Masked Forces 2: Mystic Demons

Masked Forces 2: Mystic Demons

Was gifted the masked forces and masked shooters games, and was intrigued to play this game when I noticed that it was on sale. feel like it was worth the money I paid for it. Honestly not bad, a big improvement on the other masked forces games. Would recommend.

Real player with 24.8 hrs in game

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This game is so fucking good that no other game has ever, or will ever beat it. I got this game for christmas from a friend of mine, and let me tell you it has gotten me addicted. I have played this game for 16 hours a day for the past months. It has gotten to the point where I had to stop going to school because the game is just so fucking good. It features spooky, scary skeletons that you can shoot in the face and even bosses which can drop legendary loot. Advanced AI and a truly heart-touching storyline. You really want to play this game. The end made me cry everytime I played it. It features loads of epic quests from simple favours, to killing the legendary bonedragon which is so hard legends say that only the veteran mystic forces players can kill it. If you thought following the damn train was hard, you haven’t played this game. From a techinical point of view, the overall realisticness of the game will rape your GPU, for example when the bonedragon breathes fire it will actually set fire to your GPU, so having a watercooled pc is reccomended for playing this game. Finally from a business point of view, this game is the best the market has ever seen, my friend who is an expert in marketing says developers like bethesda, ubisoft, EA, activision… etc (basically all AAA games) will go bankrupt because no one will play their new game. He also says that this game will revolutionize gaming, this game brought the developer so much money that he alone could pay off USA’s debt. And furthermore it increased USA’s GDP by about 192 827%. They really hit the bullseye with the masked forces franchise. Looking forward to see this game hitting the esports scene when multiplayer launches! FreezNova really outdid themselves with this AAAA+ title.

Real player with 9.4 hrs in game

Masked Forces 2: Mystic Demons on Steam