Blood Spear

Blood Spear

No game in the steam catalog can compare to Blood Spear. Having thousands of hours in other steam games, i have decided that this game reigns superior above all. No one should pass up playing this game. A Breathtaking experience, honestly, the convoluted story at the beginning begins to piece itself together as you play. The game play flows well and with non linear areas, you can play the game the way you want to play it. The music is phenomenal, and is comparable to soundtracks of other great triple A games. The idea of a ranged combat is so fresh and different in a convoluted genre of sword hack and slash games. This game CANNOT be compared to the souls games, they are the yin and yang of souls likes. Dark souls being bleak, cold, dark, and repetitive, while Blood Spear is fast pased, high octane, intuitive, as these new ideas are added to the legacy of these games. I hope that this inspires other great Spear-Like games and is a genre i will be keeping up with for years to come.

Real player with 24.7 hrs in game

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When a game is soo good that being free seems wrong

  • Third-person Hack and slash

  • Short

  • Great atmosphere

  • Inventive combat mechanics

  • Easy to learn, room for skilled-play

So, if you are still here… Let’s get down to it:


Nobody said it was easy, it’s such a shame for us to part…

Blood Spear is often called a student project… hence why it is so short and free, but make no mistake, winning first prize at ISART Digital Montreal 2021 is no small feat, and calling this a student project is a grave understatement. Picking obvious queues from the likes of Dark Souls, Soul Reaver and more, you get a third-person hack and slash campaign that won’t overstay its welcome, with an easy to learn throwing mechanic (charge and quick-fire) backed up with two inventive skills that add strategy and healing abilities, this compact package leaves you wanting more.

Real player with 1.3 hrs in game

Blood Spear on Steam

Deranged Park Rangers

Deranged Park Rangers

Free to play massively multiplayer online Shoot ‘Em Up with instant play.

Kill sapsuckers in an over-the-top blood and guts filled manner.


Simply click the instant action button and you’ll be killing sapsuckers with potentially hundreds of other people already playing.



After the SGF summer contest I realized that I’m a dinosaur, over 900 demos. .. the window of time for me to make a sustainable living from indie game development has closed.

I’m going to return to driving a semi-truck.

If lightning strikes and people give a hoot, I will finish the game.

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Deranged Park Rangers on Steam

Urban Mage

Urban Mage

Urban Mage is an action simulation game where you get to be the powerful mage, with the ability to cast fireball after fireball and cause chaos and destruction. The time is the 21st century, the place is a quiet small town. Your goal? Kill them all!

Play as a raging mage in a modern environment and catch all the citizens before the cops arrive and arrest you. Or kill the cops as well. Destroy the town. Don’t forget to look inside the houses. Find everyone. Jump on roofs, dash through the streets and use all your powers.

Be aware though that even you are not invincible and the cops have powerful weapons you are not familiar with - guns.


  • action combat system and fast-paced gameplay as well as the possibility to play as a subtle stealth ninja-mage!

  • blood, blood, and more blood - don’t play the game if you are weak on your stomach!

  • stylized and beautiful art style - it is a joy to look at it, at least until you spill blood everywhere

Coming up soon:

  • different play modes including the open-world experience, timed arenas, and unique challenges

  • various difficulty settings and modifiers to tailor the game for you

  • Steam achievements and leaderboard - because everyone wants to be the best

What will probably never come:

  • story mode - who needs a story when one can be a mage … and create your own violent story!

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Urban Mage on Steam

BloodRayne 2: Terminal Cut

BloodRayne 2: Terminal Cut

So Bloodrayne 2 has the distinction of being one of my most beloved, yet absolutely hated games, out of all the games I have ever played before. Never has a single game left me completely divided on how I felt after playing it. Even as I was playing this Terminal Cut, in full, for the first time, I kept thinking “I can’t review this.”

So the good first. BR2 in a nutshell, is a modified BR1, but with everything cranked up to 11. So many new features and ideas are brought to this very creative sequel. Feeding fatalities, gymnastic platforming, environmental death traps, new characters, tons of voice work, tons of powers, tons of costumes, tons of BLOOD. It’s wild just how much of an upgrade BR2 is compared to its original.

Real player with 16.9 hrs in game

If the first BloodRayne is like an easier Max Payne that’s not well-made but still delivers fun and some cheap thrills, then BloodRayne 2 is like a Devil May Cry that does not understand what makes Devil May Cry great. Also BloodRayne 2 itself is not fun, and it doesn’t even deliver cheap thrills.


The first BloodRayne was not a well-made game. Animations were janky, damage feedback was poor, environments were boring, and the final boss was frankly terrible and became downright impossible to defeat if you took too long. However, if you could forgive those faults, what you would find in this game was the experience of becoming a frantic, unstoppable, killing machine. You could be like Max Payne on steroids. It’s no exaggeration that you could essentially dance around your enemies whilst attacking, whether you’re firing your guns or attacking with Rayne’s sick arm blades. You became a frenzied speed demon of death. Also, to add more to the Max Payne comparisons, you have a Dilated Mode which is essentially infinite Bullet Time, so yeah.

Real player with 13.7 hrs in game

BloodRayne 2: Terminal Cut on Steam

Foreign Legion: Buckets of Blood

Foreign Legion: Buckets of Blood

Foreign Legion, Buckets of Blood is the perfect example of a developer creating a casual game that’s not simply a frenzied money grab. Despite being an incredibly simple game, and an incredibly small one at release, the developers have worked hard to improve every single aspect of it.

