Blood Spear

Blood Spear

No game in the steam catalog can compare to Blood Spear. Having thousands of hours in other steam games, i have decided that this game reigns superior above all. No one should pass up playing this game. A Breathtaking experience, honestly, the convoluted story at the beginning begins to piece itself together as you play. The game play flows well and with non linear areas, you can play the game the way you want to play it. The music is phenomenal, and is comparable to soundtracks of other great triple A games. The idea of a ranged combat is so fresh and different in a convoluted genre of sword hack and slash games. This game CANNOT be compared to the souls games, they are the yin and yang of souls likes. Dark souls being bleak, cold, dark, and repetitive, while Blood Spear is fast pased, high octane, intuitive, as these new ideas are added to the legacy of these games. I hope that this inspires other great Spear-Like games and is a genre i will be keeping up with for years to come.

Real player with 24.7 hrs in game

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When a game is soo good that being free seems wrong

  • Third-person Hack and slash

  • Short

  • Great atmosphere

  • Inventive combat mechanics

  • Easy to learn, room for skilled-play

So, if you are still here… Let’s get down to it:


Nobody said it was easy, it’s such a shame for us to part…

Blood Spear is often called a student project… hence why it is so short and free, but make no mistake, winning first prize at ISART Digital Montreal 2021 is no small feat, and calling this a student project is a grave understatement. Picking obvious queues from the likes of Dark Souls, Soul Reaver and more, you get a third-person hack and slash campaign that won’t overstay its welcome, with an easy to learn throwing mechanic (charge and quick-fire) backed up with two inventive skills that add strategy and healing abilities, this compact package leaves you wanting more.

Real player with 1.3 hrs in game

Blood Spear on Steam

Kill Spree®

Kill Spree®

Freerun with grounded yet fluid movement: fast-paced, midair movement, crouch jumping, shotgun jumping, bunny-hopping, zigzagging, ledge access and more.

Gun down enemies with proper recoil: control your crosshair and learn the unique recoil patterns with minimal spread to reduce randomness.

Go on a killing spree: kill anything that moves with timed, epic kill announcers.

Wondrous atmosphere: explore interactive maps, search for Easter eggs and find secrets.

Try the demo prototype to explore the immersive world of Kill Spree!

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Kill Spree® on Steam

Blood And Mead

Blood And Mead

They stole his mead, a mistake. Now he will destroy every last one of them.

Join Ulric, a retired berserker viking, on a dramatic quest for revenge that will make him a legend.


  • Unnecessarily brutal and bloody combat.

  • Unlock cruel and devastating attacks to decimate your enemies.

  • Tight meaty combat utilizing multiple weapons, shields and mead… lots and lots of mead.

  • Face off against epic bosses.

  • Ride a pig.

  • Upgrade armor and weapons to become a true viking berserker.

  • Solve fun and intuitive puzzles.

  • Enjoy a captivating story filled with viking lore and shenanigans.

  • A delightful sound track filled with medieval folk flair.


“Better to fight and fall than to live without mead.” - Ulric the Bold.

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Blood And Mead on Steam

Shotgun n  Zombies

Shotgun n Zombies

Shotgun n Zombies

_Cool time waster shooting zombies&creatures , good optimisation , i like the location&splatter effect and music , you can run backwards , cheap&fun !

cons - no scoreboard at the end to see how many creatures you have slayed [ fixed in a later game update ] , only 3 types of enemies , you cant enter the house ( my idea was bigger danger in closed space to try and resupply for health there ) , got screen tearing when moving the weapon regardless of v-sync on option but i dont mind it that much [ fixed in a later game update ] !_

Real player with 6.2 hrs in game

Alright, simple but stupid fun, run around in a field with an eight mag shotgun killing zombie people, zombie dogs, and zombie dogs the size of people. Only problem is that once too many enemies spawn in you get serious frame drops, like 60 down to 9, hard mode becomes near unplayable at the end, and audio static that lingers until the round ends. Other than that 10/10 experience for the price

Real player with 0.8 hrs in game

Shotgun n Zombies on Steam



Inspired by several horror legends from Latin America, DeadFright’s storyline unfolds in the fictional town of ‘Ravenford’ where you will find yourself stranded and in need to survive a disastrous outbreak of living corpses. While you explore the small town you will be able to interact with the residents to find help and uncover the story behind the outbreak. In this action game, you will be able to fight with the creatures, or die trying thus becoming one of them playing in the reverse role, searching and killing residents.

DeadFright on Steam

No More Heroes

No More Heroes

Welcome to the Garden of Madness, Sudabros…

tldr; the game is great, but the port is not


The non-technical part of this port is still good, even after 14 years, the game has it’s charm. The heart and soul of the game is still here (except “Heavenly Star” is absent, but you can mod it back in), but the technical side of this port - OH THE TECHNICAL SIDE..

