Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons

Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons

Simple Review Portion:

===[ ❤ Audience: ]===

☐ Kids

☑ Everyone

☐ Casual players

☐ Pro players

===[ ☼ Graphics: ]===

☐ Potato

☐ Really bad

☐ Bad

☐ OK

☐ Good

☑ Beautiful

☐ Masterpiece

===[ $ Price/quality: ]===

☐ It’s free

☑ Full price

☐ Wait for sale

☐ Average

☐ Refund it if you can

☐ Don’t do it

===[ ☣ Requirments: ]===

☐ 90' PC

☐ Minimum

☑ Medium

☐ Fast

☐ High end

☐ NASA computer

===[ ☼ Difficulty: ]===

☐ You just need 2 arms

☑ Ez

☐ Easy to learn / Hard to master

☐ Hard (first few hours)

Real player with 562.6 hrs in game

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While Starbreeze has enjoyed acclaim from it’s previous releases, the studio hasn’t exactly built it’s reputation on creating whimsical worlds with moving narratives. Both Chronicles of Riddick and The Darkness gave their players dark and gritty worlds to explore and some unique gameplay twists to hook players. With such a pedigree Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons stands out as being wholly against type. It’s the video game equivalent of Martin Scorsese’s Hugo, stepping away from subject matter reserved for mature audiences to deliver a memorable experience that can be enjoyed by audiences both young and old. While seemingly stepping out of the comfort zone established by their track record, Brothers stands out as one of 2013’s best, and most surprising, releases.

Real player with 9.8 hrs in game

Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons on Steam

Star Sky 3

Star Sky 3

This would be my favortie of all three. Done in the same style as the first two, Star Sky 3 takes things a step further, complacating ‘the journey’. I enjoyed it.

Real player with 3.1 hrs in game

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Nice finish to the trilogy. Not as spectacular or intuitive as the first and smaller than the second but nonetheless a pleasant game to puzzle through.

Real player with 2.6 hrs in game

Star Sky 3 on Steam



Side scrolling environmentally conscious educational puzzle game about coral reefs and oceans, and the human impact on both. A family friendly learning experience for any age. There is enough educational content it could be used in schools as part of a lesson. Now before anyone thinks an educational game is not fun, think again. The education is hidden among the 32 collectibles (shiny white sparkly glow balls) which explain coral reefs and oceans, and the devastation humans are causing. These collectibles can be found over 9 different oceanic environments of the 10 chapters. Each chapter has puzzle elements to them: sea currents, pollution walls, various plant and coral life, volcanic vents and cavern systems.

Real player with 13.1 hrs in game

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There are things every medium does well; each with their own potential and set of virtues. For creators, it’s about finding the best way of utilising a medium to amplify their message, whatever that may be.

The proof of gaming’s potential—be it narrative, thematic, or even educational—is now all around us. It has enormous value as an artistic medium and its growth continues to show us what games are capable of. Every year we see games taking on bolder, more innovative, and challenging forms.

Koral, a modest puzzle game with a potent environmental message, is one such form.

Real player with 4.5 hrs in game

Koral on Steam

Shuffle World

Shuffle World

I believe that this little puzzle-platformer is well worth your attention, especially at the low price of $1. You might consider giving it a try if you:

  • like short games: with its 42 levels, Shuffle World will take around one hour of your time to be fully completed.

  • enjoy easy platformers: this is not a game meant for people who strive doing hardcore challenges; as a person with low to average platforming skill, Shuffle World proved to be a very enjoyable experience for me, the only level that I struggled with being the last one (ok, maybe the last 3-4) which requires a more finicky control over the character’s movement.

Real player with 3.1 hrs in game

TL;DR - the game doesn’t develop the core mechanic much at all. You will be doing the same few things in level 42 that you were doing in the first, but now with tighter timing. It’s kind of hard to justify buying this game for that reason.

The goal of the game is to collect all of the fruit in a level, at which point you’ll move on to the next. This forces you to use the swap mechanic to reach every otherwise inaccessible area with fruit in it, but the game’s level design never requires any amount of deep thought, and difficulty only really ever comes about from being required to manage swapping landmasses and platforming over enemies at the same time. There’s little exploration of the mechanics, since the deepest it gets is toggle blocks, moving platforms and moving threats. Your character’s abilities are just as simple - jump, or swap landmasses.

Real player with 1.1 hrs in game

Shuffle World on Steam



Weakless – Finding Strength in Collaboration

Weakless is a short and relaxing puzzle-adventure game set in a beautiful organic environment. The player adopts the role of two carefree, wooden creatures called Weavelings, one of which is deaf, the other blind. However, the characters find strengths in their weaknesses and collaboration is the key to solving unique puzzles and saving their world.

