Ys IX: Monstrum Nox

Ys IX: Monstrum Nox

Ys IX - Monstrum Nox does not reach the level of masterpiece that is Ys VIII - Lacrimosa of Dana, but it is still a solid, great fun adventure to dive in, and a good stopping point to look back, reflect on how far the series has evolved before the next stage.

For newcomers, I think you should wait for sales, for the price to properly reflects its quality, as you pay more than VIII yet receive lesser. But Ys fans? Well, it’s up to your generosity whether to hit it now or later.

Final Score is 8.5/10 – Great

Real player with 200.1 hrs in game

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I cannot not recommend this.

1- It’s a Falcom Game and all their games are labours of love.

2- It’s the next installment of the Ys franchise and Ys is the Gold standard for Action-Adventure Games. That means it’s got fast-paced combat, exploration and a ton of quality of life stuff to keep you from getting bored.

3- The Falcom Sound Team jdk have another fantastic music score, check out their Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCz7eke4JGlbtc11_6mmA7ew

As for things more specific to this game in particular:

Real player with 94.9 hrs in game

Ys IX: Monstrum Nox on Steam

Bad Rats: the Rats' Revenge

Bad Rats: the Rats' Revenge

Let’s make this clear. This game is my life. And no, this isn’t satire so grow up a little bit and understand passion when you see it. I have logged over 730+ hours and I intend to log thousands more. Not only do I play this game daily, but I put over 30+ hours a week into it at the minimum. If you can do math like me that puts it at about 4.28571429 hours a day. (no I didn’t use a calculator, I can do math in my head.) Anyone who is just staring out on steam should get this game. It’s cheap and user friendly. Not to mention is is only O N E dollar! That is incredible! I have gifted this game probably 10 times and I’ll do it again. I’m also a moderator in the Bad Rats discord, which I am highly proud of. I worked tirelessly to get that position and I think I’m close to getting admin. Anyways, no matter the type of gamer you are, Bad Rats is for you. Just don’t think you’ll ever be as good as me. Please give this game a chance to change your life like it did to mine.

Real player with 1159.7 hrs in game

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Bad Rats is a revolutionary first person shooter that sets a new standard for this era of gaming. This is game published by Electronic Arts and is developed by Dice on the new Frostbite 4 engine to provide a superior graphic fidelity compared to other marvellous titles including Crisis 3. The story of the game takes place in the year 2035 when North Korea officially ends the cease fire for the Korean War and launches a series of surprise attacks on the United States of America and South Korea. North Korea launches an overwhelming amount of long range ballistic missiles towards major metropolitan areas in the United States which devastates the population and cripples the infrastructure of the government to be able to function properly to contain control of the United States. North Korea launches a full scale aerial campaign on Seoul with a relentless wave of troops pouring across the DMZ of North Korea and South Korea. China and the rebuilt Soviet Union organized by Vladimir Putin has been supplying North Korea with highly advanced military technology and expertise has secretly been supporting North Korea for a war since 2006! You play as a squad in the Navy Seals for the United States called “Bad Rats” Your objective is to assassinate all cats in the region of Asia to cut off all food supplies from the North Koreans and collapse the regime of Kim Jong Un. Using the destructible environments from the Frostbite 4 engine you must use the environment for a tactical advantage to exterminate all cats from Asia. Fan favourite maps return including Seige of Shainghai where you must collapse a skyscraper to kill all cats in the building. Facial scanning technology from LA Noire returns to add an extra layer of realism with realistic facial animation movements to add more emotion to the already immersive world. This is a highly addicting shooter that takes place in locations across the world from nuclear wasteland America to the glorious lands of North Korea. You have a massive arsenal of over 500 weapons to use with thousands of gadgets and gun camouflages. Bad Rats is integrated with the Steam Workshop which has created thousands of community maps and gun skins to be submitted into the game for future free DLCs called “Operations”. Each operation adds an extra layer of immersion into the game with a huge variety of community maps and skins to be added to expand the already masterpiece of a game. Bad rats is a very skill based shooter and requires extensive training to truly shine in multiplier. Bad Rats is the only first person shooter on the market to add a innovative competitive mode with ranks to determine your skill level. In multiplayer there are 2 teams. Counter Cats and Cats. The counter cats must plant a bomb on one of the two locations on the map to kill the population of cats in the area. The cats must prevent the counter cats or the “bad rats” from planting the bomb by either killing all the Counter Cats or defusing the bomb to save the population of cats in the premise.Bad Rats is a highly addicting shooter that any seasonal gamer should try out but I assume you already have! Bad Rats global sales have exceeded 1 billion on the first day outselling the Call of Duty franchise. It is very rare to see game a game this flawless since the release of Half Life 2. If you like first person shooter games you already own bad rats, if you don’t you are missing out on one of the most brilliant game of this century.

