Give Me More Pills

Give Me More Pills

Johnathan overdoses on various pharmaceutical consumable prescriptions and proceeds to complete the most painstakingly difficult, yet unbelievably satisfying to complete, levels. Very interesting puzzle game. Would recommend if you’ve got some extra time and money.

Real player with 6.3 hrs in game

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I think who create this game took 3 pills of Creativafeno! Amazing concept and idea! Love it!

Real player with 2.0 hrs in game

Give Me More Pills on Steam

Boomer Remover

Boomer Remover

it’s ok

Real player with 268.8 hrs in game

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y e s

This game is amazing, better than most indie-games, only complaint is that it’s impossible to get the 10000 XP achievement, From what I’ve played.

You see, You can get Doom Eternal for 59.99$, but you can get Boomer Remover for only a dollar, which is objectively better, Because in Doom Eternal, you can’t kill over 440 Boomers.

Real player with 1.4 hrs in game

Boomer Remover on Steam

Drunken Fist 🍺👊 Totally Accurate Beat ‘em up

Drunken Fist 🍺👊 Totally Accurate Beat ‘em up

I mainly recommend this game because it’s very cheap and it’s a very unique fun concept with the physics based fighting. More games should use proper physics. There is a sufficient amount of different moves to make it rather interesting. (although I’d add a few more)

However I think it’s far from desirable. It feels unpolished / unfinished with many features, such as key rebinding and level select are missing on release.

I also don’t like the “drunken” part. Sure, it’s advertised in the title, but in practice it means that the game is hard to control and clunky. While some could consider the result funny, I can only think of it as frustrating, as things often don’t work as I expect.

Real player with 8.7 hrs in game

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Tl;dr: Drunken Fist is a silly game that needs a lot of work. It feels like an Early Access title, but it’s being sold as a finished product.

The Good

  • Silly and good for a laugh* Charming art style

The Bad

  • Priced a bit higher than it should be for the quality/amount of content ($2 - $3 seems more reasonable)* Controls aren’t always responsive* Lacks something as basic as the ability to exit the game from the main menu* Player character can get stuck inside the scenery

Real player with 2.9 hrs in game

Drunken Fist 🍺👊 Totally Accurate Beat 'em up on Steam

Blood and Bacon

Blood and Bacon

Just a Classic game and I really love this Holdout game ever.

Plus exploring things. (Including space moon)

Real player with 27.1 hrs in game

ODAY it seems to me providential that Fate should have chosen Braunau on the Inn as my birthplace. For this little town lies on the boundary between two German states which we of the younger generation at least have made it our life work to reunite by every means at our disposal.

German-Austria must return to the great German mother country, and not because of any economic considerations. No, and again no: even if such a union were unimportant from an economic point of view; yes, even if it were harmful, it must nevertheless take place. One blood demands one Reich. Never will the German nation possess the moral right to engage in colonial politics until, at least, it embraces its own sons within a single state. Only when the Reich borders include the very last German, but can no longer guarantee his daily bread, will the moral right to acquire foreign soil arise from the distress of our own people. Their sword will become our plow, and from the tears of war the daily bread of future generations will grow. And so this little city on the border seems to me the symbol of a great mission. And in another respect as well, it looms as an admonition to the present day. More than a hundred years ago, this insignificant place had the distinction of being immortalized in the annals at least of German history, for it was the scene of a tragic catastrophe which gripped the entire German nation. At the time of our fatherland’s deepest humiliation, Johannes Palm of Nuremberg, burgher, bookseller, uncompromising nationalist and French hater, died there for the Germany which he loved so passionately even in her misfortune. He had stubbornly refused to denounce his accomplices who were in fact his superiors. In thus he resembled Leo Schlageter. And like him, he was denounced to the French by a representative of his government An Augsburg police chief won this unenviable fame, thus furnishing an example for our modern German officials in Herr Severing’s Reich.

Real player with 20.5 hrs in game

Blood and Bacon on Steam

Happy Room

Happy Room

_I like to take my friend to my ‘‘Happy Room’’ where we shall play. My friend thinks there will be icecream. I have different plans. Fun plans!

I love my friend.

I love my Happy Room._

Lugubrious ragdoll fun! Destroy them with a large variety of weapons, and perform tasks to progress your funds!

I have played and reviewed Happy Room begin 2017, the original review is the quote above. Recently I found out that there are two modes added at some point. This is a unique game, and I happily jumped back into this game! I shall add my new experiences to the review.

Real player with 44.4 hrs in game

===[ 🕛 Game length ]===

☐ Really Short (0 - 2 hours)

☐ Short (2 - 8 hours)

☐ Normal (8 - 24 hours)

☑ Long (24+ hours)

☐ Endless

===[ ☠ Difficulty ]===

☐ Piece Of Cake

☐ EZ

☑ Medium

☐ Hard

☐ Impossible

☐ Dark Souls

===[ ⯁ Story ]===

☑ It Doesn’t Have

☐ Fantastic

☐ Good

☐ Average

☐ Bad

===[ ۞ Gameplay ]===

☐ Excellent

☑ Very good

☐ Good

☐ Bad

☐ Very bad

===[ ❤ Audience ]===

☐ Everyone

☐ Young (0 - 15)

☑ Adult (18+)

☑ Casual Players

☐ Pro Players

===[ ♬ Music, Audio Effects ]===

☐ It Doesn’t Have

Real player with 23.8 hrs in game

Happy Room on Steam

Inglorious Aztecs

Inglorious Aztecs

Inglorious Aztecs is a 2-4 player online multiplayer game centered around fast-paced versus matches with a high fun factor. Mine the terrain with your Pickaxe, block incoming bullets with blocks placement, and kill your friends in a plethora of ways!