While the lower difficulties are pretty much impossible to fail on the harder ones provide genuine challenge. The leaderboards and small meta-game will keep the game interesting beyond the initial 30 minutes of excitement.

Real player with 58.2 hrs in game

J’ai profité du Foreign Legion Bundle 9€99 sur Steam pour m’acheter le jeu et au final je pense que c’est une assez bonne affaire, le gameplay est simple et le jeu devient vite corsé en augmentant la difficulté.

Pour ce qui trouvent que le jeu est répétitif, je dirais que cela est normal vu que c’est un jeu bourrin et qu’il faut uniquement tuer des Hordes zombies et/ou terroriste grâce aux nombreuses armes qui vous sont proposés en montant en niveau.

Vous pouvez également jouer jusqu’à quatre, le jeu est excellent entre amis.

Real player with 7.5 hrs in game

Foreign Legion: Buckets of Blood on Steam

Stealth Master

Stealth Master

I like the game but it feels unfinished. There is no way to change keybindings, no directions or help for the editor. The editor itself also feels unfinished as you cannot rotate the way you would expect to. Sometimes the AI will literally spot you through walls when standing still. I like the idea of the game but it is very poorly executed. I have fun playing the missions although AI is wonky. Please update the game with more weapons, better AI, and a better editor.

Real player with 1.8 hrs in game

Stealth Master on Steam

VALAKAS: Immortal

VALAKAS: Immortal

One day, while beating up the local gangsters from the area, Valakas comes up with a memory of the greatest war with the powerful army of Detrov. One day, Pena managed to escape from under the table and steal the mask unnoticed. He started a plan to escape to Mars and create his empire there.

  • Many different opponents

  • Unique types of weapons

  • Dismemberment of enemies

  • Explosions

Test of dismemberment of opponents.

  • Add more maps

  • Add more opponents

VALAKAS: Immortal on Steam

Alien Shooter 2: Reloaded

Alien Shooter 2: Reloaded

Update: It’s worth mentioning that this game no longer works for me. This might be a Windows 10 issue. I don’t know, but be careful. c:

How come no one told me this game existed?

Alien Shooter 2: Reloaded is a masterfully crafted horde-style action game with RPG elements (what a mouthful) that’s all about running backwards and shooting. Shooting what, you totally didn’t ask because it’s in the title? Eeeeeveeeerythiiiiiiiing.

Horde games usually struggle with enemy balance and keeping those enemies interesting. And RPG games usually struggle with balancing an effort-to-reward ratio that makes players feel accomplished and powerful without stressing them out too much or taking too much time.

Real player with 15.2 hrs in game

What can i say about alien shooter? Its amazing.

Zombie shooter is an overhead action/shooter/rpg?? game that delivers nicely.

An alien treath has arrived to earth and is decimating the population. Your mission is to find how did they arrived and to destroy them. Could say more, but thats about right for the story (and i wouldnt like to give spoilers).

Anyways, a description of some aspects of the game.

Variety of enemies. Unlike many “Horde” games, this one has quite a decent number of enemies. The combination of the different classes of the enemies in the screen makes the game actually decently hard. Not to mention, i have never seen a game with so many enemies at the same time.

Real player with 12.8 hrs in game

Alien Shooter 2: Reloaded on Steam

Rebel Reenactment: Battle of the Wilderness

Rebel Reenactment: Battle of the Wilderness

its is so fun

Real player with 10.6 hrs in game

while it is very rough it has obvious potential the idea of being a soldier in a civil war battle is a interesting and entertaining the game right now is functional but has some problems. Like getting stuck in the aiming pose when your trying to get to the shoulder arms position or how a side will randomly stop spawning soldiers. But if they keep working on it it would be a entertaining game to play.

Real player with 4.3 hrs in game

Rebel Reenactment: Battle of the Wilderness on Steam

Dead Space™ 2

Dead Space™ 2

I differ from many people who believe that the Dead Space series started as Survival Horror and went on to become — and perhaps devolve into a much more action focused game. I believe it was always an action game first — with horror elements on top.

Overlooked for being derivative.

Back when Dead Space was released, it wasn’t that long ago that RE4 and Gears of War were introduced to the world. These horror/action games, where this over-the-right-shoulder camera was very newly being introduced. Not to mention they were horror games, lots of blood and guts and slightly monochromatic. It was easy to write off looking at screenshots.

Real player with 27.8 hrs in game

A brilliant follow up to a great horror game, Dead Space 2 excels in almost every aspect from its predecessor while still delivering on intense combat, expanded story and improved gameplay mechanics to be one of the greatest video game sequels ever made.

The plot is set 3 years after the events of the original game, on an urban government facility called the Sprawl, where Issac Clarke has been held captive and experimented upon by EarthGov to extract the codes of the marker which had been implanted in his brain during his time on Aegis VII to create another marker. But all hell breaks loose when a new necromorph outbreak begins on the space station and Issac is forced to confront the traumas of his past experience while at the same time destroying the marker created from his brain scans to put an end to the nightmare. On his journey, we also get to see the some new and interesting areas which flesh out the backstory more which was missing in the first game, most important the origins of the Church of Unitology and the conflict between Unitologists and EarthGov and their beliefs over the existence of the Markers.

Real player with 27.6 hrs in game

Dead Space™ 2 on Steam