Escape from the Lostmoon

Escape from the Lostmoon

When i was young, i wanted to add some guns to Mario game. That game exactly means ‘armed Mario’ who can shoot ‘n’ blow up enemies. Game is true indie and scripted, cartooned, programmed and released by single person. hence, i think some discrepancies in performance could be forgiven. So, enjoy that shoot and slash ‘em all space adventure!

Real player with 3.2 hrs in game

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Escape from the Lostmoon is a rather buggy and confusing platformer. The main character easily gets stuck in objects or the floor, and everything looks poorly drawn. 2/10

Real player with 0.1 hrs in game

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If you grew up playing Medal of Honor and other similar games on Play Station 1, this game will certainly take you right back to those golden days.

It is still in early stages so a few glitches and future changes are to be expected. Over all the game is fun, the shooting is done well although here and there, there are some of the terrain issues interfering with the shooting. But I’m sure that it will get sorted out in future patches.

The movement is fun, kind off like a mixture between most other major FPS games like the older CoD’s and MoH’s, and games like the original Quake games and similar other games. Again, a few minor terrain interferences and some of the enemy movements and animations can be improved, but nothing major and of course I’m sure they will be sorted out as future patches comes out.

Real player with 47.8 hrs in game

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I stopped playing FPS games around the time Battlefield 4 became really big. It got too intense! The maps got too big and there were too many players in every match. You can’t spawn without being F*%#ed by a tank or chopper… I missed the simpler times of fast “Arena” based FPS games like the older call of duty’s. That’s exactly what GRUNT1914 is! The maps are small but big enough to snipe in and although some of them are still a bit buggy, they feel fast and smooth. The guns seems to be accurately modeled after real guns from this era, however the sounds of some of the guns can still improve!

Real player with 47.7 hrs in game

Grunt1914 on Steam