You have come from outer space to the destroyed Earth. You are a person from the past in a harsh and inhospitable world… The IRON WORLD. Can you survive?

Your cool car

Driving your personal car in events on the global map. Always transport your stuff in the trunk. Shoot enemies with a turret or crush them.

Explore the world

Before you is a big ruined world. You are free to go wherever you want. Mountains, wasteland, towns and farms. Realistic layout of houses and attention to the interior. What is waiting for you around the corner? Create your own adventure.

Uncompromising fights

Dynamic and bloody battles. Move, use shelters, arrange ambushes, use power-ups to survive and defeat outnumbered enemies.

Tactical AI

The enemies will seem smart to you. They will find you by the noise and look for you if you have disappeared. Be sure, they will find you and surprise you.

Dynamic field of vision

You will not know who is in the house until you go inside. A sense of uncertainty and danger around every corner.

Visual style

Carefully recreated atmosphere of the apocalypse and devastation. A large number of details on the locations. The original hand-drawn style of graphics.


Collect resources in houses, berries and mushrooms growing in the world. Create food, ammunition and power-ups from them. Good nutrition is the key to success.

Characters and humor

Meet colorful NPCs in cutscenes, dialogues and quests. We tried to make the characters bright, not devoid of black humor and sarcasm.

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Cut Them Up

Cut Them Up

Looking for casual but intense gameplay ?

Make a mess on 60 randomly generated levels and defeat The Darkness in the final fight !

Cut Them Up - it is Top-Down Single Screen Hack-and-Slash game that can be played without a keyboard (all controls on the mouse).

Improve the game character in your own way (after each level you get 1 new skill point, you have 20 unique skills at choice)


Strive to improve your personal record in endless survival mode.

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Cut Them Up on Steam



The Empire has fallen, what remains has become vile and corrupted, sacrificing to gods that should remain forgotten, they have awakened them and claimed unholy powers, however in their arrogance they have awakened something more, they have awakened you.

  • Shoot them with a variety of powerful weapons to reduce them to chunks

  • Cut and Bash them with your enchanted weapons to regain health and replenish their alt-fire ammo

  • Discover the secrets of this decaying world and become unstoppable

  • Move like the wrath of heaven and send them to hell

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ACHERON on Steam



This is one of the few games made by this developer that i actually kinda like. Yes, It is short but it’s interesting, So for me that makes up for its short Gameplay. The 2nd ending also makes that up cause i can play it a 2nd time with something different, However, While the game runs fine on my laptop at ultra graphics, It needs just tiny bit more optimization, You will know this when you encounter the possessed ford escort (The rally car that attempts to kill you). When the car smashes into the train car’s doorway, The performance of the game will slightly decrease for 1 second after the car hits the doorway. Once this game is updated to be optimized a bit more i will change my review from a not recommended to a recommended.

Real player with 3.1 hrs in game

Interesting concept, but this game is too short and pricey for this quality.

I wish the train would have expanded into wilder designs, however the vehicle attack was cool. One of the other bad features of this game is saving! You have to find cigarettes and give them to a ghost all the way near the beginning of the game.

I want to recommend this game but I can’t due to it’s length and a few other average features.

Nice attempt though.

Real player with 1.5 hrs in game

6120 on Steam



I recommend this game for people who like classic fast-paced shooters like old Doom or Duke Nukem, or even Serious Sam. It’s rough and very annoying at times, but it’s made by a solo developer so I can give some slack on that. It’s fun and gets your heart racing, I’ll definitely be playing this game whenever i want some quick exciting gameplay, I hope for a lot more updates in the future, this game has potential to be a ton better.

Real player with 0.7 hrs in game

Super interesting and highly annoying game, damage is extremely high on what seems to be the second to third level, the mechanics are really good and the game looks really nice, reminds me of an odd Doom or Duke Nuke Em', really enjoyable.

Real player with 0.5 hrs in game

Hatchpunk on Steam

Gun Rage

Gun Rage

Gameplay is fun and I like the grotesque-looking enemies you encounter in the game. Unfortunately the developer obviously did not proofread any of the dialogue during development because it is riddled with poor vocabulary. If you can ignore that glaring issue and are into side-scrolling shooters you will enjoy this one.

Real player with 6.6 hrs in game

Pure atmosphere with a fast-and-loose play style, Gun Rage is proving to be a lot of fun so far. I haven’t encountered any major design issues, and this game was obviously made with care and a specific vision in mind. I’m sure any possible issues will be addressed. Great art and soundtrack. An early thumbs-up from my quick dip into this tasty, violent, and gory syth-pocalypse.