Real player with 404.5 hrs in game

Bad Rats: the Rats' Revenge on Steam

Sea of Solitude

Sea of Solitude

EA is usually known for two things: microtransactions and more microtransactions. As a result, many gamers overlook their EA Original lineup, which features unique indie titles. One such is Sea of Solitude.

Shallow Sea

It’s always amazing to see developers find creative and unique ways of tackling themes surrounding mental health issues. Some succeed, some fail. Sadly, Sea of Solitude falls in the latter camp.

It fails for a couple of reasons. First, the writing. Instead of providing a more in-depth commentary on a particular issue, it opts for quantity over quality. As a result, it only skims over them and does a rather shallow take that boils down to “this is good” and “this is bad”.

Real player with 6.4 hrs in game

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There are a bunch of short little 5 hour games or under now that you can play on the EA 5 bucks a month deal. This game and Unravel 1 and 2 etc. If you pick up the monthly pass to play these games you will knock them out in a single session or a week at most and will still have 3 weeks left to download and play a bunch of other neat games. Sea of Solitude is a once and done game for me so it is a perfect candidate for the monthly pass. But we are not here to talk about whether the EA pass has value or not we are here to talk about this game. So what can I tell you about it? Unfortunately not a lot. Spoilers.

Real player with 5.1 hrs in game

Sea of Solitude on Steam



9/10 so far so good only the main character emo tall guy sasuke look a like needs a cool voice acting DEVS if you read this please add cool voice acting for the main character adn also please put in the map where the main character is at like GTA and other gmaes that specifies where your characters at it gave me a lot of damage “that’s a lot of damage” to my brain and eyes playing for hours looking where my character in the map at :D just kidding this good game needs a sequel. Now first guys I will give you a hint

! dont pick the black butterfly first or you’ll regret it. First I thought this isn’t a horror f@%ing game cause it became so crazy when I pick the black butterfly all you need to do is dont get hit and killed or you’ll wake up and never finish that story tips always save the game and load it whenever you wake up. Gameplay mechanics is good like your character interacts with things and people other than that it lacks speech where the main emo tall guy sasuke look alike or eren look a like lacks speech Devs please add cool voice acting speech of the main character when he interacts with people and stuff not just some subtitles. Now about the game: It is a series of events where you solve errands of girls, first pick the gold butterfly, next is the blue and last but not the least the black one or else you’ll end up like me with a heart pulsating over 9000 such an insane mode for this game requires a lot of knowledge memorising places and where to hide in them such thrilling event in the game just dont get hit or else you’ll wake up and regret you will never finish the rich girl’s story. I never finish it yet but I’m almost done with the black butterfly, while the blue butterfly seems peaceful but i’ll try to now if it is, because it is a mystery game after all. So thank you so much everbody for watching and as always I will see you in the next vi… joke ahahhahaha I’m not mark just some random dude I hope Markiplier plays it. And also the main character indeed was the black angel. :D

Real player with 19.4 hrs in game

This is an interesting, very creepy, and (at times) frustrating exploratory adventure. You play from a 3rd person perspective, controlling a tall man in black. In separate chapters, he encounters different girls who have been the victims of a family tragedy. He unravels their story (by finding notes and objects in the environment), resolves their ‘unfinished business,’ and then guides them to ‘follow the light.’ Each chapter is set in a unique and complex environment. Two areas (the Sanitarium and Ophelia’s House) are multi-floored buildings with dozens of doors and halls. A map is provided but it is still tricky to develop a feel for the floor plans and move about without getting lost. This is compounded by doors locking and unlocking and hallways becoming blocked during the course of the story.

