Stones of Sorrow

Stones of Sorrow

Read the store page, view the video, and you will have a good grip on the premise of this game. Now check the controls and go get those stones. You will need one for each hand to smash your blood brother’s head in properly.

Wow what a great Developer. All of my pin points below have been addressed and are no longer issues as of this past update(1.1.2) and it has been Less than a week. The movement even feels more fluid. I ran into a couple random issues… but I have screenshot them with descriptions. I’m curious to see how much gametime it will take to max out my perks :)

Real player with 13.0 hrs in game

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This game will blow your mind! Like, where else can you play a game so innovative like that? Cave paintings killing each other, a cool variety of items and, in the middle, a story well arranged and nicely told? Holy crap! You’ll say “why didn’t I play this gem before?” (ps: you’ll die a lot, but that won’t keep your hands off the controller. You’ll beg for more or, should I say, beg for gore?)

I’ve already “finished” Stones of Sorrow 4 or 5 times and now I’m in for the achievements, mainly ‘cause this state of the art item of human badassery -both the pre-historic cave art/21st game development- totally deserves it.

Real player with 7.6 hrs in game

Stones of Sorrow on Steam

Hell Loop

Hell Loop



  • It’s fun to find effective strategies.

  • The “no escape” mode is very challenging and fun.


  • Your trap choices can make some playthroughs on higher difficulty impossible.

  • Difficulty levels are hidden in main menu.

Real player with 5.5 hrs in game

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The game is pretty great as a tower defense + strategy game. The drawings are perfect and looks pretty great for your eyes, you can’t wait that much from a platformer. However sinners can scream and that would make you feel like you’re a real Evil LMAO. However, traps are pretty enough to kill all the sinners. I had one problem with achievements. I tried many things to solve it but I didn’t had achievements while I was completing them. Contacted developer about that and he said yeah there can be a bug about achievements which will be solved %100.

Real player with 2.5 hrs in game

Hell Loop on Steam



Written By Hidden Gems Review :

Desert Kill is a voxel/cartoonish roguelike where you can see the rainy blood. 😂

The game has simple mechanics but still it’s fun play it, but still early access with a lot of work for do, for example the aim of this game it’s kinda off, hard to hit the targets.

The graphics are ok but the visuals and the explosions with rainy blood make you say… woah nice job ! Also there are really good details of the game like the corpses become first squeletons and later dissapear.

Real player with 1.0 hrs in game

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Rather just check the video instead of read? Me too:

I started a new short segment called “Lost on Steam” which features games that have few reviews for one reason or another. Definitely not necessarily negative, just games that slipped by people.

This is one of the featured games this week!

Desert Kill is honestly a fun roguelite. It has varied missions and weapons and each of your plays will be a little different. There are heroes, perks and weapons to unlock as you play and the combat keeps you on your toes with a bullet-hell ish design. You’ll need to stay frosty on your dodge button if you want to get through all of the areas.

Real player with 0.5 hrs in game


Colt Canyon

Colt Canyon

This is a very nice western themed top down rougelike game. I see a lot of top-down shooter games get compared to Hotline Miami, and to some degree this is understandable but, I feel, usually unwarranted. However I think this game actually is quite similar to Hotline Miami. The gunplay feels quite smooth and fast. Melee and throwing weapons are also viable methods of killing. There are also some stealth mechanics. Most of the enemies die quickly, especially if you can catch them off guard.

As the game goes on the player can save prisoners who can give the player perks like better accuracy or more damage with certain weapons. Most of them will also offer to join the player instead of giving a perk. After enough levels the player can get a whole posse of followers going.

Real player with 108.2 hrs in game

Colt Canyon Review - A gunslinger’s dream

Get shooting!

Brutal western roguelite shooter delivers dynamic combat and enthralling gameplay.

Colt Canyon, from the outside, has a rather simple premise; you need to save your partner - kidnapped by bandits at the beginning of the brief tutorial - by shooting your way to victory through the hordes of bloodthirsty bandits that populate the otherwise desolate plains of the wild west. And whilst it appears that’s all there is to this game, its complexity as you play seems to unfurl in front of you, very much deserving of the “easy to pick up, hard as hell to master” mantle.

