Ruthless Safari

Ruthless Safari

The game is a 2D scroller where the main character run from a lion. The only thing in this game you can do is jump, which is done by clicking. Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be a pause button and to achieve the 100 achievement takes roughtly 20 minutes. I do enjoy a few things about the game, such as whenever you’re hit you lose a piece of clothing and the music is actually pretty decent, but the game is not good. At all.

One of a few ways this game could’ve been much better if it added a sizeable window open, while playing the game is always in full mode.The screenshots shown on the store page is literally the entire game and at the price it’s currently at, even on 90% I’d recommend not to get this.

Real player with 1.2 hrs in game

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Ruthless Safari is an endless runner game.

It’s quite basic, with simple graphics, easy gameplay, and some generic repetitive music (I suggest turning the music off, as it just gets annoying after a while).

All the game comprises of is a woman running away from a lion; she has to jump over an endless stream of cacti; if she touches a cactus plant three times the lion catches her and kills her.

The first time the fleeing woman touches a cactus she loses her shirt, but continues running in her bra.

Real player with 1.1 hrs in game

Ruthless Safari on Steam

Omae Wa Mou Shindeiru

Omae Wa Mou Shindeiru

Игра в жанре аркады, с простой графикой и геймплеем, мне понравилась!

Real player with 5.2 hrs in game

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This is a reaction test of 8 levels where you are a special time for the 4 arrows to press and it get faster and faster and level 8 is really not easy if you are not good skill or if you already older (27 years + & your reaction isnt anymore like 21). For achievement hunters its a good game even i could get all :)

Real player with 1.5 hrs in game

Omae Wa Mou Shindeiru on Steam

Dash Hale

Dash Hale


Who needs guns or swords when the environment is on their side?

Better still: why not having them all?

Dash Hale is a combat-based runner set in a dynamic, freely rotating world: run faster or slower by changing the ground incline, turn it into a steep slope for sliding or drop to a free fall - bringing your enemies down with you.

Hunt bloodthirsty zombies in a pirate ship, survive rebellious machines in feudal Japan, face hellish demons in the cyberspace and escape giant rotating blades… everywhere. It may not make much sense, but you won’t have time to miss it.

  • Control Matt and the world around him: jump, swap between short and long-range attacks and rotate the world at will;

  • 10 kinds of enemies, 10 corresponding levels - which get mixed at the start of each scene;*

  • Upgrade your weapons and acquire new abilities through your journey;

  • Blood pumping electronic soundtrack;

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Dash Hale on Steam

BloodRayne Betrayal: Fresh Bites

BloodRayne Betrayal: Fresh Bites


-Fluid and fast-paced hack & slash 2D action

-Game supports up to 120fps

-It works fine on both keyboard and Xbox gamepad controller

-Laura Bailey and Troy Baker are back to play as Rayne and Kagan

-Game can now render sprites at true 4k resolution (3840 x 2160)

-Decent blood & gore physics

-You can now select difficulty between Classic and Standard when starting new game

-Combo attacks and Dash mechanic feels smooth, snappy, and responsive

-2D artstyle was perfect; I love the atmosphere, filled with enriched music

Real player with 714.3 hrs in game

A lot like the good old Castlevania games with difficult platforming and all. If you get good with the shmoovement you can pretty much fly across levels and the combat is a lot of fun.

My main complaint is how slowly Rayne turns around. I can’t tell you how many times I try to turn around and shoot only for the turning animation to be canceled and shoot off screen. PLEASE devs reduce time to turn around by half and combat would feel great. Also adding the Japanese main menu art as an option would really put a chef’s kiss on the entire package.

Real player with 11.1 hrs in game

BloodRayne Betrayal: Fresh Bites on Steam

Mute Crimson+

Mute Crimson+

Yes, this game is a retro action platformer, and those aren’t exactly rare these days. But this one is worth your time and your money - and come on, $5 USD? That is impulse buy territory, and if you do, you won’t regret it!

Why is it worth playing?

The gameplay is tough but fair. There are no “cheats” in the level design, and the controls are tight and responsive, so any mistakes you make are your own. You end the game with all the moves you had at the beginning; there are no power-ups or bonuses, and no random gameplay elements - it’s a game of pure skill and experience, both of which you’ll need in abundance to meet the game’s solid difficulty and complexity curve.

Real player with 33.3 hrs in game

Mute Crimson is a steam videogame featuring baffling disciplined ninja supreme quality trailwise difficult chambers of insanity with the level design and both traps that make you shake a routine of triangular raging thunderstorm anger!

Its going to be a childbearing cakewalk i thought at first!But no this game is no joke some parts are inducing acid spitting into your eye sockets as u just keep playing this very challenging game!

The soundtrack is very a round matzoballin great chiptune set that drives you to keep going because the composer is really getting you pumped up into shimmied situations that make you want to keep playing of course dearly!!!

Real player with 25.7 hrs in game

Mute Crimson+ on Steam

Blood And Mead

Blood And Mead

They stole his mead, a mistake. Now he will destroy every last one of them.

Join Ulric, a retired berserker viking, on a dramatic quest for revenge that will make him a legend.


  • Unnecessarily brutal and bloody combat.

  • Unlock cruel and devastating attacks to decimate your enemies.

  • Tight meaty combat utilizing multiple weapons, shields and mead… lots and lots of mead.

  • Face off against epic bosses.

  • Ride a pig.

  • Upgrade armor and weapons to become a true viking berserker.

  • Solve fun and intuitive puzzles.

  • Enjoy a captivating story filled with viking lore and shenanigans.

  • A delightful sound track filled with medieval folk flair.


“Better to fight and fall than to live without mead.” - Ulric the Bold.

