You have come from outer space to the destroyed Earth. You are a person from the past in a harsh and inhospitable world… The IRON WORLD. Can you survive?

Your cool car

Driving your personal car in events on the global map. Always transport your stuff in the trunk. Shoot enemies with a turret or crush them.

Explore the world

Before you is a big ruined world. You are free to go wherever you want. Mountains, wasteland, towns and farms. Realistic layout of houses and attention to the interior. What is waiting for you around the corner? Create your own adventure.

Uncompromising fights

Dynamic and bloody battles. Move, use shelters, arrange ambushes, use power-ups to survive and defeat outnumbered enemies.

Tactical AI

The enemies will seem smart to you. They will find you by the noise and look for you if you have disappeared. Be sure, they will find you and surprise you.

Dynamic field of vision

You will not know who is in the house until you go inside. A sense of uncertainty and danger around every corner.

Visual style

Carefully recreated atmosphere of the apocalypse and devastation. A large number of details on the locations. The original hand-drawn style of graphics.


Collect resources in houses, berries and mushrooms growing in the world. Create food, ammunition and power-ups from them. Good nutrition is the key to success.

Characters and humor

Meet colorful NPCs in cutscenes, dialogues and quests. We tried to make the characters bright, not devoid of black humor and sarcasm.

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They Are Coming!

They Are Coming!

The zombie virus emerged during World War II and it’s up to you to make it spread around the world by controlling your horde of zombies in past, present, and future scenarios.

With simple controls, lots of action, and strategy, resolve the conflicts of each scenario and continue advancing in this story that can lead to the end of the world as we know it.

As you progress, unlock new special powers and face increasingly challenging enemies and environments. Try to beat your performance record at every stage and reach the top of the leaderboards.

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They Are Coming! on Steam

Survival: Zombies aHead

Survival: Zombies aHead

It’s a fun little game to pass the time, definitely worth the price.

Real player with 1.6 hrs in game

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Cool game inspired by Fruit ninja. Cool to spend the time.

Real player with 1.1 hrs in game

Survival: Zombies aHead on Steam



“When things go wrong, don’t go with them.”

~Elvis Presley

First of all, this game is not nearly as bad as you may have probably heard or expected by looking at “mixed reviews” status in Steam. Personally? I’ve enjoyed my time here quite a lot. It’s just… OK, it won’t be so easy to explain. See, the biggest problem with RAGE 2 is that it is… RAGE 2. I mean, Avalanche Studios? The guys did a pretty nice job here. The core mechanics is very solid, leveling system is kinda great (seriously, I totally enjoyed it), gameplay is very fast-paced, like in all those modern incarnations of the old titles like DOOM, Shadow Warrior and the others, while Apex Engine provides surprisingly solid FPS on highest settings in 4K. Even on pretty old hardware. When I’ve started playing through the tutorial mission? I was like “Wait just a minute, why everybody hates this game so much?!” Then I played a bit more and was like “Ah, OK, I see it now…”. See, even though core mechanics is very nice, the idea of wasting it on resurrecting RAGE? It was terrible.

Real player with 133.6 hrs in game

I would not recommend Rage 2 to a fan of the series. I would not recommend Rage 2 to a newcomer to the series. It is a painfully mediocre game crippled by the fact it is open world.

If you want a game for world exploration and discovery, go play Fallout New Vegas. If you want a game with epic guns and action, go play Doom. This blends the two genres and makes them both worse.


I believe if Rage 2 was designed to be linear, or at most a wide corridor, we could have had an exceptional game on our hands with more fleshed out mechanics. The thing is…. That would have made it similar to Id Software’s other title: Doom. Now it’s conspiracy theory time here but perhaps there was pressure on the Rage 2 team to force the open world genre (which was on-trend at the time) as to not create competition between the 2 titles.

Real player with 63.9 hrs in game

RAGE 2 on Steam



Well, it’s a horror game. The game tries to deceive you in a few ways until you find the right way out.

We have a genereic voice telling some Russian Stuff, you pick up a lantern and go one of three ways.

Now this game isn’t all that bad, it’s just the lack of creativity I guess. When you have played other games by these dev(s) you will know what I mean. Re-used models and assets, the chainsaw guys chasing you are a pain in the *ss too.

I would recommend on sale, just for a laugh. But don’t pay full price, do yourself a favor.

Real player with 1.3 hrs in game

Atmosphere: somewhat decent

Controls: almost ok

Controls explained/detailed: No (as always with indie_games_studio

Horror level: Low

Invert Y-axis: N/A (as always with indie_games_studio)

Supporting all headsets: No (as always with indie_games_studio)

My expectations: Super low after playing other games from this dev.

Result: The game still managed to disappoint me (amazing achievement there huh)

Real player with 1.0 hrs in game

CHAIN SAW on Steam



DNA is a top down shooter mixing: combat, survival and exploration in an apocalyptic openworld world with pixel art and minimalist design.

_Your day of rest begins strangely, shortly after you wake up you are delivered to yourself and understand what the word survive means.

The city you know is changing little by little and its inhabitants too.

What are the authorities doing about this epidemic ?

Who can you trust ?