Real player with 36.8 hrs in game

Colt Canyon on Steam



Basic Info

Genre: Platforming Action Adventure

Difficulty: Medium-Hard

In the world of Riptale, Dragons threaten to take over the world. You have acquired three arcane gems that allows you to perform attacks on the dragons with your sword. You venture forth on a mission to kill as many dragons and their servants as possible.

In your journeys you collect gold from slain enemies and destructible items on the levels. You can use that gold in sparsely, scattered shops to by different and arcane gems that alters the way your attacks work, such as a quick-draw dash attacks, double and triple attacks, homing attacks. You can chose in which order those appear and thusly create new combos.

Real player with 17.2 hrs in game

Quite good. It’s a very, very light rogue-lite. Really it’s just-you die you start over from the beginning. We used to call those “video games.” Fun combat once you get the hang of it.

It’s a duochromatic game about descending into the earth and fighting monsters.

You know what’s a great game, Downwell, a duochromatic game about descending into the earth and fighting monsters (and saving your cat). And in Downwell you can tell what objects you can stand on and which are background. Also the enemies had much more red on them that clearly indicated which could be stomped on and which couldn’t.

Real player with 9.0 hrs in game

Riptale on Steam



HordeCore is a kick-ass action side-scroller set in a post-apocalyptic world. Become the leader of an ever-expanding group of survivors. Manage supplies, upgrade your team, and craft deadly contraptions to defend yourself! Remember, exploration is vital in this harsh new world. Prepare to forge bizarre alliances and, together, face the many dangers of the wastelands. Take survival gameplay, combine it with base management, add RPG elements, and spice it up with a fully-fledged collectible card game - and you get HordeCore!

  • SURVIVE through the hardships of a zombie-infested apocalyptic world!

  • UPGRADE AND DEFEND your team’s safe haven!

  • EXPLORE the vast wastelands through randomly generated environments!

  • WAGE WAR against endless hordes of undead and living threats!

  • LOOT UP and collect rare materials to craft outstanding weapons!

  • TEAM UP with your friends and face the world of HordeCore in Co-op Mode!

Collect unique survivors and strategically pick your team of apocalypse-hardened characters to fight through the outstanding number of living dead trying to get your brains for a snack.

Keep your base camp safe and develop your defenses while growing a community of bad-asses that you can command into the constant fight for survival.

Explore the wastelands in search of supplies. Face the unexpected dangers of the zombie-apocalyptic world of HordeCore!

Besides all the zombie-killing and loot-grabbing you can handle, HordeCore also includes a complete, fully-featured Collectible Card Game!

Horde Tactics is a deck building card game, featuring 60+ cards that you’ll gather and unlock during your time in the Wasteland. Each card represents an item, character or a Hordeling that you encounter in the game—that way, your collection grows alongside your progress in HordeCore!

Horde Tactics features:

  • Easy to pick up gameplay

  • Over 60 cards available

  • Power up your deck by building synergy combos

  • Best part… it’s entirely optional!

HordeCore on Steam

Infected Shelter

Infected Shelter

This game is RIDICULOUS FUN!!!!

My sister and I love to jump on local multiplayer games whenever we can. Some are hits, some are misses, but we usually have a good time nevertheless. When I saw this game, I wasn’t super sure about it. The graphics didn’t really catch my eye, and I wasn’t sure if the game-play was our style. BOY WAS I WRONG! This game was probably the funnest local multiplayer game we’ve game to date!

We found ourselves laughing a bunch, talking about plans, and instantly wanting to replay after every death!

