Corpse Mob

Corpse Mob

Fast paced butt clenching zombie killing action game with pleasing graphics. For me personally it feels like a throwback to the golden age of flash games.

  • Good weapon and enemy variety

  • Achievments, character progression and unlockables to work toward

  • Smooth controls and gameplay

  • Nice graphics and effects

Real player with 6.9 hrs in game

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Gets old very fast; get boring after an Hour. Very Very repetive. doesnt seem to have any other areas apart from the the one you see on store page. Menu is just a grey background. Very forgetable.

Real player with 1.1 hrs in game

Corpse Mob on Steam

Freakout: Calamity TV Show

Freakout: Calamity TV Show

A kind of love-letter to the original title, but with an added story of breaking out of the show and shutting it down - alone, or with a co-op friend, break out of the mutant fueled dystopia!

Real player with 7.2 hrs in game

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I legitimately like this game, and give it a thumbs up here as to not do any further damage to it’s reputation. Other than that, my actual review content is contained within Youtube video.

Real player with 5.1 hrs in game

Freakout: Calamity TV Show on Steam

Mr. Fast

Mr. Fast

This is art. The kind of art where bullets fly all around and blood spatters paint the concrete floor. Awesome soundtrack too, Already hoping for a sequel, This is a true hidden gem. 10/10

Real player with 5.3 hrs in game

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This game is poorly optimized. The aiming system is jank. The sound clips in and out. The soundtrack is ok at best. Some levels have a habit of spawning enemies on top of you. The physics are a joke. The levels are varied and have some nuance to them but are largely just shoot the dudes until the round ends. Despite all this, Mr. Fast is still an enjoyable experience if your expectations are low going in. I have no idea where I am or where I’m going, all I know is I must kill. Slowpokes need not apply.

Real player with 3.4 hrs in game

Mr. Fast on Steam

The Hong Kong Massacre

The Hong Kong Massacre

I rarely leave reviews unless its something i hate and want to rake over the coals.. but i have to leave one here to give these people props.

I’ve been following this game since i stumbled over it on Facebook for many many years ago when all there was were just gifs of tech demos. I loved the style and the potential that was shown and i was hooked at the idea.

It is inevitable that reviews will bring up Hotline Miami but that is not a negative. The games look similar but they operate in a different way. There is no score here, take that as a positive or negative but the only thing that influence your score at the end is the challenges and if you completed them or not as well as a your time being logged.

Real player with 171.6 hrs in game

“The Hong Kong massacre” is the indie tribute to the 80’s-90’s John Woo movies like “Hard-Boiled” or “Bullet in the Head”, made in the form of a top-down shooter.

To those who are TLTR in their heads: It’s a cheap-made indie game. Not bad visually, but very limited by the chosen topic and production costs. Buy it if you really love top-down shooters and 80’s Hong Kong-style action movies. In all other cases, there are good chances that you’ll turn it down after only a little while.

Real player with 33.6 hrs in game

The Hong Kong Massacre on Steam

Bullet Runner

Bullet Runner

Fight your way through HORDES OF POWERFUL ENEMIES, who stop at nothing to shred you to pieces! Execute combat strategies with quick reflexes to take on the biggest of the baddies.

With a variety of enemies capable of unique game-changing abilities, you’ll have to observe and rethink your approach to show them who’s boss!

Use a wide variety of BIG FUCKING GUNS to take on the enemy your way! Customize your loadout with the guns you find throughout the levels to fine tune a playstyle of your liking.

From shotguns to plasma rifles, there’s a treat to be found for everyone.

Combine CRAZY MOVEMENT AND COMBAT MECHANICS to make your way through dangerous environments. Dodge, slide, swing and shoot your way to victory!

Master your toolkit and move around the arenas at high velocity, as standing still is not an option.

Bullet Runner on Steam

Zombie Shooter

Zombie Shooter

If this was the first game this developer ever made, maybe I would be less critical, but since they already made Alien Shooter game 4 years before, then they had the time to fix all the issues, since it is basically the same game with different textures.

The AI is simply brain-dead. They only know how to go in the direction of the player, there is no actual pathfinding, so they get stuck trying to pass through a wall while there is a door right next to them. They also often get stuck on terrain and just spin in place. Any game programmer should be able to implement basic A* pathfinding in a 2D game in a few days, not to mention 4 years.

Real player with 28.2 hrs in game

I get that it’s an outbreak of the walking dead but who in their right mind created all these giant zombie tanks with arm mounted seeking rocket launchers?? Why would somebody think that was a good idea!? Zombie shooter is a retro topdown isometric shooter with the graphics being very reminiscent of the old fallout games. It features simple RPG system and hordes of the walking dead for you to splatter with the games varied weapons. It doesn’t talk too long to run through the game but the action is fast and bloody while it lasts.

