Regain Earth: First Strike

Regain Earth: First Strike

Played almost 240 hours so far - loving the game and the addition of the turrent grenades has added a handy dimension for single players.

Looking forward to improving my skills to open higher levels.

Really miss multi-player games (Defiance) for the interactions, but I will have to continue as a single player for now.



Real player with 425.3 hrs in game

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Regain Earth is a small game from a solo indie game developer. You can’t expect Fortnite or COD, but I really like it. If you like a mix of roguelikes, as a 3D shooter and generally small indie games, you will have a lot of fun with it.

Feedback is well considered in the community and you can even vote in Discord which features should be added to the game! I think a cool idea and more game developer should do like this.

The game and the beta I follow for a while now. And have been looking forward to EA release today very much. I enjoy the game since beta a lot especially as multiplayer with my friends.

Real player with 105.8 hrs in game

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