Highlighted Game Features

  • Online Multiplayer PvP

  • Local Multiplayer PvP

  • Mine the Terrain

  • Build with Blocks

  • Exploding Owls💥🦉 (because of course)

  • 80+ Stages

  • 40+ Unique Weapons

Online Multiplayer on Small and Large Stages

Use Mining and Blocks Placement to Move Around

Online Multiplayer

Create a game lobby and share the game code with your friends to let them join your lobby. Play with up to 4 players in the same online lobby.

Local Multiplayer

Local multiplayer can be played with up to 4 players using gamepad controllers. Grab some friends and have fun!

Inglorious Aztecs on Steam



This game is amazing! It is a pretty short game, and it can be beaten in only a couple of long sessions. Frankly, I couldn’t really see anybody playing this in many short sessions, as it is a very grind-y game, however, if you often find yourself having long chunks of time in your day, this game is a nice way to fill that time.

Real player with 14.3 hrs in game

Hilarious, brutal, violent, and heartwarming. Those are the words I would use to describe this game. Mostly violent.

Real player with 7.8 hrs in game

Kindergarten on Steam

Mutant Football League

Mutant Football League

Mutant Football League is the spiritual successor to the 1993 Genesis game of–just about the–same name. It’s a 7-on-7 American style football game featuring teams of monsters battling it out for gory gridion supremacy in an “after the bomb” world.

“Gory? Football is violent, but not THAT violent”, you say? Ah, but it turns out trolls, skeletons, and robots are more cavalier about possible concussions or, uh, dismemberment, than real-life footballers. Indeed, in the Mutant Football League scooping up a diva wide receiver and breaking him in half with a move normally seen in professional wrestling isn’t unsportsmanlike, it’s the norm!

Real player with 57.4 hrs in game

MFL fills in the massive gaping hole in the football game market, especially on PC. If you want to play a football game in 2018, you are limited to emulation or purchasing a console, and even then you are limited to Madden titles. Not that Madden titles are inherently bad, but MFL allows for fun football action without the drudge of an NFL simulation. Rather, MFL has ramped up action and pace, little down time, and cartoon violence.

The gameplay is standard for any football game (so skip this is you have played one). You select offensive and defensive plays between downs, and during the play take control of a single player. On offensive plays this is typically the ball carrier, choosing targets as the QB and switching to the receiver or running back when ball changes hands. On defense you can cycle through to play any of the positions.

Real player with 35.6 hrs in game

Mutant Football League on Steam

Paint the Town Red

Paint the Town Red

Paint the Town Red is a medium-paced bar fighting game with a large variety of weapons and enemies now and here to come. It still needs a bit of optimization, but the devs assure us that the game will be optimized as the game progresses (And updates.)

The enemies are completely destructible. You could dissolve someone if you have enough time and the weapon doesn’t break. All the voxels on the enemies have different properties, with bone being the strongest natural voxel and skin being the weakest. (You will be able to damage Riot Helmets later on, but those aren’t natural.) Additional fact, is that if a enemy’s brain is damaged in anyway, they will instantly die, if they don’t, its a bug.

Real player with 628.0 hrs in game

Punch the square people. Do it. Punch them.

A great sandbox fighter game with a lot of options to play and replay various scenarios and workshop access, allowing for a near infinite supply of content.

The game also has a rogue-like dungeon crawler on top of all the sandbox fun that initially existed, adding what is the value of basically a second game of a different genre, with similar mechanics, on top, for absolutely free (That’s what I feel about it, as I bought the game in early access, wayyy before Beneath was even on the table). Beneath is a great dungeon crawler, with many different levels, mechanics and upgrades to take you through the different bosses of the game, most of them with their very own environment and even full levels with new enemies, just to build up to another boss fight.

Real player with 68.5 hrs in game

Paint the Town Red on Steam

Viscera Cleanup Detail: Santa’s Rampage

Viscera Cleanup Detail: Santa’s Rampage

“What is Santa´s Rampage?

“Well, let me tell you children… It is a game about cleaning….. Sounds boring? Nooo… this is a game about cleaning up blood, viscera, bodyparts and other nasty stuff…. Did i get ure attention?!

GOOD, now listen!”

The Story

Santas had enough after year after year handing out presents to little ungrateful children (Yeah im talking about YOU!), and blows a serious gasket and goes on a rampage and kills everybody in santas workshop, and vanishes without a trace.

Real player with 22.8 hrs in game

First of all, this is not a long game. It is, however, entertaining for the content it does have. If you’ve ever heard the Weird Al song “The Night Santa Went Crazy,” this videogame explores the aftermath.

Based on the Viscera Cleanup Detail series of games, instead of being set in a typical video game world (“Space Janitors!"), this one takes place in Santa’s Workshop, where you play the one elf who appears to have stayed home the night before. The rest your fellow toymakers can be found strewn about the workshop in various pieces. Santa’s Rampage has left no survivors, (no, not even the reindeer), and it’s up to you to clean up the mess.

Real player with 20.0 hrs in game

Viscera Cleanup Detail: Santa's Rampage on Steam