Plague hunter

Plague hunter

Plague hunter is an indie platformer game in the dark fantasy vein. In the game you’ll be using sword and gun to cut your way through hordes of zombies and other terrible monsters, avoiding deadly traps.

  • Oldschool gameplay

  • A variety of monsters

  • Battles with giant bosses that require tactics

  • Stylish graphics

  • Character upgrade


It all began in the days of bicentenary war, when the Order of Crusaders led the campaign against the elder nations. The Order was victorious; it took no prisoners, exterminating one race after another. Dead bodies filled the streets of ravaged cities. And amidst this putrid stench the darkest evil came to our world…

A terrible curse caused people to go insane and rot alive, slowly turning into atrocious monsters. Cities hit by this epidemic turned into giant hives of the ones led by the will of the pack. Soon all the elder kingdoms were swallowed by the Plague.

The king ordered the Master of the Order to stop the campaign and to build fortresses against the infection, and 300 years since they are defending the northern land from the swarm of plague.

Sometimes infected crusaders kept themselves sane. Those who suffered such fate were setting off their last crusade. Struck with the disease, they became plague hunters and were heading to the very heart of the infected land just to fall in battle and take as many insane monsters as they could with…

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Plague hunter on Steam



Innovative, challenging puzzles and an engaging story

Filament is a puzzle game that feels like it took a lot of inspiration from “The Witness”: It features a huge amount of puzzles which are all based on the same mechanic (laying a single cable around a number of pillars to activate them and unlock the exit), but provide lots of different variations within this mechanic (e.g. pillars that must not be touched, pillars that must be touched several times, pillars that change the color of your cable while others can only be activated with a specific color, etc.). These puzzles are placed in a small sort-of open world, so you’ll usually have about a dozen of different puzzles available to you at any time. If you get stuck on one, there are always others to try your hand on before you return with perhaps some new ideas.

Real player with 107.3 hrs in game

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Filament is a bittersweet puzzle game with challenging line-based logic puzzles.

The puzzles are presented in a 3-D plane and the player must use a series of robots connected to the wall to wrap around pillars in the correct manner to solve the puzzle and unlock the door. Completing a series of puzzles reveals more of the story through emails from the crew and Juniper reminiscing over the intercom.

The rules of puzzles are taught through the use of simple rooms, where players are able to experiment and deduce the rules of each section before moving ahead to the complex puzzles. I found this to be very effective, and create a sense of accomplishment, as if the rules themselves were a puzzle to solve too. Controlling the robots in order to solve the puzzle feels smooth, especially when using the run option (Which is toggled on/off by pressing Shift, I found this to not be clearly defined in the game). Backtracking and resetting options are quick allowing for quick reattempts of sections or entire puzzles, as there is inevitably some trial and error. There is some frustration when the robot looks like it should fit through a gap or it doesn’t, or the angle of a filament is slightly different than anticipated, but it is part of the puzzle to find a solution that works.

Real player with 47.4 hrs in game

Filament on Steam

Wandering Through The Vines

Wandering Through The Vines

I got the chance to beta test this game and help improve it, these are my thoughts.

First of all I want to say the art style for this game is really unique and pleasing to look at while your jumping your way across the levels.

On that note the character designs are really interesting and I have no idea how they were thought up lol.

The difficulty is quite enjoyable after you get used to the controls.

It’s also quite enjoyable after you beat a level ( feels like beating a hard Dark Souls boss ).

Real player with 9.1 hrs in game

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It is really difficult but enjoyable would be great as a game played with friends (taking turns it is only single player) or as a stream

The graphics are cool

I love the jumping mechanic it is very fun to have a touch sensitive jump so i can very its height. The controls are solid

I hope the dev keeps up the hard work. they have a cool vision that i really can’t wait to see come to fruition. I wish you the best of luck this game already has more potential than a lot of AAA games.

