Fort Sumter: The Secession Crisis

Fort Sumter: The Secession Crisis

A very faithful implementation of the original board game, which is a Eurogame by design with a historical ACW theme tagged on it. The game does have a decent AI and can be played solitaire as a result. Statistics on your own profile is available and so you can track your own performance vs. the AI. The only downside is the program still has a bug, freezing the solitaire game play from time to time and it seems Playdek was not aware of the issue. The multiplayer is easy to set up and game with score, measuring how you fare against others. However, there is no world ranking in the game, and different level of AI there is not. You can get notification in email when it is your turn in a game with another. A chat room is available but most of the time it is dormant. There is an alternate mapboard to give the game a variant, non-location look but I doubt people to use such a boring map. The gameplay is abstract and there is no manual inside the game or here on the Steam. You have to download it from the boardgame publisher GMT, as long as you are aware of it. This is absolutely a minor for the newcomer as the game itself is abstract and you are quite probably knowing what you are doing in the first few games. Once you get a hang out of the system, the game is smooth and quick to finish in 10 to 15 minutes. Overall, Fort Sumter is a game of tile-placement competing for control of the areas on the map. Score: 6.5/10.

Real player with 79.0 hrs in game

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I’ve been on the road a ton in the past couple of weeks and played the hell out of this. In about 60 offline games and a half-dozen online games I haven’t noted any gameplay bugs or rules/cards implementation problems as noted in another review. The recent AI bugfix improved the AI, and it’s competent enough in a mechanistic sense, but it' still a bit weak against experienced players, especially as it relates to setting things up in terms of the long game and Final Crisis. To be fair, that’s something the many human players don’t grok until they’ve played a while (which I have as an owner of the board game).

Real player with 51.2 hrs in game

Fort Sumter: The Secession Crisis on Steam

Last Day of Rome

Last Day of Rome

A promising game, but so much bugs after only a couple of hours ! This game is clearly not finished and broken. I would really like to play this game, but at that point, it’s more a pain than a game. Too bad.

Here are some. There are probably more:

  • the biggest bug : manual battles! I had to Alt+F4 so many times because it seems to freeze if I move the mouse too fast over an unit while some are fighting (not sure about that). Or when I’m attacked and have defense buildings, the game freeze after the IA made his attack. Really painfull. This is one of the major bugs to my point of view.

Real player with 17.6 hrs in game

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New game in my library - Last Day of Rome

This is a military-economic strategy about ancient Rome since the 2nd century AD.

In short: we take command of a people within the borders of Rome. We will have to use both tactics and strategy, and

diplomacy. Therefore, it is possible to gain respect among their own people and, for example, to raid or launch a campaign against the 1st Reich xD

Actually, the system is nothing new, we control any country in Europe, we build buildings and

infrastructure in their regions, that is, we focus on the development of our army through the study of new technologies.

Real player with 10.1 hrs in game

Last Day of Rome on Steam

Artist Life Simulator

Artist Life Simulator

Very interesting theme, art, and interface. I like the auto-pause, and you can study the time before hitting the start on an event. The concepts hit home and stay with you. The Emotionarium and gameplay have interesting descriptions that make you contemplate how you might use the game concepts in real life. For example, working out unwanted emotional conditions by putting them into the product of your work is something that works regardless of what you do for a living.

I am having difficulty finding ways to consistently create passion to sustain painting and the job hunt has not been reliable, but this has not detracted from the beauty of the game.

Real player with 21.4 hrs in game

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This review will be on constant up throughout this game development. Currently the development team is incredibly responsive. Both on the forum and the email. Anytime I spotted a bug I post it forum and email my save, they will kill it in hours.

This game CS inspired without being clone. One does give tutorial which is currently little rough..but least will tell you how mechanics functions as you naturally play the game. But it will still keep you in the dark how to response to threat. So this will be problem for the iron man mode down the line. One if you get bad luck of the draw currently in the game state you maybe not able to come back from it. This could end your run in less then five minutes. Which does need to be balance but it is early access. I would recommend by making place that heal easier to get.

Real player with 18.0 hrs in game

Artist Life Simulator on Steam



About This Game:

Beat your foes and save your souls! Lead Callaghan and his friends to victory in a reel-spinning, deck building roguelike in an infinite virtual mall. Craft your reels, make some friends, and talk to dogs. Pave paradise and check out the swag loot drops… all to escape the HELLMALL!


  • Dynamic character switching combat:

  • Choose the right party character for the job. Whether it’s a vicious first strike, a powerful party buff or a quick HP injection, your friends have got you covered!

  • Tactical deck building with a twist:

  • Find items and equipment to modify each character’s reel with new attacks. Build your reels carefully and hit those triples!

  • People to meet and things to do:

  • Every run through the mall is unique, but the characters you encounter will remember you. Develop your relationships with the other doomed souls lurking in PleromOS for new party characters. Complete unique side quests to know your friends better!

