Sea Dogs

Sea Dogs

Yes it’s old, but it places its emphasis in sea battles on sailing and strategy. You can’t just load guns in 3 seconds and then switch from solid balls to grapeshot without going through another reload. Turn rate and speed are crucial to monitor. And the story line is fun, too.

Real player with 94.4 hrs in game

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Fascinating game. It was great years ago, and I finished it again with great pleasure nowadays. And that’s not a call of nostalgia. There are many old games which didn’t age well, but I can’t say such a thing about this one. Yes, it’s graphics will not impress you these days and some gameplay mechanics are rather old. But the game brings an enthralling non linear story, great music and atmosphere as well as interesting albeit little clunky gameplay.

The game is 20 years old, but it has unique walkthrough for 4 different nations and unique dialogs for all characters, not just secondary ones, but even unimportant ones. For example, there is no copy-cat tavern keepers or store owners with standard phrases. Each one has his own character, story or even quest. And a word about quests. There is no copy-paste quests as well. Each one is unique and there is a lot of them. Believe or not, but it is the only game where I still remember the names of most of the characters after so many years.

Real player with 41.5 hrs in game

Sea Dogs on Steam

Sea Dogs: City of Abandoned Ships

Sea Dogs: City of Abandoned Ships

This is the perfect pirates game. i spent years trying to play this game but my computers never allowed me. now i have had the chance to fully play this game i have to say it has given me hour of fun. do you want to be a merchant and become the wealthiest man in the Caribbean and trade your way to power, or become a privateer and attack your nations foes and bring riches and glory to your nation or do you want to be a feared pirate who will attack anything on sight for wealth and reputation and be the most fearsome man in the Caribbean sea. THE CHOICE IS YOURS. I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!!

Real player with 125.3 hrs in game

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This game is not “good.” It has an extremely high learning curve, no tutorial, a clunky interface, poorly laid out and unintuitive quest objectives, sub-par writing, semi-frequent crashes, and is heavily dependent on the community “Combined Mod” to smooth out its rough edges.

That said, it is the best pure Pirate RPG available. But that probably says more about the gaping hole that exists in the market and less about this game itself. Aside from the brief but very welcome tangent that the Assassin’s Creed franchise took with Black Flag we have not seen a good single player pirate RPG in a long time; probably since Sid Meier’s Pirates. So if you need your pirate fix and are willing to take the time to learn this game, then you will be satisfied. But I can’t help but wonder why we haven’t seen a better Pirate game made.

Real player with 75.9 hrs in game

Sea Dogs: City of Abandoned Ships on Steam

Dash Hale

Dash Hale


Who needs guns or swords when the environment is on their side?

Better still: why not having them all?

Dash Hale is a combat-based runner set in a dynamic, freely rotating world: run faster or slower by changing the ground incline, turn it into a steep slope for sliding or drop to a free fall - bringing your enemies down with you.

Hunt bloodthirsty zombies in a pirate ship, survive rebellious machines in feudal Japan, face hellish demons in the cyberspace and escape giant rotating blades… everywhere. It may not make much sense, but you won’t have time to miss it.

  • Control Matt and the world around him: jump, swap between short and long-range attacks and rotate the world at will;

  • 10 kinds of enemies, 10 corresponding levels - which get mixed at the start of each scene;*

  • Upgrade your weapons and acquire new abilities through your journey;

  • Blood pumping electronic soundtrack;

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