Die Again: Prologue

Die Again: Prologue

Die Again brings us a post-Apocalyptic setting where anyone who dies near another human being will possess their body killing the original “soul” that was in that body.

I simply love this concept. I don’t want to spoil the game but the creator has achieved to introduce a very interesting plot and some cool side events around the day to day of the characters that makes you think about the problems of it’s world. For example: How do you know this person near to you is still your partner and not someone who has possessed it’s body and wants to kill you? or other things like the fact that every sick or old person should live alone to not possess another body if they die, but do that person wants to die?

Real player with 11.3 hrs in game

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Game was pretty good.

The music was good, the gameplay was nice, but sometimes a bit repetitive. There were a few bugs as well, but they weren’t bad enough to list in detail. As I said, some of the levels were a bit repetitive, but I think that mainly is because the whole concept needs some work. I feel like the circle could be a bit smaller, and maybe some new things could be added to the mix, such as a bigger variety of enemies with different abilities and properties, like with armor or maybe even an occasional mini boss. Otherwise it’s a pretty solid game. I hope the developer continues to work on this idea and refine it.

Real player with 3.4 hrs in game

Die Again: Prologue on Steam



If you grew up playing Medal of Honor and other similar games on Play Station 1, this game will certainly take you right back to those golden days.

It is still in early stages so a few glitches and future changes are to be expected. Over all the game is fun, the shooting is done well although here and there, there are some of the terrain issues interfering with the shooting. But I’m sure that it will get sorted out in future patches.

The movement is fun, kind off like a mixture between most other major FPS games like the older CoD’s and MoH’s, and games like the original Quake games and similar other games. Again, a few minor terrain interferences and some of the enemy movements and animations can be improved, but nothing major and of course I’m sure they will be sorted out as future patches comes out.

Real player with 47.8 hrs in game

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I stopped playing FPS games around the time Battlefield 4 became really big. It got too intense! The maps got too big and there were too many players in every match. You can’t spawn without being F*%#ed by a tank or chopper… I missed the simpler times of fast “Arena” based FPS games like the older call of duty’s. That’s exactly what GRUNT1914 is! The maps are small but big enough to snipe in and although some of them are still a bit buggy, they feel fast and smooth. The guns seems to be accurately modeled after real guns from this era, however the sounds of some of the guns can still improve!

Real player with 47.7 hrs in game

Grunt1914 on Steam

Masked Forces

Masked Forces

You have not lived until you’ve played Masked Forces.

The moment you see the title screen flash, you will be hooked for life. The UI (User Interface) is unmatched compared to anything else on the market, it’s intuitive and snappy, just works flawlessly. Although, the real magic happens the moment you step foot onto the battlefield. My first match played in the map Factory, bullets are whistling past my ears in every direction, my fellow Shooters are helplessly ducking from enemy fire, I hear explosions coming from the west, I stand guard, my buddy is wounded badly, I try in the best of my ability to provide cover, but alas it was too late. I see a grenade cloud over, like the first rain cloud before a storm - A white flash, deafening noise, silence. Their limbs, dismembered in only fractions of a second. I will never forget your name, Shooter8438.

Real player with 1525.9 hrs in game

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This game is a port of an online Unity game. That being said, it can certainly entertain for anywhere from ten minutes to many hours depending on your standards. The playerbase is nearly nonexistent and very unskilled. The campaign is a joke, simply 3 mission types (survive for X seconds, kill X enemies, win a team/solo match with bots) on repeat endlessly with increasing numbers. Grenades in this game are essentially RPGs and kill in one (AOE) hit. This brings down the multiplayer to a barely playable level. That being said, this game has potential as a timewaster when you simply want to fool around with an FPS that can run on any machine and is very noncompetitive. In the end, I simply cannot recommend this game, but if you need a game to kill time… hey, the price isn’t too high at least.

Real player with 26.2 hrs in game

Masked Forces on Steam

Rebel Forces

Rebel Forces

As promised, a full unabashed review of Pepsi Fire.

I approached this taste test as i do any other. Putting aside my preconceived notions about the stupidity of this idea…and proceeded.

First I slowly twisted off the cap and was met with the typical “ssssss” of a Pepsi. Good sign. And then I decided to smell it briefly. Nothing too overpowering. In fact, it was fairly pleasant! I may have been wrong.

And then the first sip. Now. With a Pepsi, the carbonation always numbs my tongue the first time around. So I waited for the taste to set in for a second as I gulped down a large mouthful. And where I expected my senses to be tickled with a slight cinnamon hinted cola…

Real player with 3.6 hrs in game

It’s ugly, clunky, and the movement and mouse sensitivity are definitively off, but just close enough to being right for me to still go through the whole thing…

Because clearly, somebody cared.

Somebody cared enough to put some pretty large maps together (Because, even if they were built with generic models from the unity asset store someone had to sit down and go through the process of actually putting those assets together in the shape of a map).

Somebody cared enough to use “Cool” and “Rare” guns like the Armsel Striker and the Pancor Jackhammer, instead of using any of the Mossberg or Remington shotguns you see on pretty much any other first person shooter.

Real player with 2.1 hrs in game

Rebel Forces on Steam

Alien Shooter TD

Alien Shooter TD

Rating: good (7/10)


Alien Shooter TD is a Tower Defence game based on the alien shooter action game. By building “towers” on pre-defined spots you defend the base by not letting aliens enter certain points.

