You have come from outer space to the destroyed Earth. You are a person from the past in a harsh and inhospitable world… The IRON WORLD. Can you survive?

Your cool car

Driving your personal car in events on the global map. Always transport your stuff in the trunk. Shoot enemies with a turret or crush them.

Explore the world

Before you is a big ruined world. You are free to go wherever you want. Mountains, wasteland, towns and farms. Realistic layout of houses and attention to the interior. What is waiting for you around the corner? Create your own adventure.

Uncompromising fights

Dynamic and bloody battles. Move, use shelters, arrange ambushes, use power-ups to survive and defeat outnumbered enemies.

Tactical AI

The enemies will seem smart to you. They will find you by the noise and look for you if you have disappeared. Be sure, they will find you and surprise you.

Dynamic field of vision

You will not know who is in the house until you go inside. A sense of uncertainty and danger around every corner.

Visual style

Carefully recreated atmosphere of the apocalypse and devastation. A large number of details on the locations. The original hand-drawn style of graphics.


Collect resources in houses, berries and mushrooms growing in the world. Create food, ammunition and power-ups from them. Good nutrition is the key to success.

Characters and humor

Meet colorful NPCs in cutscenes, dialogues and quests. We tried to make the characters bright, not devoid of black humor and sarcasm.

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“When things go wrong, don’t go with them.”

~Elvis Presley

First of all, this game is not nearly as bad as you may have probably heard or expected by looking at “mixed reviews” status in Steam. Personally? I’ve enjoyed my time here quite a lot. It’s just… OK, it won’t be so easy to explain. See, the biggest problem with RAGE 2 is that it is… RAGE 2. I mean, Avalanche Studios? The guys did a pretty nice job here. The core mechanics is very solid, leveling system is kinda great (seriously, I totally enjoyed it), gameplay is very fast-paced, like in all those modern incarnations of the old titles like DOOM, Shadow Warrior and the others, while Apex Engine provides surprisingly solid FPS on highest settings in 4K. Even on pretty old hardware. When I’ve started playing through the tutorial mission? I was like “Wait just a minute, why everybody hates this game so much?!” Then I played a bit more and was like “Ah, OK, I see it now…”. See, even though core mechanics is very nice, the idea of wasting it on resurrecting RAGE? It was terrible.

Real player with 133.6 hrs in game

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I would not recommend Rage 2 to a fan of the series. I would not recommend Rage 2 to a newcomer to the series. It is a painfully mediocre game crippled by the fact it is open world.

If you want a game for world exploration and discovery, go play Fallout New Vegas. If you want a game with epic guns and action, go play Doom. This blends the two genres and makes them both worse.


I believe if Rage 2 was designed to be linear, or at most a wide corridor, we could have had an exceptional game on our hands with more fleshed out mechanics. The thing is…. That would have made it similar to Id Software’s other title: Doom. Now it’s conspiracy theory time here but perhaps there was pressure on the Rage 2 team to force the open world genre (which was on-trend at the time) as to not create competition between the 2 titles.

Real player with 63.9 hrs in game

RAGE 2 on Steam

Rude Racers: 2D Combat Racing

Rude Racers: 2D Combat Racing

This is easily the best 2d combat racing game out there and I’m not even exaggerating! It reminds me of the old games I used to play on arcade, the art style is cartoony, characters are funny and music is mind blowing. The progression is quite linear and the later levels kept me engaged for hours where I had to dodge incoming attacks and time a counter blow while riding at high speeds and evade the contraptions all at the same time! With so much variety in events and depth of content in terms of weapons, riders and atvs this game is dirt cheap as compared to other games on Steam.

Real player with 50.8 hrs in game

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Rude Racers is a cheap game but very optimized and hides a very challenge gameplay.

What is Rude Racers?

It is a scrolling game, where you need to beat your quad/endure bike enemies with your speed or with the brute force before the time finishes or the finish lap.

We have two modalities: Career and quick mode.

In quick mode, you can choose the type of race you will do, while the divided into seasons (5 in total) while the career doesn’t need an explanation.


Real player with 35.3 hrs in game

Rude Racers: 2D Combat Racing on Steam



A great retro shooter with all the elements of the classics; moody atmosphere, bleak color palette, disturbing enemies, a well rounded array of weaponry, WELL HIDDEN secrets, spooky music, hell yeah. I spent years playing quake and doom, as well as unreal. This game is highly reminiscent of the late nineties and is quite replayable as I need to find more secrets. Well worth 15 bucks.

Real player with 18.8 hrs in game

Lenin, comrade lenin. eternal lenin lived, lenin lives, lenin is to live forever.














Real player with 9.1 hrs in game

HROT on Steam