Surgeon Simulator 2

Surgeon Simulator 2

First of all, don’t expect this one to be very similar or samey-but-expanded to the first game. Tbh the first game explored all it could really in that format. This sequel had to take a different direction and break free from the fixed positions of the first one and become a much more open and varied game offering many more levels than the first but in a different way.

While the main Story Mode is relatively short and sweet, the real gem I find is in the Community levels, Competitive levels and my favourite, the Level Creator! This has to be one of the best Level Editors around, the stuff you can create in it are endless! And not necessarily restricted to just surgery based stuff, the only limit is your imagination! The Creator is incredibly easy to use and immensely versatile in the tools available to make your level really epic.

Real player with 116.8 hrs in game

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Surgeon simulator 2


Surgeon simulator 2

| Genre | Simulator |

| Campaign | Yes |

| Game length | 4/6H |

| Difficulty modes | 3 |

| Metacritic | 70% |

Real player with 32.4 hrs in game

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