Real player with 12.6 hrs in game




this game has 2 really annoying parts already in the start that i will reveal here

first of all when u install the game and then press play it says u need to download origin (gameside) and create there a acc ..so u have to again wait like a half hour longer to install origin and create your acc

second of all because first thing u soon have to do is sing with some kind of alien flower… k seems funny but how u do it is just very annoying and kinda taking alot time if u dont have luck or dont know how.. how u do it: u press with the mouse.. for longer but gently ! ..means almost not pressing(just slightly) i tried wth my laptop and extra mouse like more than 1 hour.. until i found out how..

Real player with 24.7 hrs in game

Fe is an Jump N Run Plattformer with unique minimalistic but cute Graphics

You can learn 5 different Voices that you help to control special animals or flowers to get on other Stages

The Story is a bit confusing since no Voices or Subtitles, but with an Suprising End (what reminds me on Jet Force Gemini & Spellforce Order of Dawn

You can find 75 Crystals & 12 Helmets with a few Abilities you can get for a special amount of Crystal. 25-30 Crystals are well hidden and you need to figure out where they are and how you came to them. What sometimes need many thinking around corners or luck because the real way to get it a little bit far away and well hidden (under bear cave on in the Bird Area)

Real player with 15.4 hrs in game

Fe on Steam

Fragile Fighter

Fragile Fighter

Wow! To sum this game up in one word, that’s the word I’d use, “wow” I’ve played all types of games over the years and typically enjoy parts of each. This game, however, got me all the way and the reason is because it checked off all the boxes. I was engaged with the story, moved by the music, drawn in by the characters and fully enjoyed the challenge the gameplay presented. You don’t have amazing armor or impenetrable skin to endure tons of hits or falls, etc. Essentially you have one hit and you’re done. You can upgrade as you progress, but are still forced to focus in and think through the gameplay as you move methodically forward. Each of the doors, which present a series of levels were also very different. Not the same monotonous play repeating itself with different backgrounds, which most games seem to have.

Real player with 4.7 hrs in game


-Touching Story

-Gorgeous art style

-Beautiful soundtrack


-Short game

-Level length/difficulty varies

Content Warning: Game deals with some heavy situations, and may cause negative triggers.

Fragile Fighter is a narrative 2D platformer focusing on short scenes, or doorways, into the difficult lives of a group of individuals. We follow our blue-haired protagonist, Kira, as she explores some of the insurmountable difficulties of existence the cast of individuals has endured.

The story is primarily told through short scenes between the levels, culminating in a traditional boss room for each character. Some of the levels felt significantly lengthier but may have been related to weaknesses in platforming ability. The scenes are mostly silent and there are some openings for individual interpretation of each situation and its outcomes.

Real player with 4.3 hrs in game

Fragile Fighter on Steam

Decadent Thinking

Decadent Thinking

Interesting premise, but the translation isn’t really serviceable. Maybe skip this if you can’t read Japanese.

Real player with 0.2 hrs in game

Decadent Thinking on Steam

The Librarian (Special Edition)

The Librarian (Special Edition)

This game is so short, not just in length but content, that it should be free. There is barely any story, character or resolution. In terms of game interaction, it is a simple, not always logical, process of floating the mouse around to find objects and seeing if they interact with any of the peculiar inventory selections. It is not worth $5. And, yes, I always leave my place to take care of emergencies with a decanter of wine because you never know …

Real player with 0.8 hrs in game

Our Curator Page

The game is really short

This is a special edition of the game you can get free on other platform. In special edition you’ll get soundtrack & artbook as bonuses.

