Trial Of Destiny

Trial Of Destiny

The game still needs polish but the overall gameplay loop is pretty fun and Roguelike fans will feel right at home in this game.

Real player with 0.8 hrs in game

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Very interesting hack and slash. I like the variety of enemies and abilities.

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Real player with 0.5 hrs in game

Trial Of Destiny on Steam



I’ve been playing this game for over a year on mobile.

Monolisk is an interesting free to play game, made by a small development team and has great potential.

It’s a fantastic freeware game that gives you the ability to build your own shards (maps) and possibility of combining them in one campaign, moreover, all the maps are created only by the player base. Unfortunately, this is a double-edged sword, but more on that later.

The map editor is very simple, but at the same time it is very functional. To create the shard you begin by selecting one of the realm card (available in 5 colours) which define the appearance and type of blocks available. Then we choose a same colour of shardstone (available in different sizes) that determines the maximum number of monsters, text signs, object and the number of available blocks.

Real player with 353.0 hrs in game

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With this game you can have fun in two ways:

-You can play the maps created by other players:

You will have 5 different types of heroes to choose from, each of which has specific abilities. There are nearly 300 different types of equipment in the game, for now, this translates into infinite possibilities of customizing your hero, so that you can adapt it as you prefer to your playing style.

As for the maps to play, being created by other players, you will find new maps to play every day.

-You can create your own maps to entertain other players:

Real player with 308.2 hrs in game


One Last Dungeon

One Last Dungeon

Very addictive game, feels like mechanics of the game become more clear as you progress and more things get unlocked.

Real player with 16.5 hrs in game

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Art is pleasant but the UI could be improved. Sound and music does its job.

Tutorial is lacking and needs to explain some of the details of the game.

Otherwise, pretty fun dungeon card game with some nice progression.

Real player with 16.3 hrs in game

One Last Dungeon on Steam

Grim Town: Battle Tales

Grim Town: Battle Tales

This game sucks :)

Real player with 6.3 hrs in game

It’s such a great game, but you need to know what to do with your cards. It’s too expensive for me. It should be F2P

Real player with 3.0 hrs in game

Grim Town: Battle Tales on Steam

Battle for Sea 3D

Battle for Sea 3D

Battle for Sea 3D is an overpriced game. The controls in the game are terrible, the graphics in the game are terrible. I do not advise anyone to buy this game ..

Real player with 0.3 hrs in game

If you’re looking for a battleship clone, look elsewhere: While the gameplay is true to the original, the bland visuals, uncooperative camera, and sluggish pace provide–at most–one to two rounds of enjoyment.

Upon starting the game, you’re greeted by a fullscreen window with only one option: Place your ships. Through quick trial and error, you’re probably figure out that you click once to anchor, then once more to rotate the angle, but nowhere is this shown. Speaking of which, there doesn’t appear to be any settings menu, or exit button.

Real player with 0.2 hrs in game

Battle for Sea 3D on Steam

School of Magic

School of Magic

School of Magic combines the strategic Depths and replayability of the deckbuilding genre with the intense combat and atmosphere of an Isometric Action RPG.


You have always wanted to be a Wizard, but a poor bloke like you couldn’t afford the School of Magic. However, this is the first year with a scholarship, you just need to pass the entrance exam and you will be trained to become a real wizard.


The wizards of the School of Magic created a magical World to test the applicants. To pass the entrance exam you will need to use your spells wisely and find the exit of this world.


Whenever you start the exam, you will have new spells to learn, a new world to explore and new characters to meet. Unlock new spells and encounters to increase the number of options you have in each run.


  • Will there be a beta, and if so, when?

    There will be a closed beta later on but currently, but I do not have any fixed dates yet.

    • Is this game really a deckbuilding game?

      The term deckbuilding as it is commonly used in video games seems to be quite fitting, but instead of playing cards for combat, you have real-time Hack and Slash combat. If you are a board game player, the more appropriate term would be drafting.

    • How many people are working on this game?

      The game is being developed only by me (Nikolas Crisci).

School of Magic on Steam

Criminal Dissidia

Criminal Dissidia

Criminal Dissidia is a Roguelike card game with the adventure and ACG theme.

The Mutanian invasion is threatening the world. A great prophecy has arrived in Mebius that the last hope to save the country is to seek out the Champion.

Just like Columbus discovered a new continent, there is no limitation for you to explore the mysterious land. However, there is no promise for a good ending in Cyria.

In Cyria, you are going to face different enemies, so make sure your deck is ready by the time. You can find more than 500 kinds of cards to substitute and made rich combinations.

