Slaughter League

Slaughter League

Slaughter League is a fast-paced multiplayer extravaganza that will pit you against up to 10 friends (or enemies!) in a daring race to the finish line. Will your skills measure up and help you take first place? Run as fast as you can (just watch out for those Tesla coils), jump as high as possible (but avoid the buzzsaws, of course), and slide your way to victory while dodging any spikes along the way. Now hurry, we need more lambs to the slaughter!

Along with a single-player campaign, Slaughter League features three core multiplayer modes. First is the classic race mode, where you can face off to see who can complete the course fastest, either in a single race or a series. Next is Outlast, where you’ll need to keep up with the randomized course as it moves along and try to be the last person standing. Finally there is Zombie mode, where an infected player attempts to zombify the rest of the competition and the last one alive (or at least, not undead) wins the round. After trying each mode, take a break from the competition and try out the stage builder before unleashing your twisted creations upon others!

  • Absurd Ragdoll Death Animations and World-Class Commentary – Being brutally slaughtered has never been this fun before!

  • Story Mode – Featuring 25+ thrilling levels!

  • Three Core Multiplayer Modes – Race, Zombies, and Outlast, each featuring a variety of maps and customization options for never-ending, blood-splattered fun!

  • 100’s of Unique Cosmetic Items – With nine different clothing slots, tattoos, and more to select options for, players have no shortage of ways to express their personality and individual flair!

  • Exciting Locations for Courses – Race on the Moon, in a volcano, deep in the jungle, or opt for the classic “Stadium of Death” setting!

  • 25+ Deadly Traps – Guaranteed to slice, dice, batter, splatter, shock and maim you and your fellow competitors!

  • Fully-Featured Stage Builder – Build and share your own courses with other players; You’ll never get bored with the course options available!

  • Fantastic set of Achievements – Can you earn them all?

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Slaughter League on Steam

Drunken Wrestlers 2

Drunken Wrestlers 2

To be honest when I first saw this game I ignored it but After a while when I was looking for FTP games I found this again and decided to give it a try with some of my friends and boy did I have a blast I’ve been playing it for a while now and this game is a great way to just sit back and enjoy a fighting game rather than having to go full try hard but not just that it’s also great to play with friends especially if you want to take your anger out on them by beating the crap out of them it’s honestly really fun and people should try it out more

Real player with 117.6 hrs in game

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You ignorant children whining about the bugs are spoiled little brats…… its a beta people…. bound to have bugs and will…. OUR job is to help by letting them know so they can fix it quick and move forward with content or whatever…… you ignorant children are giving negative reviews for no reason in my opinion. I spotted two bugs …. sent it in to the devs within an hour it was adjusted and or fixed. So learn to do reviews properly and with dignity, because you look foolish. GREAT GAME SO FAR DEVS KEEP IT UP!

Real player with 53.9 hrs in game

Drunken Wrestlers 2 on Steam