Real player with 23.4 hrs in game

infected shelter is a great roguelite brawler. the latter means you’ll be beating up all sorts of bad guys (or former bad guys, now zombies or mutants), robotic creatures and even some crazed wild animals, while the former means you’ll be dying and restarting from the beginning a lot.

there are 4 classes to choose from, each with their strengths and weaknesses. they’re all unlocked from the get-go and before every run they come up in 3 sets of randomized gear. pick one, then go nuts with whatever you can find, or use your bare hands. or your guitar, crutches, or grandpa in a wheelchair. the game doesn’t take itself seriously, which was a plus for me. there are also combos to pull off for more damage.

Real player with 15.7 hrs in game

Infected Shelter on Steam

Regain Earth: First Strike

Regain Earth: First Strike

Played almost 240 hours so far - loving the game and the addition of the turrent grenades has added a handy dimension for single players.

Looking forward to improving my skills to open higher levels.

Really miss multi-player games (Defiance) for the interactions, but I will have to continue as a single player for now.



Real player with 425.3 hrs in game

Regain Earth is a small game from a solo indie game developer. You can’t expect Fortnite or COD, but I really like it. If you like a mix of roguelikes, as a 3D shooter and generally small indie games, you will have a lot of fun with it.

Feedback is well considered in the community and you can even vote in Discord which features should be added to the game! I think a cool idea and more game developer should do like this.

The game and the beta I follow for a while now. And have been looking forward to EA release today very much. I enjoy the game since beta a lot especially as multiplayer with my friends.

Real player with 105.8 hrs in game

Regain Earth: First Strike on Steam

Zombie Shooter

Zombie Shooter

If this was the first game this developer ever made, maybe I would be less critical, but since they already made Alien Shooter game 4 years before, then they had the time to fix all the issues, since it is basically the same game with different textures.

The AI is simply brain-dead. They only know how to go in the direction of the player, there is no actual pathfinding, so they get stuck trying to pass through a wall while there is a door right next to them. They also often get stuck on terrain and just spin in place. Any game programmer should be able to implement basic A* pathfinding in a 2D game in a few days, not to mention 4 years.

Real player with 28.2 hrs in game

I get that it’s an outbreak of the walking dead but who in their right mind created all these giant zombie tanks with arm mounted seeking rocket launchers?? Why would somebody think that was a good idea!? Zombie shooter is a retro topdown isometric shooter with the graphics being very reminiscent of the old fallout games. It features simple RPG system and hordes of the walking dead for you to splatter with the games varied weapons. It doesn’t talk too long to run through the game but the action is fast and bloody while it lasts.

Real player with 4.2 hrs in game

Zombie Shooter on Steam

Berserker’s Descent

Berserker’s Descent

Big props to the developer for completing this early access properly, most devs would abandon the game with those sales a long time ago. The game improved a lot, not just since the EA release date, but even from a few days ago, particularly when it comes to rebalancing enemies, it feels so much better now. I know it looks ugly and the animation is not exactly appealing, but it’s a really fun game for replay value, it has a lot is going on under the surface with the attacks cancels, dodge-rolls, stagger mechanics, juggle mechanics and other compounding upgrades. Not to say that everything is perfect, the hitboxes in this game is something you going to have to learn by trial and error, and the platforming can be a pain in the butt. The game is not too complicated, ultimately you just have to rely on your reflexes and you don’t have to utilize all the fancy moves, but the combat variety does make it more enjoyable, there are more than a few ways to swing the sword, plus all of the timing bonuses.

Real player with 82.0 hrs in game

The Game: The game is a rouge-lite side-scroller mixed with a brutal melee combat system Risk of Rain meets Dark Souls, if you will With simple graphics and addictive gameplay.

The Good Things: Combat feels great. Shifting between normal Light/Heavy attack’s to special move’s is very smooth and rewards good timing with faster swings, more I Frame’s on dodge’s, ect. The game has a very high skill sealing that feels extremely satisfying to get better at.

The Mixed Things: There is a lot of different perks too choose from as you go through you’re run. they, however. Have a lot of balance problems. Example. Why would I choose to push my enemy slightly farther away from me with each hit when I could just increase me DMG so I can kill them quicker? More then likely done just so you don’t get the ultra OP perks as much

Real player with 31.8 hrs in game

Berserker's Descent on Steam