Neverending Nightmares

Neverending Nightmares

The greatest and most effective aspect of horror is the tension and the atmosphere, the feeling of creeping unknown terror that lurks around each corner ahead, the mysterious buzzing sounds of some vile machine sprinkled with the curious moanings of what one could only guess are tortured souls.

When it comes to horror, it’s hardly ever the execution of cheap scares or the appearance of the actual monster that are scary or make the experience, but the thick and heavy atmosphere and the suspense that it builds in you throughout the journey and this is exactly where Neverending Nightmares excels above and beyond everything I have come to expect from the horror genre.

Real player with 19.0 hrs in game

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Disclaimer: I took part in the Kickstarter campaign in order to get this game funded. As a result I’ve been playing the game for a good number of months in its Alpha/Beta stages, giving feedback and talking with the developers about the game.

-TL;DR version-

The game is a wonderfully crafted psychological horror game that builds its horror around crafting a dark and foreboding atmosphere. It also does a great job at emphasising a slower, more disturbing tone than a traditional startling tone. The game being inspired by the visions and thoughts of someone with mental illness give a very genuine and unnerving feel to everything, which as a result makes for one of the best horror games that I’ve played in recent times. Definitely worth your time if you’re a horror fan and want something that’ll truly get under your skin.

Real player with 13.7 hrs in game

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Update 12/09/17

Back when I first wrote this review, Putrefaction was priced at $5. The price is now $1.

While the game is a better value at this price, the cons I mention below still prevent me from wholeheartedly recommending Putrefaction to anyone but FPS fans with lowered expectations who are desperate for something to burn a few hours on. Most others will likely be disappointed.

Summary (TL;DR):

Putrefaction gets a C for effort and a D for execution. It isn’t a completely awful game, it just never comes close to scratching the old-school shooter itch it claims to scratch. Aside from that, I honestly found it to be unremarkable and somewhat lacking in almost every other important element as well. Despite its $1 pricetag, the minuses outnumber the plusses here so it’s a difficult game for me to recommend.

Real player with 8.1 hrs in game

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I was really hoping to enjoy this game despite what the negative reviews had to say about it. Unfortunately they were quite right.

The AI is basically complete rubbish, even on the highest difficulty level. If you find a higher spot you can jump up to, or some boxes to jump behind, the melee guys got nothing on you (save for the first boss which has an impressive reach on his swing). Ranged units feel cheap. I’ve had them not even try to find me at times, then shoot me the instant they can see me, including through walls at times. And many of the baddies can run faster than you. Considerably faster. And when it comes to the exploding baddies, that really sucks.

Real player with 6.4 hrs in game

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A Wolf in Autumn

A Wolf in Autumn

(versión en español a continuación)


Is this… a proper menu? In David’s games?

This is it. I’m done. Whatever I could say afterwards would be pointless.



A Wolf in Autumn is about a girl locked down in a shed. The first puzzle is quite simple, but what I liked the most was the fact that there’s not just one way to solve it. And the ones who follow may have another solution as well…

While other David’s games puzzles are easy to solve (or almost nonexistent) this change is, I can tell, for the best (even I got stuck once).

Real player with 3.3 hrs in game

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David Szymanski is renowned for using sublime visuals alongside thought provoking gameplay and A Wolf in Autumn is another incredible journey I’d strongly recommend to fans of Szymanski’s work & if you’ve never experienced his work you seriously need to because he is an exceptional Indie game developer

Before I get into the review for A Wolf in Autumn be aware it does contain Adult themes and the voice acting by Julie Hoverson is incredibly effective so be prepared for that!! There is no save feature as advised at the introduction since it is a short 1 hour puzzle experience

Real player with 1.7 hrs in game

A Wolf in Autumn on Steam

Unto The End

Unto The End

I want to start of by saying that I have now beat this game 3 times. This game is truly a 9/10 for me as a standalone game. Does this mean this game is perfect? No. Does it mean it’s for everyone? No.

First: the not so good of this game. Initially, the combat in the game feels clunky. It’s quite difficult to learn early on, and the first play through can be VERY frustrating at times. Once the combat is learned well, it feels very satisfying though, but it never gets easier. There are no tutorials in game except for the “sparing area” which can be accessed from any fire. Though this helps with the basics, I wish there were a few more advanced techniques gone over. Another con for the game is the apparent random damage amount a player takes from enemies. It feels like sometimes you’re really hardy, and other times you’re a piece of over ripe fruit. Initially this can be frustrating, and apparently illogical, but after DM’ing 2TON about this in the game, I was told that damage variance comes from the current position of vulnerability the character is in. For example: if you are rolling when you are hit, you take 2 or 3 times the damage than if you are in a guarded position. As a design decision, I think that this makes sense for the type of game this is, but I would like to have maybe seen at least a mention of this in the “sparing area”. Last con for this game is that in some areas visibility of the character is frustratingly difficult where you need to interact with something because of placement of a rock or something.

Real player with 29.6 hrs in game

Death is inevitable


Unto The End (UTE) is a cinematic platformer that like several other indies rakes in uniqueness and originality. The main focus is the challenging combat that has excellent nuance. It doesn’t have much of a setup nor does it try and hold your hand at all. I should also address the storyline or rather, lack thereof. All that is shown is a Father leaves his family to presumably go on a hunting expedition. Of course, it isn’t long before he gets into trouble and players must aid him through an unrelenting frozen wasteland to return to his home.

Real player with 13.6 hrs in game

Unto The End on Steam

Bad Business

Bad Business

Your enemy are Door, Camera & unclear Crosshair.

Oh, I forget a stupid achievement, die 1000 times? LOL.

Real player with 7.5 hrs in game

that thang fun man

Real player with 4.1 hrs in game

Bad Business on Steam


A short and touching point and click game, involving difficult topics including mental health and child abuse. The pacing is spot on. Puzzles are fun and occasionally challenging without ever being too hard. The story kept me intrigued throughout. The art style is gorgeous, and I also really enjoyed the music tracks. This game shines through beauty, effective simplicity, and great storytelling through a combination of exploration, action scenes, and cut scenes, with an occasional jump scare thrown in. If you enjoyed Fran Bow, you’ll likely enjoy this too.

Real player with 4.9 hrs in game

The first chapter is about 40-50 minutes long with no prior knowledge, including a few optional achievements, so at this point, it’s a little hard for me to evaluate the game based on this relatively short introduction. The game gave me some Fran Bow vibes, although the similarities are mostly on the surface level; in this point&click adventure, you play as a young girl that goes through some psychological trauma when exploring surreal environments, while the story seems to be pushing into a different direction. That being said, the narrative managed to hook my interest, I want to see where it goes from here and what happens to the main character which I find very compelling. For some reason, I just really like disturbing adventure games, and this one does not waste any time to let you know that this game is not made for kids.

Real player with 3.5 hrs in game

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