Zombie Mutant DNA

Zombie Mutant DNA

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☑ my verdict="" ☐other="" options br="" –-{Gameplay}—

☑ Very good if your into retro games honestly deserves more attention


☑ Good


☑ Good


☑ Teens

—{PC Requirements}—

☑ Check if you can run paint


☑ Doesnt really have the gameplay pretty good so doesnt really need a story /my

Real player with 1.8 hrs in game

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«Zombie Mutant DNA» Review(En/RUS)

(Top-Down Shooter/Shoot ‘em up)




Explore levels, pick up weapons/ammo/medkit and kill zombies.

  • Retro style graphics.

  • Very funny sounds.

  • Convenient control (WASD to move and mouse to aim/shoot).

  • Simple, relaxing gameplay.

  • 6 types of weapons + grenades.

  • Bosses.

  • There are four difficulty options to choose.

  • You can save your progress.

  • No skills/upgrades.


Real player with 0.6 hrs in game

Zombie Mutant DNA on Steam

Bullet Runner

Bullet Runner

Fight your way through HORDES OF POWERFUL ENEMIES, who stop at nothing to shred you to pieces! Execute combat strategies with quick reflexes to take on the biggest of the baddies.

With a variety of enemies capable of unique game-changing abilities, you’ll have to observe and rethink your approach to show them who’s boss!

Use a wide variety of BIG FUCKING GUNS to take on the enemy your way! Customize your loadout with the guns you find throughout the levels to fine tune a playstyle of your liking.

From shotguns to plasma rifles, there’s a treat to be found for everyone.

Combine CRAZY MOVEMENT AND COMBAT MECHANICS to make your way through dangerous environments. Dodge, slide, swing and shoot your way to victory!

Master your toolkit and move around the arenas at high velocity, as standing still is not an option.

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Bullet Runner on Steam

Freakout: Calamity TV Show

Freakout: Calamity TV Show

A kind of love-letter to the original title, but with an added story of breaking out of the show and shutting it down - alone, or with a co-op friend, break out of the mutant fueled dystopia!


Real player with 7.2 hrs in game

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I legitimately like this game, and give it a thumbs up here as to not do any further damage to it’s reputation. Other than that, my actual review content is contained within Youtube video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bhwXRDXF5YA

Real player with 5.1 hrs in game

Freakout: Calamity TV Show on Steam

Hit Zero: Chronos

Hit Zero: Chronos

its like if superhot my friend pedro and stickman fight had a baby

Real player with 5.0 hrs in game


Real player with 4.4 hrs in game

Hit Zero: Chronos on Steam

Tomato Way 2

Tomato Way 2

In this alternate reality, you will take control of Sgt. Malo; aka Padre(our protagonist) and fight through hoards of veggies gone bad and many other nightmare monsters. The Ogres almost decimated the mammal population when they have wiped out the mammals; are veggies next to be eliminated? Padre will Slide, Shoot, Kick and use augmentations to slice and dice like a mince-o-matic salad slicer, through mob after mob, along with unreal boss battles. Leave your enemies in a mass of gibs, and collect any silver dropped to power your augmentations and to hire allies to help you fight.

Real player with 7.6 hrs in game

Remember years ago back when Adult Swim wasn’t complete garbage? Had Tomato Way been an animation instead of a video game, it would have fit right in with that rest of the old roster. It is trashy surrealism at it’s finest.

Unfortunately, as far as gameplay goes, there is a certain level of broken jankyness you can get away with in an FPS that just does not fly in a 3rd person hack and slash. Controls and combat are just too broken for me to recommend this game in good faith. I am still going to finish it, because I have become completely absorbed in the fucknuts bizarre world the developer has created. Anyone that can get me invested in the deep lore of goddamn slavic ronin vegetables clearly has talent, but this sequel is just to rusty too give a thumbs up to.

Real player with 2.6 hrs in game

Tomato Way 2 on Steam

Mr. Fast

Mr. Fast

This is art. The kind of art where bullets fly all around and blood spatters paint the concrete floor. Awesome soundtrack too, Already hoping for a sequel, This is a true hidden gem. 10/10

Real player with 5.3 hrs in game

This game is poorly optimized. The aiming system is jank. The sound clips in and out. The soundtrack is ok at best. Some levels have a habit of spawning enemies on top of you. The physics are a joke. The levels are varied and have some nuance to them but are largely just shoot the dudes until the round ends. Despite all this, Mr. Fast is still an enjoyable experience if your expectations are low going in. I have no idea where I am or where I’m going, all I know is I must kill. Slowpokes need not apply.

