Build cities with in-depth economic systems, resource chains, taxation, streets, decoration, and an unbreakable fortification.

With up to 100 different structures, the opportunities seem endless.

RPG Roguelike

Take off on your journey with your customizable, personal character and refine him throughout your countless runs.

Classical RTS

Battles in the style of classic RTS games, with a wide variety of units.

Defend your base from the oncoming hordes of enemies.

Over 8 Factions

Various asymmetrical factions from all over the ancient world with a touch of fantasy.

Face numerous Generals and Characters from different civilizations with specific traits and specialties.

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Kratoria on Steam

Monster Battle Quest

Monster Battle Quest

If you like strategy based, action sort of games then this is DEFINITELY for you!

The GUI isn’t the best and the game isn’t that hard until level 20.

It’s not too hard and is definitely worth the price.

You can upgrade all your monsters so that they are stronger!

Real player with 2.3 hrs in game

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Overall it’s decent. Some later levels are just so much more difficult to do to 3 stars than the ones around it. And then it can be followed by one that has so few enemies that there’s no way you’ll ever lose on it, let alone get less than 3 stars.

Mostly the challenge is when there are ranged enemies you can’t kill before tanky enemies get in front of them. You’re pretty screwed then and forced to just send low tier mobs to act as a shield for a more powerful monster on your team. At least that’s how I managed to do it most of the time.

Real player with 2.1 hrs in game

Monster Battle Quest on Steam

Black Maou & Rainbow Kingdom

Black Maou & Rainbow Kingdom

fun short game.

Real player with 3.2 hrs in game

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Good and fun

Real player with 1.4 hrs in game

Black Maou & Rainbow Kingdom on Steam

Grim Town: Battle Tales

Grim Town: Battle Tales

This game sucks :)

Real player with 6.3 hrs in game

It’s such a great game, but you need to know what to do with your cards. It’s too expensive for me. It should be F2P

Real player with 3.0 hrs in game

Grim Town: Battle Tales on Steam

Book of Demons

Book of Demons

This game is a gem. I’d like to highly recommend it to any player who enjoys a mix of action, planning, and collecting.

What could make you love this game?

First of all, the art style. It catches the whole idea of it being a “book”. Well designed pop-up book graphics, both in the world, the character sheet and inventory (your card deck), as well as in the menus. And if you are a fan of Diablo I & II, you will notice that Thing Trunk got one important part – that made those titles stand out – just right: the lighting. Be it torches illuminating that tiny space just outside your radius of view, be it the ominous glow of a not-so-distant boss… it does a great deal to help you “feel” the dungeon. And of course: it pretty.

Real player with 159.5 hrs in game


Book of Demons is a hack & slash which pays homage to Diablo with a few twists - it is set in a paper-cut universe like in a pop-up book, and everything you can equip, use, do comes in the form of cards that you assemble into your loadout to conquer the said Paperverse. You start out with 3 card slots out of the maximum of 10 available. Card slots are unlocked using gold and cost incrementally more. As of the build I played (0.75.11062+), only the Warrior class is available. The other 2 classes - Mage and Rogue will be released at a later date according to the roadmap but apart from this the game is pretty complete for an Early Access game. The total of 32 cards in the Warrior’s arsenal are divided into Artifacts (equipment - e.g. weapons, armor, trinkets), Items (e.g. potions, bombs, town portal scroll) and Spells (e.g. Mighty Blow, Charge, Blade Storm). All Artifacts have a mana cost which effectively reduces your mana pool available for using Spells (Items have no mana cost). Leveling up allows you to increase your health or mana, which translates to taking more hits / casting more spells. You do not actually grow stronger by levelling up. Instead you increase in strength by discovering new cards or upgrading your existing cards using gold and runes you find.

Real player with 144.7 hrs in game

Book of Demons on Steam



Review at:

I’m sorry to say that this game is very unimpressive, regardless it being free. The instructions are on the steam page if you wish to find out how to play, therefore it jumps you right into the game. There is sooooo much wasted empty space. The matching eggs and so forth can easily be put into a simple smaller grid. The description describes like you can compete against someone, but If you can, I have no idea.

Real player with 0.6 hrs in game

Artemis on Steam



Disclaimer - Backed at low tier, however, that’s not going to influence my opinion, the game really is great

Smash TV finally has a spiritual successor that’s actually worthy of the name, step into the light FORCED SHOWDOWN!

FORCED, as some of you may recall was a bit of a mixed bag, there were some good ideas in it, but it was hampered by a lack of clear direction and in some senses was more of a testbed for what was to come. There was a game lurking in FORCED, a game that was just itching to get out. One where Betadwarf just cut loose with the crazy, went “You know what? Stuff all that stuff which says games need to be normal and based around the usual cliched tropes, let’s go all out nutty and take what made Smash TV a hit, and go from there”

Real player with 34.7 hrs in game

I played the game from an really early version on, and experienced the “developement” of the game throughout the years.

First of all: it is a nice game, but not worth 20€, imho. Why? Just read my Review about this game, you are interested in.

What is this game about?

-It is an game, which is about creating an Deck, consisting of 3 types of cards, Spells, Consumeables and Upgrades.

|- you can chose that deck to challenge an Program, there exists 3 Programs currently, with ranging “difficulties”.

Real player with 30.9 hrs in game


Escape of Mari: The Polar Ladybug

Escape of Mari: The Polar Ladybug

Who knew that a tiny ladybug could cause so much headache? Help Mari navigate and make your brain twist for a solution in this frozen puzzler that will warm up your hearts. It’s difficult but fair.

It’s a very underappreciated game that got lost with a high initial price. It was worth that price as it is actually very very good but nobody ever gave it a chance.. I’ve had it for quite some time but unfortunately couldn’t review it (before the price drop).

Given the price reduction BUY IT A-S-A-P as you are missing out. Very nice stages, good design, smooth gameplay and a real puzzler that will take a lot of your time to finish. It can frustrate at times but you will get the handle of it and feel accomplished in the end of the level.

Real player with 4.8 hrs in game

Escape of Mari: The Polar Ladybug on Steam