Real player with 4.2 hrs in game

Zombie Shooter on Steam

Trailer Trashers

Trailer Trashers

This is awesome party game!

Been having great fun with my brother but we have been getting super competitive, I have even resulted to practicing against bots when hes not around!

Definitely recommend!

Real player with 5.0 hrs in game

What a great party game! I love it!

This game is great for some quick matches against your friends on the couch. That is definitively how I prefer it. However, in corona times you can still get your game on with the steam remote play =) Have fun blowing up your friends and family ;)

Real player with 3.6 hrs in game

Trailer Trashers on Steam

Nation Red

Nation Red

Nation Red is a top down Zombie Shooter. And a good one!

In several different Game Modes like Barricade (you need to hold a point, have some support from Sentry Guns or Soldiers) Survival (show them how long you can keep going) or the Classic endless mode. Every Game Mode offers you a different Challenge.

On top of that, there are tons of different power ups you can pick up, that will drop randomly from your enemies. While you’re playing you gain Experience and Level up, with every Level up, you get access to a wide Range of skills you can choose from, to optimize your Character in a way you want to play the level/game. Through that, the game offers a wide range of variations to try out and experiment with. The game also offers a variety of boss monsters you encounter randomly throughout your current play trough. Which all have their own strength and weaknesses. You can change the difficulty at any given time. As stronger as you make your enemies, the more experience you will get from them.

Real player with 195.7 hrs in game

Definitely very good game, Top-Down it’s not maybe my prefered genre, but I really enjoyed this game. I have just done 100% achievements! It was fun :)

As achievement hunter I can recommend this game too, ‘cheevos were challenging and innovative (achievements in this game = ideas of people who play it - you can suggest in steam discussion), but nothing what you wouldn’t be able to do, especially when you have some hours behind you. I have finished all achievements in around ~50 hours, all without 3 cows, which means killing 500k, 750k & 1kk zombies and generally it was the most boring part of this game when I have finished everything else (killed ~330 000 when I was done with rest achievs.). Unfortunately Multiplayer will be dead till the end of this year, I had problems now with finding players, sometimes was lucky, mostly weekends evenings.

Real player with 110.4 hrs in game

Nation Red on Steam

GARAGE: Bad Trip

GARAGE: Bad Trip

Garage: Bad Trip

An unexpected individual finds himself in an unexpected situation, awakening in the midst of a zombie apocalypse from the confines of an old broken down car’s trunk. In a state of confusion you feel your way through the wreckage of modern civilization, through the abandoned and decaying parking garages and hallways of malls and other epicenters of human activity now infected and diseased.

In this hard new world the hallucinatory effect of various pills will be your only calming factor, and the one surreal beacon of fucked up light guiding you through this now twisted environment. A narrative of facing past demons, overcoming addictions, and crippling hallucinations guiding you deeper into hellish madness. Garage: Bad Trip is bloody. It’s scary. It’s trippy as hell.

Real player with 21.8 hrs in game

Thank you to the developer Zombie Dynamics and publisher tinyBuild for providing a really good action game for me to escape, explore and enjoy.

Another hidden gem amongst the dozens of games released every week today, Garage Bad Trip is deserving of every player’s attention. It’s story is straight B movie(as it says in the game synopsis- the shortest synopsis ever for a game btw) and is as ridiculous as is the name. The action is fast, slow and tense at times and it’s all set to a great musical score with some amazing pixel art graphics.There is just enough weapons, blood, gore, zombies, two-headed dogs and fcking rats to stimulate that killer in all of us.

Real player with 13.7 hrs in game

GARAGE: Bad Trip on Steam



A novel experience that more people should have, it’s good. Clapping to get enemies to shoot each other is a satisfying activity, and the standard top-down shooting benefits from the enemies being sometimes tricky to detect.

Real player with 1.6 hrs in game

Neat game. Echo is not a game mechanic used enough.

The environment sound is pretty good, the shell hitting the floor, clock beeping, you can have a good idea of what most of the things are pretty easily.

The AI is a bit questionable sometimes. I can kinda understand what’s going on with the normal enemies shooting each other, but grenadier blowing himself up is kinda weird.

But overall it’s a nice little game. Running around like a mad man or luring and gunning are both rather enjoyable.

PS: Found a bug, if you tab out then go back, the blood texture will disappear.

Real player with 1.5 hrs in game

Blindia on Steam