So many questions … but you can already say that the bullet casings will rain and that the blood will flow._

  • Exploration:

Discover your entire city under the chaos, explore houses as alleys to find something to survive, threats and mysteries …

  • Weapons and Equipment:

A wide choice of weapons and improvements. Axe, silent assault rifle or molotovs cocktails ?

Choose your preferences according to the situations.

  • Organization:

Manage what you are carrying. Do you have food, gun protection and what are you treating ?

Night is coming, why not take the opportunity to sleep a little ?

  • Characters:

Your ennemies are more than hungry zombies…

Exchange services and items with other survivors.

  • Experiences:

Getting better by making.

You will improve your speed, precision or discretion.

DNA is currently in beta and therefore in full development !

Join my Discord community to follow the game ! :)

DNA on Steam

Infection Point

Infection Point

Infection Point is a quarter view Hack and slash zombie hunting game.


A gas leak occurred in the city.

When the city was paralyzed, the army gave orders to the main character.

The order calls for searching the skyscraper where the accident began.

The main character goes to his destination, killing a lot of zombies with his team.

And the main character arrives at the skyscraper, which reads ‘The One,’ and the story begins.


The game consists of two modes.

Story mode, Defense mode

Story mode is the way to play the main story.

After viewing the end of story mode, you can restart the game

with the character in the auto save slot by pressing ‘Resume’ in the main menu.

Defense mode is a challenge mode.

Defense mode can be played by choosing the save file you want.

If you Clear the round 7 or 9 you get the special gun.

In this mode, you can get Exp and money.

No other content is save.

(Upgraded items in defense mode are not saved in the save file.)

[item Upgrade]

Weapons and accessories are upgradeable.

You have to use money to upgrade your weapons.

The way to make money is to get items in the game and recycle them.

After ‘5 Class’, you can press the ‘Tap’ key to fire a special bullet.

Accessory upgrades should use the same type of accessories.

Up to four accessories are available as an upgrade material.

The higher the class of accessories used as an upgrade material, the higher the probability of the upgrade.


Characters have two ways of raising statistics and choosing ‘IDENTITY’.

The way to raise statistics is simple.

If the level is raised, a certain point can be obtained. You can use that point to raise statistics.

IDENTITY is given a point of 10.

Select four of the seven characteristics in total.

Then assign points to each characteristic.

It is possible to invest 3 points per characteristic and takes 12 points to film all 4 features.

However, only 10 points are given, so you have to choose the points allocation well.


A game is a way to kill an enemy using a gun.

In an emergency, dodge skills (rolls, jumps) can be used to invalidate enemy attacks.

You can use a grenade to give your enemy a stun.

Dark areas can be lit using flashlight.

Infection Point on Steam

Drunken Fist 2: Zombie Hangover

Drunken Fist 2: Zombie Hangover

A funny and bloody third-person beat’em up about a drunken rocker waking up in a city full of zombies!


  • Fun drunken fighting physics.

  • Blood, gore and destruction of limbs.

  • Spectacular knockouts.

  • Different enemies with unique behavior.

  • A big city in the setting of a zombie apocalypse.

  • Heavy aggressive rock music.

  • A funny story of the protagonist.

  • Tons of fun and brutality.

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Drunken Fist 2: Zombie Hangover on Steam

The Walking Zombie: Dead City

The Walking Zombie: Dead City

EDIT: I got it for 1$ when it was on sale and its now 1.89$ here and still worth it.

First of all, please it’s a 1$ game for god sake, Are you guys expecting a AAA game? Half of the negative reviews are horrible, Please for sake read game’s store page, everything is already informed there. The game is also free in playstore -_- Oh my! Anyway about the game, How about fighting off the zombies while your legs are being cut off by your team mate cause it was bitten? What a way to start the game lol. Anyway for such a low price, The game is absolutely amazing and the controls are very fluid and easy to adopt cause nothing much to do extra. The blocky type graphics are relaxing and very neat also reading through the funny conversation between the main character and NPC is pretty hilarious. Don’t skip just read. Apart from that we got pretty huge boss fights, bonus knife rounds, sniper levels, and many others to keep us entertained for again such a low price. Highly recommended. Don’t forget it has coop ;) and the concept of immobile survivor pretty cool huh. Solid stuff.

Real player with 33.2 hrs in game

Clearly a port of a mobile game (some scenes still tell you to tap lol), but that is not a bad thing, its a brainless but very fun and addicting game, and the mouse/keyboard controls enhance the gameplay.

It is a wave-based fps where you stand in one spot, and each level goes by really fast. Every few levels it mixes things up with alternate gameplay such as sniper levels or bosses.

You most likely will play in short bursts as it has 200 levels. Im sure the mobile version had cash shop… but this version allows you to buy everything and you always have enough money for next upgrade, or you can grind currency on easier levels.

Real player with 6.3 hrs in game

The Walking Zombie: Dead City on Steam

ZIC – Zombies in City

ZIC – Zombies in City

i love the game so much get!!!

Real player with 9.1 hrs in game

It’s a fun game,but kinda wish there was a meter with how many kills you need for a achivemnts.

Real player with 4.0 hrs in game

ZIC – Zombies in City on Steam