Barbarian Brawl

Barbarian Brawl



its an online only game with no server to connect thru.

Only need say 1 thing to show how great this game is:


100% achivements in under 3 hours.

Rest of the game time (8.1h) was just to score the All time high Top rank 2015-03-08

Real player with 18.8 hrs in game

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EDIT: Game had been abandoned nearly since launch but it is now LITERALLY unplayable as servers are down and there is no option for individual players to create listen or dedicated servers. This game should probably be removed from sale.

Review At A Glance


  • Chaotic, fast paced gameplay

  • Bash your friends over the head with grievous, nasty medieval weapons!

  • Beautiful, cartoony graphics and smooth animation

  • Satisfying combat and gore

  • Great sense of humor

  • Just pure fun!


Real player with 13.0 hrs in game

Barbarian Brawl on Steam

End of War 1945

End of War 1945

Not sure how this will go as a PVP title, but as a single player WWII arena shooter it has a lot of promise

It runs well, has a decent roster of weapons and the maps have some nice variety. I’ve heard it was a team of 3 who made this game and that’s pretty solid.

The price may raise some eyebrows, but this one is worth taking a look at. It’s got a long way to go, but it runs decent and doesn’t feel like a rip off

Real player with 12.3 hrs in game

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A good game! that is still in development would be nice if more were to play online, so a game can develop.

Real player with 10.5 hrs in game

End of War 1945 on Steam

Inglorious Aztecs

Inglorious Aztecs

Inglorious Aztecs is a 2-4 player online multiplayer game centered around fast-paced versus matches with a high fun factor. Mine the terrain with your Pickaxe, block incoming bullets with blocks placement, and kill your friends in a plethora of ways!

Highlighted Game Features

  • Online Multiplayer PvP

  • Local Multiplayer PvP

  • Mine the Terrain

  • Build with Blocks

  • Exploding Owls💥🦉 (because of course)

  • 80+ Stages

  • 40+ Unique Weapons

Online Multiplayer on Small and Large Stages

Use Mining and Blocks Placement to Move Around

Online Multiplayer

Create a game lobby and share the game code with your friends to let them join your lobby. Play with up to 4 players in the same online lobby.

Local Multiplayer

Local multiplayer can be played with up to 4 players using gamepad controllers. Grab some friends and have fun!

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Inglorious Aztecs on Steam



If you grew up playing Medal of Honor and other similar games on Play Station 1, this game will certainly take you right back to those golden days.

It is still in early stages so a few glitches and future changes are to be expected. Over all the game is fun, the shooting is done well although here and there, there are some of the terrain issues interfering with the shooting. But I’m sure that it will get sorted out in future patches.

The movement is fun, kind off like a mixture between most other major FPS games like the older CoD’s and MoH’s, and games like the original Quake games and similar other games. Again, a few minor terrain interferences and some of the enemy movements and animations can be improved, but nothing major and of course I’m sure they will be sorted out as future patches comes out.

Real player with 47.8 hrs in game

I stopped playing FPS games around the time Battlefield 4 became really big. It got too intense! The maps got too big and there were too many players in every match. You can’t spawn without being F*%#ed by a tank or chopper… I missed the simpler times of fast “Arena” based FPS games like the older call of duty’s. That’s exactly what GRUNT1914 is! The maps are small but big enough to snipe in and although some of them are still a bit buggy, they feel fast and smooth. The guns seems to be accurately modeled after real guns from this era, however the sounds of some of the guns can still improve!

Real player with 47.7 hrs in game

Grunt1914 on Steam

Masked Forces

Masked Forces

You have not lived until you’ve played Masked Forces.

