SHINRAI - Broken Beyond Despair

SHINRAI - Broken Beyond Despair

“What had transpired here tonight was a rather complex chain of events, but I was going to explain everything as best as I could… So that they, too, would be able to understand the tragic truth behind it all. “

-Raiko Shinpuku


SHINRAI ~ Broken Beyond Despair is a murder mystery visual novel and first in the SHINRAI series, as well as the first game developed by indie German video game developer “Gosatsu”, a duo consisting of core members Gospel and Natsu. As a visual novel, gameplay in SHINRAI ~ Broken Beyond Despair consists primarily of reading, with interactivity delegated to segments wherein the player is prompted to present evidence in order to prove or disprove character deductions. Through a series of just such segments, the player progressively pieces together the identity of an anonymous killer and reveals the truth behind an otherwise seemingly straightforward death.

Real player with 90.8 hrs in game

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Shinrai provides a thrilling substitute for mystery fans, providing that itch of content when the well of other mystery titles dries up.

Despite a small team of about two people, Shinrai is a rare example of an indie mystery novel delivering a surprisingly good mystery. Shinrai isn’t without its flaws, but given its budget constraints, its a testament that a little passion can go a long way!

The game takes place at a secluded mountain resort, as a group of anime schoolmates convene for a Halloween party. Needless to say things go horribly wrong as murder and mayhem ensues. Piece together the clues, and discern who’s truly responsible, otherwise you may wrongly send an innocent character to jail!

Real player with 18.1 hrs in game

SHINRAI - Broken Beyond Despair on Steam

Murder Diaries

Murder Diaries

An unusual idea, but at the same time very exciting. That’s what make this game unique.

I mean content-plot, it is not just a short story. MOREOVER, while playing you are getting more and more new adventures. Our task is to collect some fragments of the story and finally investigate murder.

Pros: interesting plot, good graphic, well-chosen soundtrack

Cons right now can’t be noticed by me, i might played too little time to notice them.

And to conclude, this game is something unusual, not like others one. Really good one to spend free time

Real player with 11.0 hrs in game

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there is a sense of horror in the process of playing

Real player with 7.5 hrs in game

Murder Diaries on Steam



֍ My score ֍

→ 7/10

❤ Audience ❤

☐ Beginner

☑ Casual Gamer

☑ Normal Gamer

☐ Expert

☼ Graphics ☼

☐ Bad

☐ Alright

☐ Good

☑ Beautiful

☐ Fantastic

♬ Music ♬

☐ Bad

☐ Alright

☐ Good

☑ Beautiful

☐ Fantastic

☠ Difficulty ☠

☑ Easy

☐ Average

☐ Easy to learn / Hard to master

☐ Hard

☐ Unfair

§ Bugs §

☐ Bugs destroy the game

☐ Lots of bugs

☐ Few Bugs

☐ You can use them for speedrun

☑ Nothing encountered

☯ Story ☯

☐ There is none

☐ Bad

☐ Alright

☑ Good

☐ Fantastic

⚔ Gameplay ⚔

☐ Frustrating

☐ Sleepy

☑ Boring

Real player with 10.0 hrs in game

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Great idea with mediocre realization.

I usually do not buy games in early access, however, I decided to make an exclusion for this one because I really liked the concept and wanted to support the developers. The beta was nice, had a decent gameplay and diverse enough scenarios, so I was very exited for the release and very disappointed after checking it.

95% of the game was already in beta. They added only one new scenario in the full version and barely changed the previous ones. The whole game can be completed under two hours like it’s specifically made this way, so people definitely couldn’t refund it. Despite the description the game is very linear, scripted and the only real way to fail most of the missions is reaching time limit. You barely can make any mistakes like helping the wrong person or performing false actions. Moreover, you cannot even change the order of mandatory actions, like placing warning triangles while looking for a way to contact ambulance. Furthermore, the game tend to be very strange and unfair: most of the timd you need to look for the position in the car navigator, however, one particular time you have to do it with your mobile phone, which is in your inventory and you get not a single hint about it, plus, the game itself tells you that you should use road marks instead of GPS in real life. Was it so hard to make the game a bit more authentic and realistic, provided that it already has levels where you use road marks?! In another scenario you have to move a large log like you are some superman and not just a random driver, was it so hard to make a crawling camera or just remove that log completely? Or why our “protagonist” can carry a whole med aid kit in his inventory but cannot carry 2 warning triangles at the same time?

Real player with 5.1 hrs in game

Accident on Steam

Murder Diaries 2

Murder Diaries 2

Murder Diaries 2 - with a good plot. Nice graphics and pretty good music. The gameplay is pretty simple, you fly around the white circle and piece together the whole story. The game is addictive. Recommend!

Real player with 11.7 hrs in game

A very good and beautiful game with its own riddles and mysticism, it makes you think about the plot, it is pleasing to the eyes. It is somewhat reminiscent of an old game from my childhood, which was also about investigations.

Real player with 11.3 hrs in game

Murder Diaries 2 on Steam



Sum up

  • Abilities come in a wide variety and are useful.

  • Choose how to experience the story in four singular modes.

  • The monster tracks the player, pursuing them instead of randomly showing up.

  • Voyeur mode for those that want to play the game for the puzzles and atmosphere.

  • Levels are designed as an elaborated trap with close corridors, puzzles, and monsters.

  • Dynamic generated maps for both singleplayer and multiplayer keep the maps unique and fresh.

+/- Tutorials are too short and lack information. At the same time, the game doesn’t hold your hand.

Real player with 19.9 hrs in game


When i first bought this game, i was really excited seeing the videos & screenshots

on the shop page.

I decided that should be enough for me to get it, since i didn’t wanna spoiler myself too hard.

So about 10 Minutes into the game i was really confused and the controls/gameplay

didn’t feel all too good or inviting at all, after 50 Minutes i’ve already gave up without even close to beating the first level; (noting that and with in my mind that while playing this game had a review rate of 50% positive 50% negative, most players with short gametime leaving a negative review and vice versa for people that played it longer. ) So i left the game for the day and returned the next one. Everything still felt kinda weird there was no real “handholding” or guideline which i’m not used to.

Real player with 17.9 hrs in game

Dollhouse on Steam

Wounded - The Beginning

Wounded - The Beginning

{After the 2.0 update}

Oh boy, there’s a lot to unpack here…

The controls have been fixed, it don’t feel like the player is having a spasm.

The bird puzzle at the sewers is gone which is great since you had no time to react.

I like the new weight puzzles but the pipe that’s holding the weights of the bags looks outta place and too bright.

The supermarket scene is still the worst part of the game with the AI moving to a number of specific spots and he changes his location every time YOU move, so trying not to get caught to get the achievement (that might still be broken) still require hours, and hours of bull.

Real player with 18.5 hrs in game

Using the Unity engine they did a good job with it. The sound and ambiance they NAILED IT. Unfortunately, I have to agree with Twotch here that I cannot recommend the game because of the gameplay itself. The use of triggers in certain parts led to multiple deaths. All you were doing is rinse and repeating on deaths until you could find the next trigger. Since the baddies have a simple pattern you’re not in any much threat once you follow the pattern. You can even stand by a wardrobe to hide in and as the baddie is entering the room they won’t notice you and if they do once you enter the wardrobe they won’t kill you. They’ll just walk away and go about their pattern. This just leads you to just follow the patterns so you can find the next trigger. That doesn’t make for fun gameplay and takes away from the enjoyment. I had one hilarious encounter where I could only trigger a single instance to remove screws out of door that had 4 of them in it.

Real player with 6.1 hrs in game

Wounded - The Beginning on Steam