Ok, I played about 5 or 6 lives as soon as it installed then had a break to compose myself… after 30 mins or so I was like “I need to get past level 5” so I jumped back in for another frantic axe whacking rampage. Then my goal was to conquer the double digits which is when I started realising that approaching enemies with a little more tact goes a long way.

Positive thoughts so far (from a laymans perspective):

Replay value! The randomly generated levels and loot provide a different challenge each time

Real player with 64.5 hrs in game

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I’m always chasing roguelike dungeon games, even though most of them end up pretty bad. The reason I do this is because every so often, I find a game like Tallowmere!

I absolutely love this game. It’s equal parts fun and frustrating. You really learn and develop your tactics the more you play. You have to figure out the best way to use your weapons, and what weapon is the right weapon to use in any given situation, and even once you’ve learned that, you have to be careful not to get too cocky or careless, because mistakes can kill!

Real player with 53.7 hrs in game

Tallowmere on Steam



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Desert Kill is a voxel/cartoonish roguelike where you can see the rainy blood. 😂

The game has simple mechanics but still it’s fun play it, but still early access with a lot of work for do, for example the aim of this game it’s kinda off, hard to hit the targets.

The graphics are ok but the visuals and the explosions with rainy blood make you say… woah nice job ! Also there are really good details of the game like the corpses become first squeletons and later dissapear.

Real player with 1.0 hrs in game

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Rather just check the video instead of read? Me too:


I started a new short segment called “Lost on Steam” which features games that have few reviews for one reason or another. Definitely not necessarily negative, just games that slipped by people.

This is one of the featured games this week!

Desert Kill is honestly a fun roguelite. It has varied missions and weapons and each of your plays will be a little different. There are heroes, perks and weapons to unlock as you play and the combat keeps you on your toes with a bullet-hell ish design. You’ll need to stay frosty on your dodge button if you want to get through all of the areas.

Real player with 0.5 hrs in game


Infected Shelter

Infected Shelter

This game is RIDICULOUS FUN!!!!

My sister and I love to jump on local multiplayer games whenever we can. Some are hits, some are misses, but we usually have a good time nevertheless. When I saw this game, I wasn’t super sure about it. The graphics didn’t really catch my eye, and I wasn’t sure if the game-play was our style. BOY WAS I WRONG! This game was probably the funnest local multiplayer game we’ve game to date!

We found ourselves laughing a bunch, talking about plans, and instantly wanting to replay after every death!

Real player with 23.4 hrs in game

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infected shelter is a great roguelite brawler. the latter means you’ll be beating up all sorts of bad guys (or former bad guys, now zombies or mutants), robotic creatures and even some crazed wild animals, while the former means you’ll be dying and restarting from the beginning a lot.

there are 4 classes to choose from, each with their strengths and weaknesses. they’re all unlocked from the get-go and before every run they come up in 3 sets of randomized gear. pick one, then go nuts with whatever you can find, or use your bare hands. or your guitar, crutches, or grandpa in a wheelchair. the game doesn’t take itself seriously, which was a plus for me. there are also combos to pull off for more damage.

Real player with 15.7 hrs in game

Infected Shelter on Steam