The moment you see the title screen flash, you will be hooked for life. The UI (User Interface) is unmatched compared to anything else on the market, it’s intuitive and snappy, just works flawlessly. Although, the real magic happens the moment you step foot onto the battlefield. My first match played in the map Factory, bullets are whistling past my ears in every direction, my fellow Shooters are helplessly ducking from enemy fire, I hear explosions coming from the west, I stand guard, my buddy is wounded badly, I try in the best of my ability to provide cover, but alas it was too late. I see a grenade cloud over, like the first rain cloud before a storm - A white flash, deafening noise, silence. Their limbs, dismembered in only fractions of a second. I will never forget your name, Shooter8438.

Real player with 1525.9 hrs in game

This game is a port of an online Unity game. That being said, it can certainly entertain for anywhere from ten minutes to many hours depending on your standards. The playerbase is nearly nonexistent and very unskilled. The campaign is a joke, simply 3 mission types (survive for X seconds, kill X enemies, win a team/solo match with bots) on repeat endlessly with increasing numbers. Grenades in this game are essentially RPGs and kill in one (AOE) hit. This brings down the multiplayer to a barely playable level. That being said, this game has potential as a timewaster when you simply want to fool around with an FPS that can run on any machine and is very noncompetitive. In the end, I simply cannot recommend this game, but if you need a game to kill time… hey, the price isn’t too high at least.

Real player with 26.2 hrs in game

Masked Forces on Steam

Super Blood Hockey

Super Blood Hockey

Super Blood Hockey is an awesome game, Fluid and Simple Controls, Pixel graphics and 4 Player Local coop or versus. It does not take the sport too seriously and there is a lot of blood.

It is a nice take on the classic hockey games of the early 90s. Anything is allowed and getting trough a match without a fight is pretty rare. Players can get injured and wil just bleed oud on the ice, There is even an achievement for it, “One for the dumpster” You can play any game up to 4 players, you can play for the same team, you can play versus or mix and match.

Real player with 100.2 hrs in game

This is the hockey game I’ve been wanting for almost 30 years.

TL;DR: This game is awesome.

This game reminded me of a few different games. Ice Hockey, Blades of Steel, NHLPA ‘93, and NHL Hitz. Coincidentally, most of these have been my go-to games to get my fix of hockey violence. SBH seems to take elements from all of them, make , and then wrap them into one. I revisited and played all of these games plus others to refresh my memory and make these comparisons as accurate as possible.

For reference: SBH = Super Blood Hockey

Real player with 49.7 hrs in game

Super Blood Hockey on Steam

Sumerian Blood: Gilgamesh against the Gods

Sumerian Blood: Gilgamesh against the Gods

Oh hey Archon, longtime no see. No, really, this game is indeed an Archon, and seems like it would have easily fit in back in the early EA days, alongside Adept and Mail Order Monsters.

Sumerian Blood almost feels like a prequel to Archon. The various units are nicely diverse, the combat’s fun, and it’s easy enough to aim and control. You’ve got various units that fling spikes, bouncing arrows, homing balls, or just throw themselves explosively at enemies, so combat’s going to stay fresh for awhile.

Real player with 1.6 hrs in game

Pretty fun. Somewhat janky combat, but that’s part of the appeal. I’d love to see a sequel with more options / game customization and tighter controls.

Real player with 1.1 hrs in game

Sumerian Blood: Gilgamesh against the Gods on Steam

Masked Forces 3

Masked Forces 3

Only played for abit and a very good Masked forces game, best one yet snm!

All players are good so you need to practice.

-At the moment there are trolls and modders which needs to be changed and the game will be alot better.

-Almost as good as the 1st masked forces!


#FREEZENOVA is the best game developer on steam all of their games are amazing!

You need to download some of their games they are cheap and very fun to play!

Real player with 47.0 hrs in game

As the creator of this game, i admit the ladders are shit and you get stuck on the pig sty lookin buildings but even though masked shooters 2 is better, we did a good thing adding the boost, power up and battle royale. we may be updating masked shooters 2 more to give a better chance at overtaking dota 2 and csgo at daily and weekly players.

Real player with 30.2 hrs in game

Masked Forces 3 on Steam

Beast Hour

Beast Hour

Beast Hour is a dark 3rd person PvP game where you run, hunt and fight!

