Double Memory

Double Memory

It’s a well made implementation of the classic Memory concept. While there are not many levels, they are still a nice challenge and training. The achievements can easily be finished in less than an hour.

The game is surely worth its current price.

Really like to see an Indie developer react to reviews and bring out two patches based on them within one week of release.

Real player with 2.5 hrs in game

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Well not much I can say about this game

No + and - below just notable things

-Completed it in 15 minutes with ALL achievements

-21 level (3-4-5-6-7-8-9) different cards on the table)

-Very annoying star shower when you correctly pick 2 cards

-Best price for such a game is 1$ so I can say that this is a value for money game

-Steam achievements - EASY +1 perfect game

-No cards

-Screenshot feature doesn’t work

Yes there are some easy to make steam achievements, the developer just forgot to put that tag on a steam store page.

Real player with 1.3 hrs in game

Double Memory on Steam



Extremely Fun game with a unique and well designed card game mechanics. While there are a few things I think that could be improved, overall they really pale in comparison to the fun I’ve had from this game.


  • Fresh new card game mechanics with well designed factions that are both unique and synergistic

  • great story

  • Very replayable

  • Fun Gauntlet mode make your own deck each win with difference Champs

  • Great sound track and voicelines


  • animations and walking can get a little tedious on multiple playthroughs

Real player with 88.5 hrs in game

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This game could have been AMAZING but has some design and balance shortcomings. I’ll list them briefly then go into more detail below.

  1. No way to collect all the cards or undo certain permanent changes

  2. No real post game or new game+ to try out different deck types. Unskippable cutscenes ruin the thought of replaying the game.

  3. Some balance shortcomings can make a couple parts almost impossible in some cases, this game is otherwise extremely easy.

I still had fun with this game and not a lot of people make games like this anymore. The story and writing is charming and the art grew on me. The complaints only hurt so hard because the rest of the game shows so much promise. I still had fun with my 14ish hours of it but I wouldn’t recommend paying full price unless you really love these types of games.

Real player with 33.9 hrs in game

Cardpocalypse on Steam

Top Trumps Turbo

Top Trumps Turbo

An interesting designed 1 vs 1 table top mini-games battle that feature 6 different mini games and alot things to collecct and accomplish.

Sounds Fun right? Well it’s not for many different reason.

I played Top Trumps™ in Real-life for a bit with my friend and It doesn’t have something that game have lots of..


This game is filled with bugs.

Memory leaking bugs, Graphics engine crush bugs, resizing bugs, sound bugs, loading errors, Card graphics loading into blank screen, Access the setting mid game cause game freeze for 10 minutes.

Real player with 1.6 hrs in game

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90% of the in-game textures do not display and, instead, show a blank pink. All of the cards in the game display as pink rectangles. I tried to fix it - I really did. I tried verifying the game cache, and that didn’t fix it, though it did find a file in error and redownloaded all 0 bytes of it. I tried changing the graphics quality, which did nothing except alter how laggy the opening video was. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, and that did squat.

Due to this, I can definitely say it’s an issue with the game files players are given, and not something caused by the player’s computer or a Steam glitch. There’s no way for anyone but the developers to fix it, and they have yet to acknowledge it as an issue.

Real player with 0.7 hrs in game

Top Trumps Turbo on Steam

Yachu Dice

Yachu Dice

Simple, nice and clean.

Lot’s of fun with friends; It offers both local and remote play multiplayer.

Overall it’s very worth it, but I think it needs a couple more features like support for more players (6/8), multiplayer online would be nice though not necessary and mayyyyybe some dice customisation or something like that.

Definitely recommended and I hope it keeps updating and maybe gain a decent player base! (one like Nerts! Online).

Real player with 8.8 hrs in game

Best game ever that has existed, GTA V is not even close to this perfection.

Real player with 2.1 hrs in game

Yachu Dice on Steam

Mage Tower: Call of Zadeus

Mage Tower: Call of Zadeus

Mage Tower is an open-world roguelike deckbuilder with no set paths.

You play as a hero on a quest to stop a warlock from summoning an interdimensional monster known as Zadeus. Travel across a randomly-generated world, visit towns, and delve into dungeons. Battle the monsters roaming the land, collect cards, and upgrade your deck.

Find the boss wizards' castles and destroy them.


Travel in any direction and explore a randomized map full of towns, dungeons, monsters, events, and other secrets. Swap cards in and out of your deck anytime. Collect overworld powerups and spells. A free-roaming deckbuilder you can play however you want.


Mage Tower is a digital sequel to the 2013 internationally published card game Mage Tower, A Tower Defense Card Game, with hundreds of new cards. It expands the original’s first-of-its-kind deckbuilder combat system, which was inspired by tower defense games.


