Deranged Park Rangers

Deranged Park Rangers

Free to play massively multiplayer online Shoot ‘Em Up with instant play.

Kill sapsuckers in an over-the-top blood and guts filled manner.


Simply click the instant action button and you’ll be killing sapsuckers with potentially hundreds of other people already playing.



After the SGF summer contest I realized that I’m a dinosaur, over 900 demos. .. the window of time for me to make a sustainable living from indie game development has closed.

I’m going to return to driving a semi-truck.

If lightning strikes and people give a hoot, I will finish the game.

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Deranged Park Rangers on Steam

Deer Hunt Legends

Deer Hunt Legends

Well, I was going to say this was a decent if cheesy game…then I died and discovered the hidden, completely broken P2W cash shop you need to buy more lives in that others have mentioned. Hello to starting a new save and just replaying past missions on higher difficulty to rack up a few hours of play time instead.

If you’re still curious about DHL it’s an arcade on-rails timed animal shooter that badly shows its age in the visual and audio departments, nothing more. Usually every 15 to 20 levels you’ll face a boss animal, beating that will unlock a new area for you to rinse and repeat in, just with one or two new “legendary” animals. Provided you get killed in the T-Rex boss fight (yes, really) in the second area like I did, you can expect about an hour twenty of gameplay for your cash.

Real player with 4.5 hrs in game

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Considering I purchased this game for a little over a dollar, It’s not bad really. My main issue with this game is that it doesn’t come with sound. You have to manually download the “wrap_oal” zip file, move it to the games folder, extract here, etc.

Real player with 2.5 hrs in game

Deer Hunt Legends on Steam

Beast Hour

Beast Hour

Beast Hour is a dark 3rd person PvP game where you run, hunt and fight!

Play as Raiders – use parkour to explore a forbidden territory of an old haunted сity to find Arkana – unique fuel that powers up your abilities. Compete with other Raiders to get more Arkana to have a chance to stand up against Beasts – vicious predators serving the сity’s Keeper. You can escape or you can fight – the choice is yours.

Play as Beasts – hunt down your prey in the sacred сity of the Keeper. Prove yourself to be the most brutal and furious monster by protecting the divine Arkana from Raiders and kill other Beasts as there could be only one Alpha.

Key Features

  • Fast-paced Parkour Chases

Use varied parkour moves and combos to overcome every obstacle on your way and dodge enemy attacks. Every piece of the сity is yours to explore.

  • No Allies

No matter who you play as – Beasts or Raiders – you constantly compete with everyone for either the valuable Arkana or just to have a chance to live another minute. Everybody is a rival and may turn against you.

  • Violence And Darkness

The world of Beast Hour is a grim and unforgivable place. Be prepared to fight in cruel battles for the world’s most precious resource – Arkana.

  • Feel The Hunt

Beasts complete tasks to sense Raiders and follow them to ambush and attack. Raiders must always be on alert and get enough Arkana to have a chance to confront Beasts.

  • Unique Heroes

With the help of Arkana technologies Raiders wield different elements such as electricity and poisonous gas. Beasts possess unique and powerful abilities like climbing walls, jumps all over the map, and hunting roar.

  • Leveling up

Level up during the game. That allows Raiders to unlock new abilities and Beasts to bust their strength. Shape your playstyle on the go.

  • Your Progress Changes The Game

Be the first player to reach the highest level and start Beast Hour – the final battle that defines the most dexterous Raiders and the strongest Beast.

World of Beast Hour

1886. The uneasy truce is breaking down. The world of Beast Hour is on the threshold of a new and the most violent war of all time. The War for Arkana is about to begin.

Arkana is a special substance that fuels machines and gives unprecedented strength to the human body and mind. Arkana has become the reason for rampant industrialization and exponential technological progress over the last decades.

The value of Arkana is unimaginable – this resource is scarce and can only be found in the most dangerous corners of the world. Raiders – outstanding soldiers and mercenaries – look for this demanded substance to support their side of the conflict but, most of all, powerful and mysterious Order.

However, these places are ruled by Keepers. Beasts from all over the world come here to receive their blessings and prove they are the ones to lead the world to a new age prophesied by Cult.

Choose your side – Beast of the bloodthirsty Cult or Raider of the totalitarian Order. Win the war and uncover the dark secrets of Beast Hour!

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Beast Hour on Steam

Stramedia: my_MISADVENTURE

Stramedia: my_MISADVENTURE

Me and my mom have been having a good dinner in the kitchen that night, then the doorbell rang and an envelope slipped through the mail hole.

“Good evening! You’ve been invited!”

