Rebel Reenactment: Battle of the Wilderness

Rebel Reenactment: Battle of the Wilderness

its is so fun

Real player with 10.6 hrs in game

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while it is very rough it has obvious potential the idea of being a soldier in a civil war battle is a interesting and entertaining the game right now is functional but has some problems. Like getting stuck in the aiming pose when your trying to get to the shoulder arms position or how a side will randomly stop spawning soldiers. But if they keep working on it it would be a entertaining game to play.

Real player with 4.3 hrs in game

Rebel Reenactment: Battle of the Wilderness on Steam



If you grew up playing Medal of Honor and other similar games on Play Station 1, this game will certainly take you right back to those golden days.

It is still in early stages so a few glitches and future changes are to be expected. Over all the game is fun, the shooting is done well although here and there, there are some of the terrain issues interfering with the shooting. But I’m sure that it will get sorted out in future patches.

The movement is fun, kind off like a mixture between most other major FPS games like the older CoD’s and MoH’s, and games like the original Quake games and similar other games. Again, a few minor terrain interferences and some of the enemy movements and animations can be improved, but nothing major and of course I’m sure they will be sorted out as future patches comes out.

Real player with 47.8 hrs in game

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I stopped playing FPS games around the time Battlefield 4 became really big. It got too intense! The maps got too big and there were too many players in every match. You can’t spawn without being F*%#ed by a tank or chopper… I missed the simpler times of fast “Arena” based FPS games like the older call of duty’s. That’s exactly what GRUNT1914 is! The maps are small but big enough to snipe in and although some of them are still a bit buggy, they feel fast and smooth. The guns seems to be accurately modeled after real guns from this era, however the sounds of some of the guns can still improve!

Real player with 47.7 hrs in game

Grunt1914 on Steam

Katana Kata

Katana Kata

Kata Katana is what you’d expect as a rogue-like. It is very much an early access game but if you look past its shabbiness it’s very engaging what at first seems like an archaic simplistic game becomes much more than that. The controls while somewhat clunky at times are simple yet hard to master. The sense of progression here is great in the beginning you are a frail novice flailing your Weapon about but once you get that timing down and start getting the grips with the game it feels elating. There are a few different weapon types and a nice variety in enemies. I don’t wish to spoil the game for those that care but just know that so far it has been fun. I for one look forward to what comes next.

Real player with 20.9 hrs in game

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Fun little game! works well using xbox controller. Never tried Mouse n keyboard. Was happy to see it displays in 3440-1440 @120Hz.

This game brings me back to my summer of 1985, my Mom brought home an Apple PC from the school district, for the summer only, and I fell in love with Karateka. Love the simple art form and the genre!

Edit: 7 hours later, and I still haven’t passed the Garden level, and I only beat my nightmare 2/10 times. Apparently, I am horrible at this. I always start at bath house, and am still enjoying my failures

Real player with 17.3 hrs in game

Katana Kata on Steam

Sea Dogs

Sea Dogs

Yes it’s old, but it places its emphasis in sea battles on sailing and strategy. You can’t just load guns in 3 seconds and then switch from solid balls to grapeshot without going through another reload. Turn rate and speed are crucial to monitor. And the story line is fun, too.

Real player with 94.4 hrs in game

Fascinating game. It was great years ago, and I finished it again with great pleasure nowadays. And that’s not a call of nostalgia. There are many old games which didn’t age well, but I can’t say such a thing about this one. Yes, it’s graphics will not impress you these days and some gameplay mechanics are rather old. But the game brings an enthralling non linear story, great music and atmosphere as well as interesting albeit little clunky gameplay.

The game is 20 years old, but it has unique walkthrough for 4 different nations and unique dialogs for all characters, not just secondary ones, but even unimportant ones. For example, there is no copy-cat tavern keepers or store owners with standard phrases. Each one has his own character, story or even quest. And a word about quests. There is no copy-paste quests as well. Each one is unique and there is a lot of them. Believe or not, but it is the only game where I still remember the names of most of the characters after so many years.

Real player with 41.5 hrs in game

Sea Dogs on Steam

Cruz Brothers

Cruz Brothers

Excelent game. Fun.

Real player with 3.2 hrs in game

All in all this is one of those games titles that is well produced and provides fun for the dollar. It has a nice storyline, decent graphics, sound effects and of course some all out great battles. However what I really found interesting with this title was the fact that you can make a career and progress with levels and open character options further to become more then just another Street Fighter or Mortal Combat game.

While all that is fine and dandy, some stuff can be rather obviously and annoying! I found that replaying the same levels(while boring) over and over will provide experience and increase your abilities, progression faster and easier. I can not answer if that means it will also advance you faster as you gain in skills and power, however combat time will.

Real player with 0.6 hrs in game

Cruz Brothers on Steam

End of War 1945

End of War 1945

Not sure how this will go as a PVP title, but as a single player WWII arena shooter it has a lot of promise

It runs well, has a decent roster of weapons and the maps have some nice variety. I’ve heard it was a team of 3 who made this game and that’s pretty solid.

The price may raise some eyebrows, but this one is worth taking a look at. It’s got a long way to go, but it runs decent and doesn’t feel like a rip off

Real player with 12.3 hrs in game

A good game! that is still in development would be nice if more were to play online, so a game can develop.

Real player with 10.5 hrs in game

End of War 1945 on Steam

Sea Dogs: City of Abandoned Ships

Sea Dogs: City of Abandoned Ships

This is the perfect pirates game. i spent years trying to play this game but my computers never allowed me. now i have had the chance to fully play this game i have to say it has given me hour of fun. do you want to be a merchant and become the wealthiest man in the Caribbean and trade your way to power, or become a privateer and attack your nations foes and bring riches and glory to your nation or do you want to be a feared pirate who will attack anything on sight for wealth and reputation and be the most fearsome man in the Caribbean sea. THE CHOICE IS YOURS. I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!!

Real player with 125.3 hrs in game

This game is not “good.” It has an extremely high learning curve, no tutorial, a clunky interface, poorly laid out and unintuitive quest objectives, sub-par writing, semi-frequent crashes, and is heavily dependent on the community “Combined Mod” to smooth out its rough edges.

That said, it is the best pure Pirate RPG available. But that probably says more about the gaping hole that exists in the market and less about this game itself. Aside from the brief but very welcome tangent that the Assassin’s Creed franchise took with Black Flag we have not seen a good single player pirate RPG in a long time; probably since Sid Meier’s Pirates. So if you need your pirate fix and are willing to take the time to learn this game, then you will be satisfied. But I can’t help but wonder why we haven’t seen a better Pirate game made.

Real player with 75.9 hrs in game

Sea Dogs: City of Abandoned Ships on Steam



its really fun and scary :)

Real player with 5.6 hrs in game

I liked this game more than expected, I’m not even sure why. I loved the pixel graphics, the creepy athmosphere and the several endings (I still have to complete one of them). I would have appreciated a more detailed story and background. Some things are still unclear to me. There are jumpscares, but not so intense and terrifying. The puzzles are not so hard. What really made me cry bitter tears is the labyrinth at the end. If you, like me, have the sense of direction of a mussel, feel free to check my gameplay, it should be helpful.

Real player with 5.0 hrs in game

Whisperwind on Steam