Activate up to 6 dangerous idols before battle to make the fight more difficult, but give better rewards. This makes every battle meaningful and challenging, as you place the biggest “bet” you can based on your deck’s strategy vs. the enemy’s deck.


Over 80 character classes. Each class comes with a unique class card that cannot lose durability or break, meaning it will be your most reliable card and often the card you build your strategy around.


Mage Tower’s cards are a rich well of variation, featuring mechanics that have not been done in even the most popular card games. Escape the lurch of endless “4 Damage + Random Combat Mechanic” cards!


  • Single-player roguelike deckbuilder.

  • 350+ cards (most are UPGRADABLE.)

  • 80 classes.

  • Late 90’s aesthetic.

  • Cards lose durability after battle; fortify and repair the ones you like.

  • 4+ biomes, each with different enemy types.

  • Push your luck before battle with the Idol system.

  • Discover boons, random events, and overworld powerups throughout the world.

  • Crazy boss fights! Battle dozens of plant monsters, wizards with otherworldy spells, or multiple cards representing the various parts of a single foe.

  • Dungeons with unique rewards, but one life pool to last you through.

  • More advanced, strategic, and complex cards than other deckbuilders. BIGGER TEXT BOXES!

  • Easy to learn - the original game has a 2.83/5 complexity rating on BGG.

  • Sequel to the 2013 card game which raised over $24k on Kickstarter and has been sold in game stores internationally.

  • No “open-world slog” - always on the edge of your seat pushing your luck with battles and managing your deck and card durability.

Mage Tower: Call of Zadeus on Steam

Knights of the Card Table

Knights of the Card Table

At its heart it’s not a bad game, but there are problems to be aware of. But first the good: It’s a light game that regularly introduces new elements. It plays well with risk/reward. The DM character has some fun lines. Now the bad: The elements it adds don’t do as much as they can to vary the game as you go along. There are stretches where the order you click the cards makes little difference, to the point where it can get a bit mindless. The big issue is that there are some optional levels that are exceedingly long, and as I noted with the sometimes mindlessness of clicking through thousands of the same cards, the levels feel even longer. Near the end there are several of these extra long levels which are not avoidable, and you grind to make it through. This becomes a problem as the game just sort of ends with a whimper.

Real player with 25.6 hrs in game

In the humorous RPG-lite card game style of We Slay Monsters, Solitairica, Guild of Dungeoneering and looks like Letter Quest. Not sure why old school RPGs have to be parodies. Anyway, addictive and balanced game. Great design and programming. Very easy to get into. I was sold after 5 minutes from Youtube.

Real player with 16.7 hrs in game

Knights of the Card Table on Steam

Endless Furry Blackjack

Endless Furry Blackjack

Alot of winning. Alot of losing, Ended up getting the top score but the game refused to let me submit. What really hurt was the dealer getting then over a dozen blackjacks in a row and busting out after just having 110k+ gold.

Real player with 51.5 hrs in game

It scares me

Real player with 2.6 hrs in game

Endless Furry Blackjack on Steam



Good game

Real player with 156.2 hrs in game

I am going on a FF spree and it’s thanks to FF8 here. Honestly very unique and interesting game vs the rest of the series. Though you’re either going to enjoy this game’s quirky and complex Draw/card/GF system or you are going to despise it with your entire existence. I like quirky systems, so I didn’t mind it. In fact, I liked it a lot. Triple Triad was honestly the funnest side-game or mini-game that I’ve played in any game.

I found it to be a fun experience, despite its flaws. If magic and GF cut scenes were faster/skipable, I think this game would be ten times better lol.

Real player with 150.1 hrs in game


Card Quest

Card Quest

This game is like if FTL and a modern digital card game had a baby with most of the fun parts of both and none of the flaws.

You build your run from the start out of pieces of equipment, each of these pieces of equipment come with cards that make up your deck. For example, a sword comes with 3 sword hacks and 1 sword stab. This is how you build your deck. Unlike any other roguelike i’ve played, there are very little upgrades you can get within the middle of a run. In fact, there isn’t really any. Every single stage comes with a piece of equipment or upgrade to a piece of equipment, but these carry over run to run and mostly serve to give you more options. You don’t slowly build up a run as you play it, you build your run from the start and see how far you can get.

Real player with 126.2 hrs in game

This is a tentative recommendation. I enjoyed the game, but not quite for the reasons I expected.

When I bought this game, I expected it to be something of a ‘deck-building’ game, when it’s really more of a resource-management game. That is to say I expected to theorycraft some overpowered decks by finding hidden synergies between card packs, but the way the game is designed causes most card packs to only work with a few others, and it’s fairly obvious which ones go together and which ones don’t.

Real player with 106.3 hrs in game

Card Quest on Steam