together.

And the music. Oh, the music. Simple, same as the graphics, but astoundingly charming. If the developer releases the soundtrack as an extra, I’ll buy it, no hesitation.

Real player with 9.0 hrs in game

Magic of Autumn on Steam

Prominence Poker

Prominence Poker

This is by far the best multiplayer poker game available on the PC. And the single player part of the game is also decent enough to allow you to play a casual game, or a more intense high stakes poker game whenever you want.

There are in-game MTs but those are only for chips (you get some for free every 24 hours, and the amount you receive goes up as you level up your character), which you will never need to buy, as the game provides you with plenty of chips for beating the single player modes.

Real player with 506.1 hrs in game

I play a ton of Poker from Full Tilt, Poker Stars, GoP and WSOP…..I’ve put in quite a few hours into this game because i rather enjoyed the aspect of personalizing your own in game character but as of now i cannot reccomend this game, primarily due to the RNG algorhithm.

If you have never played Poker before you may enjoy this particular game because it frequently rewards high hands to multiple players in a single hand (particularly in tournament) in order to make the game interesting to casual players, i’ve seen where a single player drops the nuts, not once or twice but 5 times in a row almost af if the RNG is not based per single card draw but based on hands per player……in real Poker this is non-existent except in rare cases, the norm for this game is multiple characters with pocket high cards, Trips and Flop Flushes…after a while (particularly if you play alot of other Poker games) it becomes rather obvious, which is rather unfortunate because i think on the outside it can be a rather fun and interesting game were it not for the poor RNG algorhithm due to the fact that it punishes experienced players by removing the need to engage in any kind of strategy or knowledge of drop percentages.

Real player with 382.6 hrs in game

Prominence Poker on Steam

Black Book

Black Book

the only guide in English on here (at time of writing) suggests paring down your deck to as few cards as you can manage, which is genuinely helpful especially if you’re getting frustrated with the game mechanics or want to speed things along. however, there’s too many cool spells for me to consider that, and there’s something to be said for equipping the max allowable and getting a rogue-like experience of figuring out how different spells play off each other. getting a page of random spells and figuring out how they best work together is definitely part of the fun for me.

Real player with 53.7 hrs in game


  • Long, fun, you learn a thing or two.

  • Searching for synergies is needed and pays off when you find one or two that works

  • Item managment is important!

  • You need to balance your activities progress but have a lot of room to experiment and change skill points.

  • The exploration in 3d its kinda yanky, but doesnt affect the main gameplay and you wont even care.

  • Your choices do come back to haunt you, and the choices you take do actually have consecuences inside the gameplay too (but thankfully you can always course correct)

Real player with 48.8 hrs in game

Black Book on Steam

Call of Myth

Call of Myth

Call of Myth is a collectible card game set in the universe of Mythos of Howard Phillips Lovecraft.

In this dark world, full of dangers incomprehensible to the human mind, you have to challenge not only the Old Gods and their fanatical followers, but also your own madness. Will you be able to withstand the horrors of this world and the nightmares generated by your own mind?

All cards are important

Common cards are the base of each deck, they form its playstyle. Use them to create a new tactic and add Unique and Mythic cards that will introduce special interactions and hard but rewarding plays into the game.

A unique madness mechanic

Apart from strength and health, every creature has sanity. If the sanity drops to zero, the creature will go mad and get madness. You can either avoid this outcome or create a deck that can turn the insanity of your own creatures to your advantage. The choice is yours.


Each Leader has unique active and passive abilities, as well as a different starting amount of health. Depending on the strategy you prefer each leader can achieve its potential in many different ways.

Do you want to crush the opponent with powerful creatures capable of single-handedly dealing with whole hordes of enemies? Or do you prefer to use cunning techniques and wait until the enemy’s strength is exhausted before you strike?

Using a variety of cards, you can build a deck that suits your playstyle.

Tactics and strategy

A special playing field encourages the use of tactics. Just playing the cards that come into your hand is not enough to win. To defeat the enemy, you need to thoughtfully place creatures on the table, combining their abilities and skills.

Iconic characters of Lovecraft’s works

Cthulhu and Herbert West, Nyarlathotep and Professor Armitage, Shub-Niggurath and Randolph Carter, as well as plenty of other momentous characters of Lovecraft’s works.

Some will become your opponents, while others will become loyal allies.

Call of Myth on Steam



I don’t want to give this a thumbs down because it runs smooth and seems bug free. I won’t give this a thumbs up because the game execution is unimaginative.

If you want to just play hand after hand of poker with yourself this game is great. You might like the story mode. For me, having to start from the beginning after every loss makes it tedious and unamusing. Progressing through the game play was not achievable. I’ll suggest a much needed save feature.

There is nothing in this game as is that draws me to play again. In that, I’ve spent $2 for 4 hours of game play. Cheaper than a movie rental. Had the developer known anything about game theory this could have been a really great game.

Real player with 22.7 hrs in game

TinyPoker on Steam

Black Jack Story

Black Jack Story

Blackjack Story

Oh Im sorry… Black JACK story.

I bought it on Xmas and gave it a go a week later. I was thinking it to be a simple Blackjack (Im an avid Blackjack fan and enjoy it in every presence , in every game) and I was hoping I’ll get joy out of this one…sigh I was soooooo, wrooong…The game is terrible and not because It’s indie…, but its bad, ,,,really.

  • The mechanics are somewhat slow (the counter can show you got 22 then IMMEDIATELY change back to 12. Heart attacks and shtting brix guaranteed.) The game runs on a very slow pace… you can click the button 3 times until it activates. The Score counter is retarded. I personally saw how it counts two Aces (It scores as 12) as 22.

Real player with 10.2 hrs in game


+Card game.


-Has no concept of international black jack rules:

-In real life, who ever makes a true blackjack (ace + 10 card) they automatically win.

-When u ‘Double Down’ that is supposed to mean you are going to ‘hit’/take one more card at the expense of doubling your original bet. This is not done within the game, it just doubles your money. The game also allows you to Double Down at any stage where in true Blackjack you may only have the Double Down option hitting your first card.

Real player with 7.4 hrs in game

Black Jack Story on Steam