ULTRAKILL is a pretty cool robot, eh kills demons and doesn’t afraid of anything.

Edit: I call this webm “SHINING SPEAAAAAARRRRRR”


––The Gameplay—-

See that trailer? That’s the sort of action you’re going to be pulling off when you get used to the flow of the game.

ULTRAKILL is made by a developer who knows his audience, and his gameplay design choices show it. In this early access build, you have an arsenal of five different guns with two or more alternate versions which you can carry all at once, and two different fists. They all have their unique uses. My favorite guns are the Marksman Revolver (which allows you to pull off a skillshot by hitting an airborne coin) and the Pump Charge Shotgun (which allows you to charge up the power of your shotgun and makes you explode if you overcharge, wiping out enemies around you). The variety of this game lends to the player being encouraged to swap weapons frequently to avoid the animations and fire guns faster.

Real player with 104.6 hrs in game

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Absolutely one of the best FPS available right now. My personal favorite.

Taking influences from legendary games like DMC and Quake is a big deal and I thought that there is absolutely no way that someone can deliver that as a solo dev.

The game somehow manages to do that very competently. Quake influences are very obvious with a really amazing and skill expressive movement system that lets you build up insane amounts of speed and gives you even more freedom than Quake to zoom around the map, and a really smart take on the ID arsenal that I think gets overlooked when talking about this game. For example the classic way a railgun type weapon is handled in ID games is giving it a smallish cooldown while making it pretty strong. ULTRAKILL amps it to 11 and gives it about 10 (?) seconds of downtime and makes it BLAST. Every weapon is some sort of a variation of an ID arsenal counterpart, but amped to a crazy degree to allow for more skill and creativity expression and prompt actual gameplay choices on how to tackle every situation.

Real player with 75.0 hrs in game