Stealth Master

Stealth Master

I like the game but it feels unfinished. There is no way to change keybindings, no directions or help for the editor. The editor itself also feels unfinished as you cannot rotate the way you would expect to. Sometimes the AI will literally spot you through walls when standing still. I like the idea of the game but it is very poorly executed. I have fun playing the missions although AI is wonky. Please update the game with more weapons, better AI, and a better editor.

Real player with 1.8 hrs in game

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Stealth Master on Steam

Mutilate-a-Doll 2

Mutilate-a-Doll 2

I’ve managed to squeeze 491 hours of fun out of it, if that says anything about the game at all. It looks simple, but there’s so much content it’s unreal. In 491 hours I’m still discovering new items and abilities. The game is consistently being updated by an amazingly kind developer. I’ve spoken to 0rava personally with questions about development and they were incredibly kind to me. If I had to point out one flaw, though, I’d mention that sometimes hotkeyed items just won’t appear. To fix the issue you have to reboot the entire game.

Real player with 669.1 hrs in game

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If you know who I am, it’s kind of obvious why I’d recommend this game.

Mutilate-a-Doll 2 has been one of the most influential games of my life, and seeing (and helping) it grow to this point is astonishing.

From Day 1 I was hooked on this game, and that’ll never stop. I’ve made countless contributions to this game, and will continue to do so in the future. I just love it that much.

If you want a game to relieve your stress, brutalize your enemies, and have fun… this is the game for you.

Explore these 1750+ items with your heart on your sleeve, and enjoy the carnage that is all at your hands.

Real player with 338.1 hrs in game

Mutilate-a-Doll 2 on Steam

People Playground

People Playground

Though the game is gory, violent and overall pretty morbid (possibly having dark lore as well) along with pretty unnerving secrets. Its still a FUN game to sink MANY hours into, simply by making machines, traps and random setups. Which can be very fun I usually find myself coming back to this game just to do something fun! Overall a great game with relatively common updates and weekly BANGER mods. Cya! -BryceTheKirby

Real player with 552.4 hrs in game

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Absolutly amazing! i have over 280 hours in this game, and i still love playing it, mods are really fun to mess with, and theirs quite a few secrets in the game that are fun to discover, i took me over 250 hours to discover an entirely secret map, and it was really fun to mess with syringes and chemicles, if i had one request it would be to add more fun products of mixing chemicles, like how mixing mending + acid creates a separate chemicle, More stuff like that could be really fun mess with

Real player with 284.2 hrs in game

People Playground on Steam

Alien Shooter TD

Alien Shooter TD

Rating: good (7/10)


Alien Shooter TD is a Tower Defence game based on the alien shooter action game. By building “towers” on pre-defined spots you defend the base by not letting aliens enter certain points.

Gameplay & Story: 6/10

The gameplay is somewhat restricted by giving you only certain points where you can build on, but you still have choices of different “towers”. These are a bit unusual for a tower defence game - you are basically setting up teams of marines, which as towers in other TD games shoot monster on approaching, but also need ammo and use different weapons. As an example - you have tactical squads that can either slow enemies down by freezing them or burn them over time with a flame thrower. When progressing further into the game, these marines do get multiple new weapons which gives you more possibilities for tactics - build tons of cheap marines or some few more expensive but better ones. The story is almost non-present here, just the usual stuff - defending the world against an alien invasion.

Real player with 46.6 hrs in game

I felt compelled to “100%” the game as much as possible (except for that last achievement), but I was really unsatisfied when playing the game. Towards the end of the game I would basically have it on in the background whilst doing something else.

Whilst it’s not an awful TD game, there are much more satisfying ones out there that you should play first, hence the thumbs-down.


  • You shoot lots of aliens, like in Alien Shooter 1 and 2.

  • I quite like the constant-upkeep-reloading mechanic.

Real player with 28.6 hrs in game

Alien Shooter TD on Steam

Blood And Zombies

Blood And Zombies

This game combines the base building of Rust and the game play style of Killing floor. At this point in the game (A 0.25 at the time of this writing) it’s just great. I’ve been looking for a game like this for a long time. BUT, I have a couple - to - few suggestions for the developer(s): First is obvious: this game would benefit exponentially from multiplayer (almost goes without saying, really). Second, well, once you get your base going it seems as if the zombies care more about vandalizing/breaking what you’ve built up than killing you, and most of the damage you’ll receive in the game is done indirectly (poison gas/electric zombies dying and leaving damage clouds). And three, the only major bug I’ve found while playing (in 4 hours mind you) is sometimes the camera gets a bit wonky. For example: I could hit the 2 key to switch to my secondary and the camera will flip, buying a new weapon will shove the gun into an awkward/unintended position (clipping through the camera), and facing the floor after looking at the menu (sometimes these issues can be fixed by switching weapons or reloading or buying a gun in the same slot, then returning to the first gun, but it didn’t for the crossbow). For an indie game so early in development, I’d rate it a 9.95/10.

Real player with 18.9 hrs in game

bugs start to show up and when brought up devs act like they could care less…give your money to “7 Days To Die” video game here on steam….atleast they listen and care….this was one of the worst games ive bought lately……horrible game.

had a fellow friend who also played had the follwing to say but couldnt leave a review but i can-

“Game is bug infested to the max. Mechanics don’t work and my keyboard stopped working multiple times after passing the first wave of zombies.”

my sons copy wouldnt even load up its map….needless to say he refunded at my recommendation when he approached me on what to do.