Real player with 1.2 hrs in game

Wandering Through The Vines on Steam

Ballista Legend

Ballista Legend

Ballista Legend is an action puzzler in the style of the classic Zuma game. It is beautiful and initial play is smooth and seamless. However it seems to have a few bugs that result in the game becoming unplayable after level 3 of chapter 1 for me. I am unsure if this is due to the version of the game I received or to some fault on the part of my computer. It would also be nice if the patterns on the balls distinguished them from each other in addition to the colors as the game is not entirely colorblind accessible. I will admit that despite the flaws I am eagerly awaiting the next time I am able to play.

Real player with 0.9 hrs in game

In this video I take a look at Ballista Legend.

A fun and well priced casual game.

Watch the video to see what the game is like for yourself…..

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Real player with 0.5 hrs in game

Ballista Legend on Steam

The Long Gate

The Long Gate

The first thing you notice about this game is the grandeur and mystery of its environment, and it doesn’t ever let up; as I moved through the different sections of the game I marveled at the design of the machinery and rooms. The soundtrack provides an excellent backdrop to levels that are variously organic, mechanical, dark, and alien. The puzzles themselves are unlike anything I’ve seen in a game before. Built on the simple (and very much real) principles of electricity, the puzzles quickly take you from clicking on/off switches to troubleshooting gigantic electromechanical computers. Sometimes the goal is clear, other times not so much. This forced me to experiment and learn the principles before I could really solve anything complicated. The learning curve steps up quite a bit at some points, but not unreasonably so. A very satisfying challenge with plenty of those “oh I get it now” dopamine hits. Highly recommended.

Real player with 26.9 hrs in game

Ok, so I’ve just finished the game for the first time (replaying soon because I still need that sweet, sweet 100% engineer mode achievement!) but I wanted to get my immediate feedback at 14.4hrs in onto paper :P

Firstly, a bit of my background. I’m a researcher in Computational Chemistry, and have a keen interest in quantum computing and electronics. I mention this as I think I’m not your typical audience, as not every gamer will have my experience with these kinds of things.

Onto the review! Spoilers abound from here on out so don’t read on if you care about those!

Real player with 14.4 hrs in game

The Long Gate on Steam

Fortified Swiss

Fortified Swiss

I highly recommend playing Fortified Swiss. It is a challenging tower defense that nicely incorporates rpg elements. Being able to control my hero and fight mice while also building, repairing, and upgrading my buildings is a lot of fun. The game also has beautiful art and excellent sound design.

Real player with 11.5 hrs in game

this game is super fun! very challenging levels that are hard to beat, but all the more rewarding when you do! receiving an early copy, i got to play through about half the game. each new level was unique in sound and design, feeling fresh and making you really feel as if you are a hero travelling through this world. once you start playing you get hooked, even as i lost m¨ltiple times i had fun and wanted to play again to win, crafting armor and making new strategies. a fun, unique game like no other. highly recommend to any game lover!

Real player with 10.4 hrs in game

Fortified Swiss on Steam

Inner Tao

Inner Tao

Nice puzzle game! Sokoban-like with fresh, interesting mechanics. Puzzles are very well designed and can be pretty challenging. Simple and elegant presentation

Real player with 15.4 hrs in game

This is a very good puzzle game. It’s very hard, but worth the challenge.

Real player with 3.5 hrs in game

Inner Tao on Steam

Brink of Extinction

Brink of Extinction

Brink of Extinction is a small but rich tower defense set in a post apocalyptic future. If you enjoy tower defenses then I would give this a try, especially if you enjoy strategy and planning ahead.

The game certainly leads on the difficult side. You start of with a large pool of credits, and get a couple of bucks for each enemy you kill, more money the stronger they are. This results in your initial placement and planning being crucial; not to say you can’t change things up mid game, but it can be quite hard to recover from a really bad plan at the beginning. Make no mistake, this game is hard, and you will need to play some levels multiple times to see which strategies do and don’t work. If you don’t enjoy repeating a level and getting better at it each time till you win, you might not like this, however I found that to be part of its appeal. It forces you to really think about what you’re doing.