As you could see, most of the reviews here talk about the lack of controller support (KB+M is not an option;

! and why would you even want to play it on KB+M? ) - the game only supports XBOX360 controller, BUT DS4Windows works just fine for me.

Real player with 25.6 hrs in game

Yes. But not yet.

the game works really well, but there’s some bugs that need fixing.

Here’s some stuff nobody else is saying:

  • A bunch of achievements are broken, specifically those that have progression tracking. The counting doesn’t work properly. Those who have the achievement “Dial M for Massacre” are using SAM… for shame guys.

  • There’s some particular segments in the game where you need to hit a target at the right time but the timing is extremely finicky if not completely broken. Luckily they are all optional, but some are tied to a certain achievement. It’s not impossible per se, but I sure avoided them like the plague.

Real player with 20.2 hrs in game

No More Heroes on Steam

Runic Rampage - Action RPG

Runic Rampage - Action RPG

As I always start my reviews, play the game in English and don’t watch the translations. The Italian one is awful like every other one, so let’s stick with English.

This one is an action RPG with good graphics - I love them, 3D and with a view from above which allows you to see enemies and everything that surrounds you, since the fights are those of a hack ‘n’ slash and you don’t have a party, but a single dwarf XD.

Price is quite high (7€) so, get it on sale if you manage to!

The gameplay is really great and 100% joypad supported, so you have lots of combos, lots of equipment upgrades and most of all you’ll never have to deal with many sidequests or paths.. it’s a straightforward game with levels and bosses of increasing difficulty (never too hard, actually) and for a game like this to me it’s really good!

Real player with 43.1 hrs in game

I’ve put in only an hour and a half into the game, so take this review as an estimate of what you’ll feel like after that amount of time:


There isn’t a ton of storyline to this, but there’s some. You’re a dwarf fighting to find your lost brothers and (I assume) become the hero your father wanted you to be. You have to conquer four Acts, each broken up into three chapters, each of which has three maps - except for the last, which contains a boss fight. You collect gold, which seems to accrue across death (ie. no gold loss upon getting squished). You also pickup single-use powerups as well as temporary bonuses from single use statues. Finally, you also get skill points, with which to level attributes (str, agility, defense and greed)

Real player with 20.4 hrs in game

Runic Rampage - Action RPG on Steam

Survival: Zombies aHead

Survival: Zombies aHead

It’s a fun little game to pass the time, definitely worth the price.

Real player with 1.6 hrs in game

Cool game inspired by Fruit ninja. Cool to spend the time.

Real player with 1.1 hrs in game

Survival: Zombies aHead on Steam

Rude Racers: 2D Combat Racing

Rude Racers: 2D Combat Racing

This is easily the best 2d combat racing game out there and I’m not even exaggerating! It reminds me of the old games I used to play on arcade, the art style is cartoony, characters are funny and music is mind blowing. The progression is quite linear and the later levels kept me engaged for hours where I had to dodge incoming attacks and time a counter blow while riding at high speeds and evade the contraptions all at the same time! With so much variety in events and depth of content in terms of weapons, riders and atvs this game is dirt cheap as compared to other games on Steam.

Real player with 50.8 hrs in game

Rude Racers is a cheap game but very optimized and hides a very challenge gameplay.

What is Rude Racers?

It is a scrolling game, where you need to beat your quad/endure bike enemies with your speed or with the brute force before the time finishes or the finish lap.

We have two modalities: Career and quick mode.

In quick mode, you can choose the type of race you will do, while the divided into seasons (5 in total) while the career doesn’t need an explanation.


Real player with 35.3 hrs in game

Rude Racers: 2D Combat Racing on Steam

Inglorious Aztecs

Inglorious Aztecs

Inglorious Aztecs is a 2-4 player online multiplayer game centered around fast-paced versus matches with a high fun factor. Mine the terrain with your Pickaxe, block incoming bullets with blocks placement, and kill your friends in a plethora of ways!

Highlighted Game Features

  • Online Multiplayer PvP

  • Local Multiplayer PvP

  • Mine the Terrain

  • Build with Blocks

  • Exploding Owls💥🦉 (because of course)

  • 80+ Stages

  • 40+ Unique Weapons

Online Multiplayer on Small and Large Stages

Use Mining and Blocks Placement to Move Around

Online Multiplayer

Create a game lobby and share the game code with your friends to let them join your lobby. Play with up to 4 players in the same online lobby.

Local Multiplayer

Local multiplayer can be played with up to 4 players using gamepad controllers. Grab some friends and have fun!

Inglorious Aztecs on Steam