Real player with 6.5 hrs in game

Blood And Zombies on Steam

Blood Waves

Blood Waves

Blood Waves (BW in short) develope and published by Light Road Games. On steam, the PC version was released on 12/05/2018 however according to Metacritic ( ) it shows the PC version was released on 27/11/2017. A mismatch of information. As of this writing, there are no feedback on Metacritic for BW.

I am writing this as of update 0.410 with just 2.6 hours into the game and have not completed/experience what the product has to offer, substantially this is definately too early to write BUT because the developer is still updating the product at this stage, I intend to push this writing out ASAP for the devs to consider some idea(s) to work on.

Real player with 17.6 hrs in game

Didn’t go into this one with much to ask , just something to enjoy and play.

And that’s sort of what i got with Blood Waves , it’s a straightforward 3rd person survival shooter which feels like playing Resident Evil of sorts.

You have a skilltree where you get 1point per wave you finish , and money after each wave , to purchase weapons and upgrades.

Now let me start with saying that the Skilltree is busted , you can stack damage reduction , you get up to 6% of your max hp PER SECOND regenerated and then you have the classics like stamina increase , headshot dmg multiplier you know the good stuff.

Real player with 16.4 hrs in game

Blood Waves on Steam

Cyborg Mechanic

Cyborg Mechanic

Cyborg Mechanic is a simulation game where you face challenges as surgeon / mechanic working on cyborgs, bionic people and augmented humans. You will diagnose, repair and improve your customers’ bodies, as well as develop you workshop and acquire new equipment. You will operate in the underground, gaining fame and money – but also avoiding cyber-raids by the authorities.

Augment your clients

Your job is to make your customers happy by solving their problems. It’s your way to fame and money. And of course it’s all you live for. Your task, as a cyber mechanic, is not only to diagnose problems, but also to introduce modifications and improvements to bodies, minds and shells. But be careful as any procedure can end in your client suffering pain, disability, death or something even worse…


Your clients works in the underground world – they are traffickers, bodyguards, soldiers, madmen addicted to implanting new cyberware, street samurais, mnemonics and more. Many of them have interesting stories to tell, but all of them want repairs or improvements. Job orders vary in their level of complexity and the equipment requires to complete the task. You don’t have to accept every client, but implanting augmentations is your way of life…


How’bout a russian mechanical arm from a decade ago. Maybe some wolverine-like claws of your own design. The most modern laser eyes are on offer. You also have high-end coprocessors. The list of implants requiring simple or very complex procedures increases with your skills, fame and resources. Over time, your clients' bodies, minds and shells won’t have any secrets for you…

Workshop management

Money is just a way to achieve your goal which is to create the best workshop in the city. What equipment will help you find more customers? Do you need to purchase a cardiopulmonary bypass (CPB) right now or is it better to invest in a state of the art amputation saw first? Laser soldering iron or surgical scalpel – tough choice? Posters, colourful LEDs or slot machines? Cause looks are also important!


You work as an outlaw - without any license, out of control and not worrying too much about a sterile environment in your workshop. The more famous you are, the more illegal implants branded by you appear on the streets, the more vigilant the cyber police will be. Be sure they will be looking for you. Maybe they’ll lock you up right away? Maybe you can bribe them? Or maybe they will ask you for a small favour, who knows!


Cyborg Mechanic on Steam

Zombie Slayers

Zombie Slayers


Real player with 20.2 hrs in game

Don’t judge the simplistic 2D graphics and overlook this indie gem! Furious action and super responsive controls as well as a mass ton of weapons and upgrades to acquire make “Zombie Slayer” a sheer joy to play!

I love this game and the high challenge level that it offers, but also everything it rewards you with for succeeding and progressing.. more guns, more upgrades, etc.

Easy RECOMMEND and my score is an astonishing 9.5 out of 10. The bang for your dollar value is HIGH in this one!

Real player with 2.1 hrs in game

Zombie Slayers on Steam

ZIC: Survival

ZIC: Survival

I like the content of the game with crafting systems, pets, and survival elements, but the control is a bit weird. And I find myself having to spend a lot of time resource gathering. As a survival game, I think comparing to other similar games out there like embark, ZIC still has some improvement room. But it’s always nice to see cross-platform simulation game. I look forward to see how this game develops.

My first impression video:

Real player with 32.4 hrs in game

Game looks like a minimal effort cash grab with very thin mechanics and no real balancing. The availability of wood rapidly becomes the blocking factor because it’s used both as a crafting ingredient and the fuel to power most of the machines. Want to cook your raw meat? 1 piece of wood = 1 cooked steak. Want to make an iron ingot from iron ore? 1 piece of wood = 1 ingot.

Want to repair your mining tool? 4 ingots and 4 wood… except since you need to mine the iron ore AND the wood AND use some of the wood to convert the iron ore into ingots. And then on top of that, every time you repair your mining tool it’s max durability goes down, so you actually get to spend less and less time doing anything but maintaining your tools.

Real player with 1.7 hrs in game

ZIC: Survival on Steam