…it started off, continuing that it’s an invitation to the “Stramedia Safehouse Facility” breach. The survey was…odd, to say the least, but some of the things were done fairly easy, though I didn’t think it would go through. Then some of the days were spend outside of our homes and school, though it’s up to you to think of whenever or not these were the good days. And then I am sure you know what happened next.

Stramedia - my_MISADVENTURE is an indie horror themed adventure game where you step into the shoes of a classroom warden who signed the agreement to possibly the most bizarre, yet somewhat deadly school trip in his entire life. Of course it may not start off deadly right away, but, uh…yeah, things are gonna escalate. But can you blame him? He really didn’t know what he and his friends (fiends? Frienemies?) were going up for.

Well, what can he do now? Surprise, surprise, getting the hell outta there he must.

(AKA: the stuff worth checking it out and/or purchasing for)

  • The main protagonist is wearing a fedora hat! This is probably the best selling point to this game… I think! I mean…this is one of the main factors you got attracted to that other game with a kid, the kid’s hat, the stuff…uh, no? Okay, but if you know what you’re doing, you can find and recruit three other friends you’ll get (or have) to play as!

  • Essentially, this is another “average mediocre indie” horror game, except the mediocrity here is 99% intentional! And not to mention that it’s got everything you love and hate to see and experience in a horror themed videogame! Stupid simple and ridiculous (and somehow twisted) puzzles (with a lot of “ands”), cliché monsters and thirsty spooky mannequins…except they actually want to drink tea, you pervert. Get out of here!

  • Simplistic Visual Pixel Art Style, Soundtrack and Audio Design! If you like looking at pixels with different contrast, I am sure your eyes will love that, and if your ears love to feast on the Low-Quality DPCM-ish Audio, giving you an illusion that you’re playing a crappy retro GameBoy Advance styled game or something, then you’re all welcome in!..oh, wait, I forgot that we are talking about a game that LOOKS pretty retro…huh, that’s lame.

  • No, really. That kid has a hat.

  • Despite it’s horror nature, it’s also a comedy game! What kind of comedy? This game has got most of it! Whenever it’s all bad puns, visual humor, random, dark, dry or somehow outright gross and (“mildly”) offensive humor, Stramedia has it in the stock and shelves!

  • Prepare for some surrealism, because no matter if it’s an optical thing or not, things are…weird, yet somewhat disturbing, but not personal space like disturbing, because this is where it draws the line even for us.

  • A nice variety of accessibility options! Whenever you want to reposition the dialogue box, change it’s text size, whenever you find some colored text hard to read, or just don’t feel like playing the game with a controller and just want to rest your only arm and control the game with it, it’s no problem! The accessibility (and other) settings options may enhance the experience more nicely! (if there’s something you want to suggest, please let us know and we will gladly look into adding it!)

  • Seriously, that kid is wearing my hat! SOMEBODY DO SOMETHING! DON’T LET HIM GET AWAY WITH MY HAT!! :U

Stramedia: my_MISADVENTURE on Steam

Aliens vs. Predator™

Aliens vs. Predator™

Aliens vs Predator (2010) is a first person shooter that introduces you to three seperate storylines involving a Human, a Predator, and an Alien. Overall the storylines are decent, while not nearly as difficult as I would have prefered. For example Nightmare Difficulty seems to simply increase the damage and accuracy of your opponents, but not necessarily making them difficult due to one shot mechanics available to Predator and Alien. Boss fights bring a interesting level of difficulty, but are still single meat shields with high health pools that you have to mow down while dodging mechanics and the occassional add. Overall scenary in the game is one of the highest pluses I will give, as the environements truely have the universes feel to them.

Real player with 108.7 hrs in game

People say the game is mediocre, and perhaps that is justified. However, I feel the game is at least in the higher end of mediocre games, and can produce a lot of fun. At least for fans of the different creatures the game tried (and in my opinion, succeeded) to bring alive.

I am not in a position to review the multiplayer so consider this to be mainly a single player review.

People are usually concerned with the duration of gameplay, and what many have said is true, it’s short, with the marine campaign being the longest, Predator in the middle and the alien the shortest. It’s a shame, as I found that the alien was the most fun, then the predator, and lastly the marine. Though this is not to say that it isn’t fun to play the marine, it’s just the weakest of the species. All three species campaigns adding up to perhaps 12h, though I might be slow - spending a lot of time in the shadows as an alien, watching how the marines patrol, and cloaked as a predator, deciding which marine to pick off first.

Real player with 45.7 hrs in game

Aliens vs. Predator™ on Steam