They Bleed Pixels

They Bleed Pixels

They Bleed Pixels - Satisfaction that comes at a price

If you check on Steam it actually comes at pretty low price. But obviously I was not talking about money. I was talking about time (which equals money) but let talk more about why I came to such a conclusion.

So if you have read my previous review you probably guessed that I like this game because it is a 2D platformer. And yes I like platformers and I was collecting them in the past when I had time to play any games. Naturally I came across this game and loved it at first sight. And why not? I watched the trailer and I saw fast paced action, lots of different moves and attacks. I loved this simplistic but beautiful art style. It also said it was inspired H.P Lovecraft which told me absolutely nothing at first but after searching online I know all I needed. Another thing that got me really excited was the number of achievements to unlock. And my friends know that I’m a achievement-junkie. But I should have read what those achievements are about. From the tags I new it wasn’t going to be easy and I was quite ready for that. So I grabbed my controller, fired up the game and focused on my TV screen…

Real player with 43.7 hrs in game

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They Bleed Pixels is a challenging wall jump platformer, with a satisfying unique premise, quality combat and engaging mechanics.

You control a presumably troubled student at the Lafcadio Academy for troubled girls. She stumbles across a magical book that makes you have wild dreams involving a few strangely horrific creatures, several bloody spikes, and an ever present number of saws. The book also has glowing bits and pages that not only are missing, but found inside said dreams. Take heed of any such events that occur in reality, as these are not normal behaviors for books or their pages.

Real player with 34.0 hrs in game

They Bleed Pixels on Steam



The Empire has fallen, what remains has become vile and corrupted, sacrificing to gods that should remain forgotten, they have awakened them and claimed unholy powers, however in their arrogance they have awakened something more, they have awakened you.

  • Shoot them with a variety of powerful weapons to reduce them to chunks

  • Cut and Bash them with your enchanted weapons to regain health and replenish their alt-fire ammo

  • Discover the secrets of this decaying world and become unstoppable

  • Move like the wrath of heaven and send them to hell

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ACHERON on Steam



  • visual: 9/10

  • audio: 10/10

  • gameplay: 8/10

  • narrative: 9/10

  • challenge: 9/10

  • replayability: 8/10

  • value: 9/10

  • personal grade: 9/10

  • was it scary? yes +1


  • immersive atmosphere and worldbuilding

  • challenging, thought provoking puzzles

  • engaging narrative with deep lore

  • tension building save system

  • great music and sound design

  • humble price point


  • hard difficulty curve (not a con, but not for everyone)

  • clunky combat

total score: 9/10

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Real player with 13.9 hrs in game

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“It’s Not Much of A VICTOR-Y, I Know-”


You assume the role of Victor, who hopes to find a miracle cure to his wife- Alissa’s terminal illness. As if their prayers had been answered- an Earl by the name of Edmond asserts of a panacea for the right price and gauges their certainty of intentions. To which they desperately accept the offer and travel to Grau Hill Mansion where everything they’ve known quickly fades~

Real player with 10.8 hrs in game

Lamentum on Steam



Maybe my judgement is affected by playing too many terrible raycast engine maker games lately, but I don’t think this game deserves all the flack it’s getting in the reviews section here. Yes, it has problems, but for the price (especially on sale) it’s a decent classic Quake-wannabe FPS shooter.

The Good:

  • classic Quake-style gameplay (though not nearly as good as Quake itself obviously)

  • no ammo cap for any of the guns, unless it’s 999 or something which I’ve never reached

  • no weapon reloading, though some guns have recoil that gets worse the longer you hold down the fire button which is fine

Real player with 11.8 hrs in game

=== [ 👪 Audience: ] ===

🟥 Everyone

🟥 Kids

🟥 Teens

🟩 Adults

🟥 Mature

=== [ 👀 Graphics: ] ===

🟥 What Is This?

🟥 Bad

🟥 Acceptable

🟩 Good

🟥 Great

🟥 Stylistic

🟥 Beautiful

=== [ SOUND/MUSIC ] ===

🟥 Bad

🟥 Nothing Special

🟥 Good

🟥 Great

🟩 Beautiful

=== [ 🌏 Story] ===

🟩 This Game Has No Story

🟥 Nothing Special

🟥 It´s Alright

🟥 Well Written

🟥 Epic Story

=== [ 💎 Price ] ===

🟥 Free

🟥 Underpriced

🟩 Perfect Price

🟥 Could Be Cheaper

🟥 Overpriced

=== [ ⏰ Game time/length ] ===

Real player with 4.3 hrs in game

Monument on Steam

Alder’s Blood: Definitive Edition

Alder’s Blood: Definitive Edition

You, as Chief, a leader of a group of skilled hunters who swore to protect humankind from beasts and abomination arose from the darkness, no matter the cost. You will have to face ruthless, savage creatures, and even the darkness itself… You are outnumbered, and enemies are way stronger than you. Reckless assault will only get you in trouble, one mistake and you would be a goner. You have to plan your moves wisely and be prepared for the worst to come.