Blood And Mead on Steam

Stramedia: my_MISADVENTURE

Stramedia: my_MISADVENTURE

Me and my mom have been having a good dinner in the kitchen that night, then the doorbell rang and an envelope slipped through the mail hole.

“Good evening! You’ve been invited!”

…it started off, continuing that it’s an invitation to the “Stramedia Safehouse Facility” breach. The survey was…odd, to say the least, but some of the things were done fairly easy, though I didn’t think it would go through. Then some of the days were spend outside of our homes and school, though it’s up to you to think of whenever or not these were the good days. And then I am sure you know what happened next.

Stramedia - my_MISADVENTURE is an indie horror themed adventure game where you step into the shoes of a classroom warden who signed the agreement to possibly the most bizarre, yet somewhat deadly school trip in his entire life. Of course it may not start off deadly right away, but, uh…yeah, things are gonna escalate. But can you blame him? He really didn’t know what he and his friends (fiends? Frienemies?) were going up for.

Well, what can he do now? Surprise, surprise, getting the hell outta there he must.

(AKA: the stuff worth checking it out and/or purchasing for)

  • The main protagonist is wearing a fedora hat! This is probably the best selling point to this game… I think! I mean…this is one of the main factors you got attracted to that other game with a kid, the kid’s hat, the stuff…uh, no? Okay, but if you know what you’re doing, you can find and recruit three other friends you’ll get (or have) to play as!

  • Essentially, this is another “average mediocre indie” horror game, except the mediocrity here is 99% intentional! And not to mention that it’s got everything you love and hate to see and experience in a horror themed videogame! Stupid simple and ridiculous (and somehow twisted) puzzles (with a lot of “ands”), cliché monsters and thirsty spooky mannequins…except they actually want to drink tea, you pervert. Get out of here!

  • Simplistic Visual Pixel Art Style, Soundtrack and Audio Design! If you like looking at pixels with different contrast, I am sure your eyes will love that, and if your ears love to feast on the Low-Quality DPCM-ish Audio, giving you an illusion that you’re playing a crappy retro GameBoy Advance styled game or something, then you’re all welcome in!..oh, wait, I forgot that we are talking about a game that LOOKS pretty retro…huh, that’s lame.

  • No, really. That kid has a hat.

  • Despite it’s horror nature, it’s also a comedy game! What kind of comedy? This game has got most of it! Whenever it’s all bad puns, visual humor, random, dark, dry or somehow outright gross and (“mildly”) offensive humor, Stramedia has it in the stock and shelves!

  • Prepare for some surrealism, because no matter if it’s an optical thing or not, things are…weird, yet somewhat disturbing, but not personal space like disturbing, because this is where it draws the line even for us.

  • A nice variety of accessibility options! Whenever you want to reposition the dialogue box, change it’s text size, whenever you find some colored text hard to read, or just don’t feel like playing the game with a controller and just want to rest your only arm and control the game with it, it’s no problem! The accessibility (and other) settings options may enhance the experience more nicely! (if there’s something you want to suggest, please let us know and we will gladly look into adding it!)

  • Seriously, that kid is wearing my hat! SOMEBODY DO SOMETHING! DON’T LET HIM GET AWAY WITH MY HAT!! :U

Stramedia: my_MISADVENTURE on Steam

Mosquitoes and zombies

Mosquitoes and zombies

Great runner, with good graphics, liked the game design

Real player with 3.0 hrs in game

Plekšt plešt

Real player with 0.4 hrs in game

Mosquitoes and zombies on Steam

Slaughter League

Slaughter League

Slaughter League is a fast-paced multiplayer extravaganza that will pit you against up to 10 friends (or enemies!) in a daring race to the finish line. Will your skills measure up and help you take first place? Run as fast as you can (just watch out for those Tesla coils), jump as high as possible (but avoid the buzzsaws, of course), and slide your way to victory while dodging any spikes along the way. Now hurry, we need more lambs to the slaughter!

Along with a single-player campaign, Slaughter League features three core multiplayer modes. First is the classic race mode, where you can face off to see who can complete the course fastest, either in a single race or a series. Next is Outlast, where you’ll need to keep up with the randomized course as it moves along and try to be the last person standing. Finally there is Zombie mode, where an infected player attempts to zombify the rest of the competition and the last one alive (or at least, not undead) wins the round. After trying each mode, take a break from the competition and try out the stage builder before unleashing your twisted creations upon others!

  • Absurd Ragdoll Death Animations and World-Class Commentary – Being brutally slaughtered has never been this fun before!

  • Story Mode – Featuring 25+ thrilling levels!

  • Three Core Multiplayer Modes – Race, Zombies, and Outlast, each featuring a variety of maps and customization options for never-ending, blood-splattered fun!

  • 100’s of Unique Cosmetic Items – With nine different clothing slots, tattoos, and more to select options for, players have no shortage of ways to express their personality and individual flair!

  • Exciting Locations for Courses – Race on the Moon, in a volcano, deep in the jungle, or opt for the classic “Stadium of Death” setting!

  • 25+ Deadly Traps – Guaranteed to slice, dice, batter, splatter, shock and maim you and your fellow competitors!

  • Fully-Featured Stage Builder – Build and share your own courses with other players; You’ll never get bored with the course options available!

  • Fantastic set of Achievements – Can you earn them all?

Slaughter League on Steam

Super Saurio Fly: Jurassic Edition

Super Saurio Fly: Jurassic Edition

I like this game a lot, the price is fair for the amazing experience you get!

Real player with 15.7 hrs in game

TRASH!!! A lot of bugs and the creators don’t give a shit about it, why would you put a “support” button when you know it is helpless and it won’t help anybody with their in-game problems.

Real player with 10.6 hrs in game

Super Saurio Fly: Jurassic Edition on Steam