Character action game with lightning fast action. Play as the badass femme fatale vampire queen, Lyss, and get ready to yell “This is not even my final form!”. Travel through time, destroy dinosaurs, aliens, robots and undeads with bloody stylish combos! Ride your motorcycle, manage your strip club!

Lyss, the Empress

Evil incarnate!

Lyss, the Demon

Master of demonic magic!

Lyss, the Vampire

Gorgeous, deadly!

Lyss, the Beast

Freak of nature!

Lyss, the Deadeye

Respected leader, dangerous gunslinger!

Lyss, the Slave

Burns with rage, insatiable lust for revenge!

Lyss, the Sacrifice

Poor little girl in a very dangerous situation!

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Tentoria on Steam



֍ My score ֍

→ 7/10

❤ Audience ❤

☐ Beginner

☑ Casual Gamer

☑ Normal Gamer

☐ Expert

☼ Graphics ☼

☐ Bad

☐ Alright

☐ Good

☑ Beautiful

☐ Fantastic

♬ Music ♬

☐ Bad

☐ Alright

☐ Good

☑ Beautiful

☐ Fantastic

☠ Difficulty ☠

☑ Easy

☐ Average

☐ Easy to learn / Hard to master

☐ Hard

☐ Unfair

§ Bugs §

☐ Bugs destroy the game

☐ Lots of bugs

☐ Few Bugs

☐ You can use them for speedrun

☑ Nothing encountered

☯ Story ☯

☐ There is none

☐ Bad

☐ Alright

☑ Good

☐ Fantastic

⚔ Gameplay ⚔

☐ Frustrating

☐ Sleepy

☑ Boring

Real player with 10.0 hrs in game

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Great idea with mediocre realization.

I usually do not buy games in early access, however, I decided to make an exclusion for this one because I really liked the concept and wanted to support the developers. The beta was nice, had a decent gameplay and diverse enough scenarios, so I was very exited for the release and very disappointed after checking it.

95% of the game was already in beta. They added only one new scenario in the full version and barely changed the previous ones. The whole game can be completed under two hours like it’s specifically made this way, so people definitely couldn’t refund it. Despite the description the game is very linear, scripted and the only real way to fail most of the missions is reaching time limit. You barely can make any mistakes like helping the wrong person or performing false actions. Moreover, you cannot even change the order of mandatory actions, like placing warning triangles while looking for a way to contact ambulance. Furthermore, the game tend to be very strange and unfair: most of the timd you need to look for the position in the car navigator, however, one particular time you have to do it with your mobile phone, which is in your inventory and you get not a single hint about it, plus, the game itself tells you that you should use road marks instead of GPS in real life. Was it so hard to make the game a bit more authentic and realistic, provided that it already has levels where you use road marks?! In another scenario you have to move a large log like you are some superman and not just a random driver, was it so hard to make a crawling camera or just remove that log completely? Or why our “protagonist” can carry a whole med aid kit in his inventory but cannot carry 2 warning triangles at the same time?

Real player with 5.1 hrs in game

Accident on Steam

No Time To Explain Remastered

No Time To Explain Remastered

No Time to Explain Remastered is a platformer by tinyBuild games, and for their first game it’s pretty damn good.

Level design is excellent, challenging but still fun. Stages often have their own gimmicks, this keeps the gameplay varied and interesting. The soundtrack is brilliant, and compliments the levels very well. The changes made from the original, particularly those regarding optimisation and controls, are definitely good ones; I run a rairly low-end computer and had lag issues in some sections of the original, all fixed this version. Controls are simple and intuitive, and while different characters will have different methods of getting around, the game does a good job of teaching you how to use them. I found the story to be highly amusing; I won’t spoil it here but everything that happens is just so unexpected and ridiculous, it had me laughing out loud more than once.

Real player with 10.3 hrs in game

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The developers have no time to explain how this piece of crap got into my library. It’s not a smart, simple platformer, but instead a buggy and lazy one, as there is a major difference between a difficult game (a game that you can enjoy in the end) and a frustrating one. No time to explain is the second one. The levels of the platformer are poorly designed, the mechanics are simplistic, and they feel dumb. I won’t even get started on how bad the controls are, because this started out as a flash game, and I would expect nothing more from it than the uninspired piece of junk with forced humour that it turned out to be. No, the game is not funny. No, it is not like Super Meat Boy. It represents the worst aspects of platforming and creativity combined (tough the dislike of the art style is pure prefference). Just do yourself a favor and save the $ 15 you would spend on this game. You won’t regret not buying it. Maybe grab it at a sale if you really wish to try out the hour or so of content it has to offer.

Real player with 7.6 hrs in game

No Time To Explain Remastered on Steam