I think the combat is exciting and immersive, but if you are not a fan of stealth type of gameplay, then you probably won’t enjoy this game. Sure, you can go out with a bang with firearms, but be ready to face swarm of enemies, not to mention some of them are tough and they hit REALLY hard, so it’s wiser to avoid enemy contact.

Real player with 80.3 hrs in game


Alder’s Blood is a brutally difficult turned based RPG set in a grim and dark world where beasts roam free and terrorize the land. Its mechanics are based on XCOM but with a lot more emphasis on stealth. If you’re expecting to get through this game with brute force then you have another thing coming. Like any game it has some flaws, but the majority of them can be overlooked due to how incredible this game is.


XCOM styled combat with complex and unique mechanics

Real player with 35.7 hrs in game

Alder's Blood: Definitive Edition on Steam



Christ! I’m not sure how to respond to this game. I’m iin my 30’s and i grew up on fps games. DUSK is possibly the best game I have ever played. I feel that the creator grew up playing, doom, quake, half-life and the like. The game is so perfectly created by someone who wished that he could create a shooter that took small parts from all of those games and put them together in a way that i would never expect. It is retro in a way that isnt jokey, but it incorporates all the best elements from every 90’s shooter. In conclusion, its not half-life, but it’s better than every other shooter that came before that. Honestly, one of the best shooters of all time.

Real player with 72.9 hrs in game

Fantastic shooter and had me gripped from start to finish. If you like the retro style then this game is for you. Loads of secrets similar to doom etc. Gameplay is smooth and fluid. Runs like a dream at 120fps+.Such a simple game to play, it’s a no nonsense shooter. Updated on a regular basis and great value for money. Loving it.

Highly recommended. A++

Real player with 32.1 hrs in game

DUSK on Steam

FAITH: The Unholy Trinity

FAITH: The Unholy Trinity

On September 21, 1986, two priests arrived at the Martin Family home in rural Connecticut to investigate an apparent case of demonic possession. Only two people would leave the house alive.

FAITH is a pixel horror game inspired by the era of classic 8-bit gaming and the “Satanic Scare” of the 1980s. Use your holy crucifix to perform exorcisms, fight back against possessed cultists, and cleanse haunted objects. Discover a world of dread, isolation, and mystery as you explore haunted forests, abandoned churches, and the inner sanctums of a Satanic cult.


  • FAITH - Haunted by nightmares and searching for answers, a young priest returns to the house where an exorcism went horribly wrong a year before.

  • FAITH: Chapter II - After confronting unspeakable paranormal entities and narrowly escaping with his life, a young priest descends into a new nightmare.

  • FAITH: Chapter III - Aided by a mysterious stranger, a young priest travels the dark countryside to stop a Satanic cult from summoning a horrifically powerful demon.


  • Wickedly chunky pixels

  • Hand crafted rotoscope animations

  • Haunting retro soundtrack

  • Multiple/secret endings

  • 1980s religious paranoia

  • Demonic EVPs channeled through abandonware speech synthesizers

FAITH: The Unholy Trinity on Steam



If you’re looking to take control of a living flood of meat this is the game for you, but the game has it’s flaws and the biggest one I can find is the confusing level layout and disorienting map. You can easily get lost in the map and find yourself slithering around in circles trying to find your way out. But other than that, game’s perfect, I really hope they make a 3d sequel. 8/10

Real player with 39.5 hrs in game

I like being squishy tooth monster - in my regular life I cannot eat coworkers nor squeeze into tubes. It is nice to play a character who can eat their coworkers and squeeze into tubes.

Real player with 12.0 hrs in game

CARRION on Steam



Delve into the depths of hell and slay hordes of enemies on your way down through a dark well in this retro inspired rogue-lite FPS

  • Dynamic fast paced combat with tight movement and satisfying guns

  • Gun and character skill upgrades, variety of guns, range of challenging hellish enemies

  • Atmospherically dark levels with aggressive difficulty curve

  • Rich visual style with captivating enemy design

  • Contextual music matching hardcore combat and softer recovery sections

  • Stat and performance reports per run down the well

Hellver on Steam

The 111th Soul

The 111th Soul

The 111th Soul is a very, very short first-person adventure game. You play as Richard, who arrives at his deceased grandparents' house to help his brother David fix up the place in order to sell it. But David is nowhere to be seen, even though his car is parked outside. The only place you can’t go and look for him is the basement, because the door is locked. And the key should be… - wait! Did you hear that? There! I think I saw something moving in the shadows!

The creepy atmosphere of The 111th Soul is very enjoyable. At one point in the game, I genuinely felt my blood run cold for a second. To be clear: the ‘horror’ is limited to spooky sounds and scary manifestations, even a jumpscare or two, but there is no gore involved.

Real player with 1.4 hrs in game

The 111th Soul had a graphics option called Optimized which I chose to play with. The graphics were nothing special, but that usually means little to me. When I see a game with basic graphics, I just assume there’s a lot in the gameplay, and in this case, there is. You enter a home where you’re to help your brother clean up to get it ready for sale. It’s your grandparents house who have passed away and it’s you and your brothers duty to get it ready for the realtor. But all is not as it seems.

Real player with 1.3 hrs in game

The 111th Soul on Steam