Real player with 2.6 hrs in game

Gun Rage on Steam

Arthurian Legends

Arthurian Legends

The Greatest Medieval Retro FPS to date…

Okay, so listen, son! This is the most fun, most historically inaccurate, bonkers, no-nonsense, Arthurian slaughter-fest you can ever imagine in videogame format. It’s like if it was made in 1996, before it was lost and forgotten for ages until a young and brave archeologist dug it out from some old crypt in Ireland.

It is highly addicting and rewarding with full of opportunities created by the wide variety of weapons, spells, and items. It’s almost like an immersive sim in terms of how many different ways you can approach an encounter or problem. It is hard but fair, very reminiscent of Blood where you need to adapt quickly to tense situations yet always thread very carefully to succeed.

Real player with 27.5 hrs in game

This is an excellent game for fans of classic melee FPS games like, yes, Witchaven I & II. It’s absolutely a hoot to play, the secrets are very well hidden, and there’s a real attempt at atmosphere going on. I almost wish it was more like an immersive sim (or at least a step or two towards Hedon) in including notes to read along the way, just because the environments LOOK like they’d have little stories to tell. Excellent work, there.

So, all of that said, let me focus on what needs improvement, starting with one issue/disclaimer.

Real player with 26.4 hrs in game

Arthurian Legends on Steam

Mutant Football League

Mutant Football League

Mutant Football League is the spiritual successor to the 1993 Genesis game of–just about the–same name. It’s a 7-on-7 American style football game featuring teams of monsters battling it out for gory gridion supremacy in an “after the bomb” world.

“Gory? Football is violent, but not THAT violent”, you say? Ah, but it turns out trolls, skeletons, and robots are more cavalier about possible concussions or, uh, dismemberment, than real-life footballers. Indeed, in the Mutant Football League scooping up a diva wide receiver and breaking him in half with a move normally seen in professional wrestling isn’t unsportsmanlike, it’s the norm!

Real player with 57.4 hrs in game

MFL fills in the massive gaping hole in the football game market, especially on PC. If you want to play a football game in 2018, you are limited to emulation or purchasing a console, and even then you are limited to Madden titles. Not that Madden titles are inherently bad, but MFL allows for fun football action without the drudge of an NFL simulation. Rather, MFL has ramped up action and pace, little down time, and cartoon violence.

The gameplay is standard for any football game (so skip this is you have played one). You select offensive and defensive plays between downs, and during the play take control of a single player. On offensive plays this is typically the ball carrier, choosing targets as the QB and switching to the receiver or running back when ball changes hands. On defense you can cycle through to play any of the positions.

Real player with 35.6 hrs in game

Mutant Football League on Steam

Project Warlock

Project Warlock

Love letter to the oldschool

Project Warlock is an arcade shooter developed by Buckshot Software as a nostalgia-driven tribute to times when a story in FPS games rolled as a panel at the end of the chapter. While John Carmack’s infamous quote “story in a game, is like a story in a porn movie” has been challenged countless times since the 90s, it does capture the essence of the shooters from that time. Meticulous, maze-like levels, armoury’s worth of guns and secrets behind a fake wall – gameplay was everything. A simple credo Project Warlock at large adheres to, while also adding few ideas of its own. By all means, it is a modern retelling of the classics, rather than an attempt at copying one, and it shows.

Real player with 17.3 hrs in game

Okay, I would love nothing more than to give this game a positive review, because with such a cheap asking price and so many good qualities, I can understand why it has decent reviews. But difficulty aside, this game is riddled with glitches. Which is sad, because so much holds back what otherwise would be a solid game.

So, lets start with the good aspects:

The music, atmosphere, level themes, and graphics are amazing.

The price is insanely cheap.

You can tell a lot of love went into making this game.

Real player with 11.1 hrs in game

Project Warlock on Steam

Blood: Fresh Supply™

Blood: Fresh Supply™

Of the holy trinity of Build Engine games BLOOD is arguably the best one!

TL;DR: BLOOD is fast, intricatly designed, extremely fun to play, and also really hard. The Level Design is great and the maps flow into each other seamlessly. The Enemy Design is perfect, each enemy type is distinguishable and requires a different approach, which leads to an infinite amount of possible and engaging encounters. I recommend this game to anyone with an ounce of appreciation for FPS games.

BLOOD is my favourite FPS game of the 90s and one of my favourite video games in general. It may not be as influential as Doom or Quake, but it has a special place in my heart due to its charm.

Real player with 52.2 hrs in game

I genuinely enjoyed this 90s shooter more than i enjoyed Doom Eternal this year. ‘Nuff said.

Real player with 46.0 hrs in game

Blood: Fresh Supply™ on Steam