  • Secrets to find and new mysteries to uncover:

  • Gain currency after every run to acquire new resources, questlines and character traits that can appear in your next run!


Third Front: WWII

Third Front: WWII

The game is very dull. Inhumanly drawn out to a great length. And obviously non-historic.

On the start, you can choose one of three sides: The Allies, USSR or the Germans.

Allies (Brits, French and USA forces combined) starting in 1940, when the Germans already control all the Europe to the borders of the USSR, plus Asia Minor, plus North Africa, plus Ireland and the most part of Great Britain isle - except two provinces. The game plan is to turn the situation around and win all the Europe back. And not only Europe but all provinces, as there are no key points, each territory has the same value. When your troops finally breakthrough all the Germany to the USSR borders, the game will tell you that “the USSR is developing a devastating new weapon, and will finish it in three years. Kill the traitors!” And now you have a timer, to make things faster, and a quest to conquer Russia. Just Cause, you know.

Real player with 44.5 hrs in game

You know there is something odd with a game if a WW2 Strategy game with cards and micro-managment has a description taken from a game set in fantasy world.

But, even with that, I decided to try Third Front:WWII, a game that combines micro management, strategy, and cards into one mix, made and published by Hamsters Gaming. And after playing it, I know why they used such description.

In Third Front you can play as a General of three armies, from which you have to choose one.

You can choose between Nazi Germany, USSR also known as Soviet Union and as Allies. Don’t worry, each one of those is basically the same.

Real player with 20.6 hrs in game

Third Front: WWII on Steam



Mysterious Land Of Finding Yourself is a turn-based rogue-like independent game imitating real-time

It tells the story of people in some other worlds being sent by an indescribable existence to a secret realm composed of multiple worlds for trial.

This is a real-time turn-based game. Although the game looks like a real-time battle, it is actually a turn-based game. The protagonist’s skills are the same as those of monsters and summons. The cooldown is calculated on the same schedule. When the cooldown time is up, the player can get a corresponding number of uses of the skill. Compared with the traditional turn-based game, our game is more flexible. As long as the skill has the number of uses, you can use it, and the rhythm is faster. If you don’t know how to use the space bar to pause the game If you do, you may even feel that you need hand speed

明途之境 on Steam

AXYOS: Battlecards

AXYOS: Battlecards

Nice little card game. You can spend another hour with pleasure.

Real player with 0.8 hrs in game

Can’t give this one a good review, sadly. The bits and pieces seem nice, but it doesn’t make for a fun gaming experience.

The art and music is perhaps the best aspect of the game, the controls work fine as well.

That said the game feels very under-documented, and the games do not seem very fun or balanced, I win every time without even knowing what I am doing.

Perhaps the biggest weakness is that you cannot gain experience points except in multiplayer, and I have never been able to find anyone else to play it with.

Real player with 0.8 hrs in game

AXYOS: Battlecards on Steam

Argy Bargy Legends

Argy Bargy Legends

игра просто ничего не дает делать. это такая пьяница в которой даже кнопки нажимать не надо..

зашел в колоду, дали 5 карт и на выбор только 2…. ну ок…

Заходим в сюжет…

тут есть как бы сюжетка, но за 15 минут и 20 попыток прохождения первой карты, ничего нового не появилось… Да и прохождением это назвать сложно, просто грузишься смотришь как твои карты проигрывают или выигрывают и попадаешь в меню…

В пвп мне вообще не дали войти, показывали рабочий стол и большая надпись вы не готовы.

Real player with 0.1 hrs in game

Argy Bargy Legends on Steam

Bow & Crystal Tower Defense

Bow & Crystal Tower Defense

If you click fast enough you have a machine gun.

Real player with 0.1 hrs in game

pretty terrible

Real player with 0.1 hrs in game

Bow & Crystal Tower Defense on Steam

Twilight Struggle

Twilight Struggle

I’m coming up to 1000 hours of online play over a twelve month period. Despite the lack of support from Playdek, this is a great game well worth buying. Hands down, one of the best strategy games ever released.

This is an excellent port of the boardgame and is the better alternative for frequent play. I save my hard copy for special occassions because this is just so convenient. Set up and play are a snap. AN entire game can run in just under an hour. Even better, it functions well on tablets so you can play in bed or generally while relaxing. Much better than being stuck in front of a desk or laptop.

Real player with 1304.9 hrs in game

I’m going to write two reviews, one for fans of the board game of which this is an adaptation, and one for people who have no experience with TS at all.

If you have never played TS before, I highly recommend you play against a human opponent (preferably one who is a competent player) before you try going up against the AI. You’ll have a few moments of fun, for sure, and if that’s all you’re looking for you would probably get a better value for your money elsewhere. But in the process of having that fun against the AI, you’ll learn all kinds of bad habits which, ultimately, will make you a worse TS player. I recommend definitely should NOT buy this game UNLESS you have a friend to play against, but if you do, then I think you SHOULD consider buying it.

Real player with 144.6 hrs in game

Twilight Struggle on Steam