Play as Raiders – use parkour to explore a forbidden territory of an old haunted сity to find Arkana – unique fuel that powers up your abilities. Compete with other Raiders to get more Arkana to have a chance to stand up against Beasts – vicious predators serving the сity’s Keeper. You can escape or you can fight – the choice is yours.

Play as Beasts – hunt down your prey in the sacred сity of the Keeper. Prove yourself to be the most brutal and furious monster by protecting the divine Arkana from Raiders and kill other Beasts as there could be only one Alpha.

Key Features

  • Fast-paced Parkour Chases

Use varied parkour moves and combos to overcome every obstacle on your way and dodge enemy attacks. Every piece of the сity is yours to explore.

  • No Allies

No matter who you play as – Beasts or Raiders – you constantly compete with everyone for either the valuable Arkana or just to have a chance to live another minute. Everybody is a rival and may turn against you.

  • Violence And Darkness

The world of Beast Hour is a grim and unforgivable place. Be prepared to fight in cruel battles for the world’s most precious resource – Arkana.

  • Feel The Hunt

Beasts complete tasks to sense Raiders and follow them to ambush and attack. Raiders must always be on alert and get enough Arkana to have a chance to confront Beasts.

  • Unique Heroes

With the help of Arkana technologies Raiders wield different elements such as electricity and poisonous gas. Beasts possess unique and powerful abilities like climbing walls, jumps all over the map, and hunting roar.

  • Leveling up

Level up during the game. That allows Raiders to unlock new abilities and Beasts to bust their strength. Shape your playstyle on the go.

  • Your Progress Changes The Game

Be the first player to reach the highest level and start Beast Hour – the final battle that defines the most dexterous Raiders and the strongest Beast.

World of Beast Hour

1886. The uneasy truce is breaking down. The world of Beast Hour is on the threshold of a new and the most violent war of all time. The War for Arkana is about to begin.

Arkana is a special substance that fuels machines and gives unprecedented strength to the human body and mind. Arkana has become the reason for rampant industrialization and exponential technological progress over the last decades.

The value of Arkana is unimaginable – this resource is scarce and can only be found in the most dangerous corners of the world. Raiders – outstanding soldiers and mercenaries – look for this demanded substance to support their side of the conflict but, most of all, powerful and mysterious Order.

However, these places are ruled by Keepers. Beasts from all over the world come here to receive their blessings and prove they are the ones to lead the world to a new age prophesied by Cult.

Choose your side – Beast of the bloodthirsty Cult or Raider of the totalitarian Order. Win the war and uncover the dark secrets of Beast Hour!

Beast Hour on Steam

Rebel Forces

Rebel Forces

As promised, a full unabashed review of Pepsi Fire.

I approached this taste test as i do any other. Putting aside my preconceived notions about the stupidity of this idea…and proceeded.

First I slowly twisted off the cap and was met with the typical “ssssss” of a Pepsi. Good sign. And then I decided to smell it briefly. Nothing too overpowering. In fact, it was fairly pleasant! I may have been wrong.

And then the first sip. Now. With a Pepsi, the carbonation always numbs my tongue the first time around. So I waited for the taste to set in for a second as I gulped down a large mouthful. And where I expected my senses to be tickled with a slight cinnamon hinted cola…

Real player with 3.6 hrs in game

It’s ugly, clunky, and the movement and mouse sensitivity are definitively off, but just close enough to being right for me to still go through the whole thing…

Because clearly, somebody cared.

Somebody cared enough to put some pretty large maps together (Because, even if they were built with generic models from the unity asset store someone had to sit down and go through the process of actually putting those assets together in the shape of a map).

Somebody cared enough to use “Cool” and “Rare” guns like the Armsel Striker and the Pancor Jackhammer, instead of using any of the Mossberg or Remington shotguns you see on pretty much any other first person shooter.

Real player with 2.1 hrs in game

Rebel Forces on Steam