Real player with 13.6 hrs in game

Warcraft III was my first exposure to tower defense games, and I became a fan of the genre many years ago. The great thing about Steam, is there are just so many options. There are many enjoyable tower defense games on Steam, some can be quite deep with mechanics and level layouts. Brink of Extinction is not one of these though.

First of all the game runs fine, I completed it and even tried out one of the endless maps for the score achievement. This game is just not very enjoyable, combined with some bad level design and fun ends up being at the Brink of Extinction. Most levels consist of a few predesignated building areas in a claustrophobic environment with the same few car assets peppered throughout. You have a choice of towers and some power ups you can use. It seems best to just spend all your funds on one or two towers to upgrade the stats as you wont do enough damage if you build on all of the limited spacing you do have. The power ups in my opinion are just too overpriced in the campaign to be viable, but they are useful in endless mode once funding is not an issue. So you place your towers and giant insects and Arachnids begin to spawn. Now you play the can my towers tank and kill these before they wreck what I’m suppose to protect game. Eventually you figure out that there are really only two viable towers which adds even less choices for your limited area.

Real player with 5.3 hrs in game

Brink of Extinction on Steam

Ori and the Will of the Wisps

Ori and the Will of the Wisps

If you enjoyed Ori 1, do not think further, buy Ori 2, it is the same but better. A tribute to traditional Metroidvania games but also Rayman 1, Hollow Knight, Guacamelee, all of these - Ori is simple (a bit too easy), smooth, efficient, BEAUTIFUL, very pleasant in terms of gameplay, with pretty but shallow music, BEAUTIFUL, lots of collectibles, BEAUTIFUL, also BEAUTIFUL… So yeah, that game is beautiful, Imagine Everdell the board game but animated in 2.5D. Simply magnificent drawings. It is much more narrated/story (action-story) driven than the 1 - a colorful, yet very sad story (my son cried). A village like in Hollow Knight to upgrade, some hard bosses and final levels reminiscent of Celeste, and sometimes vibrant visuals a bit like Yoku’s Island. In any case, if you enjoy well made Metroidvania action platformer, this game is a must buy, period.

Real player with 31.1 hrs in game

Perfect sequel to already an amazing game. Every flaw present in Blind Forest has been either changed or repaired in Will of the Wisps. But let’s start from the beginning.

Ori is of course a metroidvania, and it perfectly represents the genre. All upgrades are nicely introduced and movement with them is very smooth. Combat has been greatly improved comparing to first game. Instead of running and spamming attack button, here you can actually choose different abilities, making fights much more dynamic and interesting. Music, graphic design and lore, just like in Blind Forest, are incredible.

Real player with 25.5 hrs in game

Ori and the Will of the Wisps on Steam

Similars: Climb

Similars: Climb

This looks strange… How do you play?

Each round starts by removing an object by left clicking on it.

Choose any one, but remember what it looked like!

Now remove all objects that looks like the first one you chose.

Then select a new object type and continue until all of them are gone.

Each wrong object gives a time penalty.

But they hide behind each other and behind walls!

Hold down the left mouse button and drag to rotate the entire cloud of objects.

Can I take it easy?

No. Each level must be completed within the time limit, and your goal is to reach the top as quickly as possible.

Is it frustrating?

Yes. In a good way.

Am I going to die?

Not yet. You are immortal in this game, but punished for your mistakes.

What is required of me?

  • Total concentration under time pressure.

  • A well-developed short-term memory.

  • Attention to details and shapes.

  • No luck, just skill.

What does the game offer?

  • Simple and clear help page that explains the simple rules.

  • Statistics and ranking lists for all levels of climbing.

  • Achievements. Some are easy, others hard enough to make you proud.

  • Top ranking list for the world’s fastest climber.

  • Frustration. In a good way.

Similars: Climb on Steam