Besides, an amazing elf system, random events, ability upgrade, card enchantment and so much content are waiting for you to experience.

Due to the Roguelike mechanism, you can inherit the legacy from the last round and start another exciting exploration.

  • Combination of Roguelike, Card Game, and RPG creates a fresh experience.

  • An open world with rich branches provides a brand new journey!

  • Over 500 cards to unlock, upgrade, enhance that builds the perfect deck for the battle.

  • Adopting a lovely elf to help you in either travel or battle.

  • Go explore the world, and challenge the random Boss on the trip.

Criminal Dissidia on Steam

Cards of Knight

Cards of Knight

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The Short of it: I feel 50/50 about this one. Price too high for a simple Early Access game. Needs more tutorials. I know how to play, but I couldn’t figure out how to play “well.” Concept is fun though, keep working.

Reminds me of: If you liked the elemental weaknesses and strengths in games like Pokemon, you might like Cards of Knight, because it has similiar rock/paper/scissors/etc. game play concepts.

Real player with 0.3 hrs in game

There is no place for any strategy in this game.

0. There is no tutorial so you will not know why you can not play cards (there is mana in this game)

1. You try level to check what kind of monster are there

2. You pick cards which counter them (for example fire ball against ice monsters)

3. You finish level two times two gather loot which YOU MUST have for next level

4. VERY LINEAT, no challange at all.

5. You finish 3 levels, get bored, uninstall, refund

Real player with 0.3 hrs in game

Cards of Knight on Steam

Book of Demons

Book of Demons

This game is a gem. I’d like to highly recommend it to any player who enjoys a mix of action, planning, and collecting.

What could make you love this game?

First of all, the art style. It catches the whole idea of it being a “book”. Well designed pop-up book graphics, both in the world, the character sheet and inventory (your card deck), as well as in the menus. And if you are a fan of Diablo I & II, you will notice that Thing Trunk got one important part – that made those titles stand out – just right: the lighting. Be it torches illuminating that tiny space just outside your radius of view, be it the ominous glow of a not-so-distant boss… it does a great deal to help you “feel” the dungeon. And of course: it pretty.

Real player with 159.5 hrs in game


Book of Demons is a hack & slash which pays homage to Diablo with a few twists - it is set in a paper-cut universe like in a pop-up book, and everything you can equip, use, do comes in the form of cards that you assemble into your loadout to conquer the said Paperverse. You start out with 3 card slots out of the maximum of 10 available. Card slots are unlocked using gold and cost incrementally more. As of the build I played (0.75.11062+), only the Warrior class is available. The other 2 classes - Mage and Rogue will be released at a later date according to the roadmap but apart from this the game is pretty complete for an Early Access game. The total of 32 cards in the Warrior’s arsenal are divided into Artifacts (equipment - e.g. weapons, armor, trinkets), Items (e.g. potions, bombs, town portal scroll) and Spells (e.g. Mighty Blow, Charge, Blade Storm). All Artifacts have a mana cost which effectively reduces your mana pool available for using Spells (Items have no mana cost). Leveling up allows you to increase your health or mana, which translates to taking more hits / casting more spells. You do not actually grow stronger by levelling up. Instead you increase in strength by discovering new cards or upgrading your existing cards using gold and runes you find.

Real player with 144.7 hrs in game

Book of Demons on Steam



Disclaimer - Backed at low tier, however, that’s not going to influence my opinion, the game really is great

Smash TV finally has a spiritual successor that’s actually worthy of the name, step into the light FORCED SHOWDOWN!

FORCED, as some of you may recall was a bit of a mixed bag, there were some good ideas in it, but it was hampered by a lack of clear direction and in some senses was more of a testbed for what was to come. There was a game lurking in FORCED, a game that was just itching to get out. One where Betadwarf just cut loose with the crazy, went “You know what? Stuff all that stuff which says games need to be normal and based around the usual cliched tropes, let’s go all out nutty and take what made Smash TV a hit, and go from there”

Real player with 34.7 hrs in game

I played the game from an really early version on, and experienced the “developement” of the game throughout the years.

First of all: it is a nice game, but not worth 20€, imho. Why? Just read my Review about this game, you are interested in.

What is this game about?

-It is an game, which is about creating an Deck, consisting of 3 types of cards, Spells, Consumeables and Upgrades.

|- you can chose that deck to challenge an Program, there exists 3 Programs currently, with ranging “difficulties”.

Real player with 30.9 hrs in game