Game from one of the artists, who created Thimbleweed park, Octavi Navarro. Little dark fantasy story about libraryan named Liz. Once in the snowy evening she got a message about problems in library, so she need to go and solve them.

In the gameplay, you won’t see anything new: you’ll find a standard point&click adventure in which you’ll have to solve various puzzles to find out what happened in the library.

Real player with 0.7 hrs in game

The Librarian (Special Edition) on Steam



4L GAMES LTD recently released a puzzle game called FRACTER, which has already established quite a bit recognition for the game’s mesmerizing sounds and style. In it, the player plays a young protagonist who must solve a series of puzzles through a mysterious labyrinth in order to resolve the darkness within. The game is now available for purchase on iOS, Android, and Steam for PC.

FRACTER is a puzzle game set in a monochrome labyrinth with glowing, isometric fixtures in the form of puzzles. It balances complexity and simple design with its varying shades of black and white to respectively emphasize light and dark value to complement its premise. The player must solve a series of puzzles, each a bit more complex than the last, in order to get to the next level – of which there are seven. Along the way, the player may encounter spider-converting zombie versions of themselves that they must avoid or lure into a light encompassing fixtures to get rid of. Melancholic, orchestral music follows and narrates the player’s journey through the labyrinth.

Real player with 5.2 hrs in game

Great things come in small packages and FRACTER is pretty great. The puzzles in FRACTER range from simplistic in the first few levels to super-challenging in the final two levels. The game slowly builds on itself with more complex designs, environmental mechanics, and elaborate solutions. The puzzles are all light based, giving you a light source and a dark cube that needs illuminated, usually by bouncing the light off of mirrors to create a path between the two.

To complicate matters FRACTER has these creepy shadow creatures that wander the levels in short repeating patterns. If you get too close they will screech and chase you down unless you can manage to run away and hide in the darkness. If they touch you then you get sent back to the last checkpoint, which are very generous in this game. You’ll never replay more than 30 seconds. While the game tries to build tension by wanting you to sneak and avoid these creatures I found it far more enjoyable to kill them using any nearby light source.

Real player with 3.9 hrs in game

FRACTER on Steam

Shadow Warrior 3

Shadow Warrior 3

Fallen corporate shogun Lo Wang and his former employer turned nemesis turned sidekick Orochi Zilla embark on an improbable mission to recapture an ancient dragon they unwillingly unleashed from its eternal prison. Armed with a punishing mix of blades and bullets, Lo Wang must traverse uncharted parts of the world to track down the dark beast and push the apocalypse back yet again. All it will take is the mask of a dead god, a dragon’s egg, a touch of magic, and enough firepower to hold off the impending cataclysm.

Bring a Katana to a Gunfight

Conduct a symphony of death with each encounter by mixing overwhelming firepower with devastatingly precise katana strikes as you dash in and around the demonic hordes.

Fancy Footwork

Flow between nimble movement techniques including air dashes, wall running, double jumps, and the fancy new grappling hook busts your combat and movement options wide open in every battle.

Execute Then Annihilate

Execute spectacular finishing moves to claim a piece of your conquered foe and unleash its powers back on the horde in a burst of unstoppable fury and powerful magic.

Dynamic Combat Arenas

Each environment is lined with hazardous structures and devices that can be activated to add another layer of creative choice to the offensive strategy.

Neo Feudal Japan

Trek across a mythic Asian land infused with the magic and technology of ancient samurai, now overrun by the demonic yokai from Japanese folklore.

Funny Business

Brace for expertly delivered one-liners from Lo Wang, pointed banter with Zilla, and an intense thrillride of absurd predicaments on the way to turning doomsday into a new day.

Shadow Warrior 3 on Steam