Gameplay & Story: 6/10

The gameplay is somewhat restricted by giving you only certain points where you can build on, but you still have choices of different “towers”. These are a bit unusual for a tower defence game - you are basically setting up teams of marines, which as towers in other TD games shoot monster on approaching, but also need ammo and use different weapons. As an example - you have tactical squads that can either slow enemies down by freezing them or burn them over time with a flame thrower. When progressing further into the game, these marines do get multiple new weapons which gives you more possibilities for tactics - build tons of cheap marines or some few more expensive but better ones. The story is almost non-present here, just the usual stuff - defending the world against an alien invasion.

Real player with 46.6 hrs in game

I felt compelled to “100%” the game as much as possible (except for that last achievement), but I was really unsatisfied when playing the game. Towards the end of the game I would basically have it on in the background whilst doing something else.

Whilst it’s not an awful TD game, there are much more satisfying ones out there that you should play first, hence the thumbs-down.


  • You shoot lots of aliens, like in Alien Shooter 1 and 2.

  • I quite like the constant-upkeep-reloading mechanic.

Real player with 28.6 hrs in game

Alien Shooter TD on Steam

End of War 1945

End of War 1945

Not sure how this will go as a PVP title, but as a single player WWII arena shooter it has a lot of promise

It runs well, has a decent roster of weapons and the maps have some nice variety. I’ve heard it was a team of 3 who made this game and that’s pretty solid.

The price may raise some eyebrows, but this one is worth taking a look at. It’s got a long way to go, but it runs decent and doesn’t feel like a rip off

Real player with 12.3 hrs in game

A good game! that is still in development would be nice if more were to play online, so a game can develop.

Real player with 10.5 hrs in game

End of War 1945 on Steam

Hit Zero: Chronos

Hit Zero: Chronos

its like if superhot my friend pedro and stickman fight had a baby

Real player with 5.0 hrs in game


Real player with 4.4 hrs in game

Hit Zero: Chronos on Steam

Rebel Reenactment: Battle of the Wilderness

Rebel Reenactment: Battle of the Wilderness

its is so fun

Real player with 10.6 hrs in game

while it is very rough it has obvious potential the idea of being a soldier in a civil war battle is a interesting and entertaining the game right now is functional but has some problems. Like getting stuck in the aiming pose when your trying to get to the shoulder arms position or how a side will randomly stop spawning soldiers. But if they keep working on it it would be a entertaining game to play.

Real player with 4.3 hrs in game

Rebel Reenactment: Battle of the Wilderness on Steam

Masked Forces 3

Masked Forces 3

Only played for abit and a very good Masked forces game, best one yet snm!

All players are good so you need to practice.

-At the moment there are trolls and modders which needs to be changed and the game will be alot better.

-Almost as good as the 1st masked forces!


#FREEZENOVA is the best game developer on steam all of their games are amazing!

You need to download some of their games they are cheap and very fun to play!

Real player with 47.0 hrs in game

As the creator of this game, i admit the ladders are shit and you get stuck on the pig sty lookin buildings but even though masked shooters 2 is better, we did a good thing adding the boost, power up and battle royale. we may be updating masked shooters 2 more to give a better chance at overtaking dota 2 and csgo at daily and weekly players.

Real player with 30.2 hrs in game

Masked Forces 3 on Steam

Nordic Warriors

Nordic Warriors

As someone who played Myth 2 and Myth 3 years ago(But unfortunately missed playing the first game), I’m still waiting with great anticipation for those games to be either remastered or adapted for modern platforms in order to be able to play them once again. In all the years since Myth 3 came out, there has not been a release of any RTS game that comes close to replicating the unique style of that trilogy. Until Nordic Warriors, that is.

I came across this game completely by accident while routinely browsing on Humble Store, and as someone who very much loves everything with Scandinavian themes(Which the developers did a fantastic job of adapting and implementing in the game) I went and checked the game’s page on Steam. Upon seeing its striking resemblance to the Myth series from the screenshots, even before reading the game’s description which explicitly mentions it as inspiration, I instantly downloaded the demo, played it, and I was not disappointed. After playing the first three levels on the demo, instantly purchased the full game, went on to continue right from where I left off and finished it all two days later.

Real player with 32.0 hrs in game

Nordic Warriors draws heavily on Myth games developed by Bungie back in the mid- to late-90s. The developer (a 2-person team!) of Nordic Warriors even stated that they were tired of waiting for more games like Myth to be released, so they set out to build their own. If you loved Myth, I feel you’ll also love Nordic Warriors, but this is no Myth clone. Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of similarities to Bungie’s series, but enough unique ideas that Nordic Warriors can stand alone.

The gameplay is real time tactical (RTT). If you’ve never played a game like this, it boils down to starting with a limited number of units per level. Positioning your units, timing attacks, choosing stylistic matchups, and finding unit synergies are all factors that determine success of failure. Your units gain experience which makes them tougher, more accurate, and generally “better” in different ways depending on type of unit. This adds a fun facet that makes the loss of even one unit really impactful. Not only do you have to wait until the next level starts to get a fresh unit, but that new unit is now the weak link in your crack team of warriors.

Real player with 14.8 hrs in game

Nordic Warriors on Steam