Real player with 3.4 hrs in game

Mr. Fast on Steam

Crypt Of Shadows

Crypt Of Shadows

It’s a fun, casual game

Real player with 0.2 hrs in game

Crypt Of Shadows on Steam

Debrysis - an Awesome Badtrip

Debrysis - an Awesome Badtrip

You’ll find huge amount of guns. Stuff your enemies with bullets, cut them, burn them and blow them up. Find and use special items to slow down time, gain invulnerable, or bring a real armageddon. Everything in this world is created for destruction.

Gain experience and earn money to gather collection of vehicles. Improve and customize them to find the perfect perks combination for each arena and your style.

Комбинированные улучшения

Travel through unique realms: each arena is a parallel dimension, with its own topology, atmosphere and mechanics. Feel really unforgettable experience.

Meditate on destruction. Hypnotic visual style combined with a hardcore gameplay will give you a doses of adrenaline and endorphin just in a few minutes. Repeat until complete satisfaction.

Players already compete for leadership - and this is a really epic battle. Welcome.

Music is what we are inspired to create each game, and here it has a special role. The soundtrack was written by a wonderful russian musician Moa Pillar and creates an atmosphere of insane rave. Reach for the lazers!

There is no story.

  • No bullshit - pure action

  • 11 types of guns

  • 9 special items

  • 40+ upgrades combinations

  • 16 types of enemies + 5 bosses

  • 5 unique arenas

  • 3 battle vehicles

  • Endless ammo

Debrysis - an Awesome Badtrip on Steam

John Mambo

John Mambo

John Mambo is a frenetic Retro Arcade Game with an isometric top down view.

A Game with a detailed 2D hand drawn Pixel Art style for Windows/Mac/Linux/Steam/Switch/PS4.

Met John Mambo, a one man army, crazy enough to embark on a dangerous mission in the heart of a jungle all by himself… or with his co-op partner! Explore various landscapes, infiltrate enemy bases, cross cities occupied by the enemy and more! Nobody in the allied army trusts John (besides his co-op partner!) - but John Mambo doesn’t care.

He knows his mission and he will put all his effort to neutralize the enemy. The Colonel will send him on various missions, both funny and dangerous. The outcome of those missions depends on you – the player!

John Mambo is an action video game based on the era of the arcade machines and 16-bit consoles of the 90’s, but taking advantage of modern control mechanics and graphics engines . The game is inspired by retro classics like Ikari Warriors, Commando, Mercs and Cannon Fodder.

  • Supporting Mouse/Keyboard or PS4/Xbox Generic Controller.

  • 6 Levels

  • 2 Players Cooperative mode.

  • Main Features: Arcade / Strategy / Surreal Humor.

John Mambo on Steam

Disney•Pixar Cars

Disney•Pixar Cars

Great nostalgic game :)

Cars is open world and has a good number of races, minigames, and collectibles. Some of the more fun events - like chasing down the speeders - and some of the offroad races have high replayability.

It can take a while to find the location of all those stamps, and even then, getting to them is a whole other challenge. I remember for two of them you have to climb a huge mountain with its own share of difficulties and pick which stamp of the two to get. They both involve long jumps to reach them, and if you fall, you have to climb back up the mountain all over again.

Real player with 34.4 hrs in game

A great game that I enjoy. I remember playing this as a kid, and I was excited when I recently found out that it was available on Steam. This game has great races and mini-games. The controls can sometimes feel floaty and weird, but it is easy to get used to (I used a PS4 controller). The hub world, consisting of Radiator Springs, Ornament Valley, and Tailfin Pass, give you this sense of exploration. Not to mention you can hit npc cars in these hubs which can be very hilarious if you are doing this with someone watching you. You can choose a difficulty before starting Story Mode, which are Rookie, Pro, Champion, and another mode that is the most challenging that you need to unlock (I don’t know how to unlock it or the name of it). The cutscenes have original voice actors. You can also get bonus content like characters (note: unlocked characters can’t be used in Story Mode), paint jobs for characters, art, deleted cutscenes, and other videos, but you need to pay with points you receive in-game. The characters you unlock can only be used in Arcade and Multiplayer. Arcade is where you can choose a character and paint job and choose any mini-game or race that you have unlocked while playing in Story Mode. Multiplayer is basically just Arcade but with multiplayer. Multiplayer is split screen, and there is no online play. The only downfall is the sometimes floaty and weird controls that can take some getting used to and the difficulty that keeps on switching from easy to difficult, then back to easy and cycle repeats. Overall, it is a great game that anyone can enjoy, and I am more than happy to call it one of my favorite racing games.

Real player with 30.4 hrs in game

Disney•Pixar Cars on Steam