Overall, it is a serene and relaxing experience with a disappointingly vague narrative and fairly minimal mechanics. Its visuals and soundtrack are the game’s best features with the style of gameplay allowing the player to enjoy these at a leisurely pace. The cute characters and simple puzzles give the game a very casual feel, making it easy to play but unfortunately, much harder to get immersed in. Weakless was an enjoyable experience overall but the short playtime of around 3-5 hours and technical issues mean that the price tag is a bit too steep. With that in mind, I’d only recommend it cautiously, and definitely on sale.

Real player with 6.5 hrs in game


First Impressions🤔

The game looks impressive and feels original from the start. Hand drawn graphics play a significant part in telling the story and there is an unusual soundtrack playing throughout which gives the game an earthy and natural feel. Instruments such as the marimba, rav drums and udu are used to create the weird but spiritual acoustics.

Real player with 5.3 hrs in game

Weakless on Steam

ARIDA 2: Rise of the Brave

ARIDA 2: Rise of the Brave

Overcome the challenges of the drought to survive this nineteenth-century Brazilian backlands walking trip.

Cícera continues her journey in this single-player that combines elements of survival and adventure. Gather resources, build utensils, learn tools, and interact with other backlands travelers. Be strong. Have faith and wisdom to explore the aridest regions and discover clues that point the way to a very special settlement.


Ready for the night

The day and night cycle adds greater provisioning needs. When the sunlight is gone, new threats will emerge. And new guides too!

Accompanied on the journey

A lonely trip in the backlands can be very dangerous. Stay tuned for the challenges you meet, maybe you can find someone (or something) who will serve as a companion.

Equipped for adventure

The challenges of the backlands require equipment. Use the machete and hoe for vital actions such as getting water, cutting paths or cutting a cornstalk. But don’t forget to have a handful of stones as blind equipment is of no use!

Recipes to practice

Living in the backlands requires a science of its own. The fauna and flora are unique, so try to learn the recipes available for crafting with the typical items of the region.

Interact to survive

Hunger and thirst can be quite cruel in the backlands in times of drought. Interact with the other characters you met to solve quests and learn new strategies for getting water and food.

Explore to know

Explore the arid regions to learn more about the backlands and find the resources you need to stay upright. A full inventory is always a good thing!

Stories to learn

The backlands is a special place, with unique stories that would only happen there. Venture to find the lost objects and find out more about the backlands legends.

ARIDA 2: Rise of the Brave on Steam



9/10 so far so good only the main character emo tall guy sasuke look a like needs a cool voice acting DEVS if you read this please add cool voice acting for the main character adn also please put in the map where the main character is at like GTA and other gmaes that specifies where your characters at it gave me a lot of damage “that’s a lot of damage” to my brain and eyes playing for hours looking where my character in the map at :D just kidding this good game needs a sequel. Now first guys I will give you a hint

! dont pick the black butterfly first or you’ll regret it. First I thought this isn’t a horror f@%ing game cause it became so crazy when I pick the black butterfly all you need to do is dont get hit and killed or you’ll wake up and never finish that story tips always save the game and load it whenever you wake up. Gameplay mechanics is good like your character interacts with things and people other than that it lacks speech where the main emo tall guy sasuke look alike or eren look a like lacks speech Devs please add cool voice acting speech of the main character when he interacts with people and stuff not just some subtitles. Now about the game: It is a series of events where you solve errands of girls, first pick the gold butterfly, next is the blue and last but not the least the black one or else you’ll end up like me with a heart pulsating over 9000 such an insane mode for this game requires a lot of knowledge memorising places and where to hide in them such thrilling event in the game just dont get hit or else you’ll wake up and regret you will never finish the rich girl’s story. I never finish it yet but I’m almost done with the black butterfly, while the blue butterfly seems peaceful but i’ll try to now if it is, because it is a mystery game after all. So thank you so much everbody for watching and as always I will see you in the next vi… joke ahahhahaha I’m not mark just some random dude I hope Markiplier plays it. And also the main character indeed was the black angel. :D

Real player with 19.4 hrs in game

This is an interesting, very creepy, and (at times) frustrating exploratory adventure. You play from a 3rd person perspective, controlling a tall man in black. In separate chapters, he encounters different girls who have been the victims of a family tragedy. He unravels their story (by finding notes and objects in the environment), resolves their ‘unfinished business,’ and then guides them to ‘follow the light.’ Each chapter is set in a unique and complex environment. Two areas (the Sanitarium and Ophelia’s House) are multi-floored buildings with dozens of doors and halls. A map is provided but it is still tricky to develop a feel for the floor plans and move about without getting lost. This is compounded by doors locking and unlocking and hallways becoming blocked during the course of the story.

Real player with 12.6 hrs in game




Downloaded game, looks good. Plug controller in and game goes crazy. So I play with a keyboard, get past the opening and all I get is a green screen and blue boxes around me, no clue what to do. Guess refund time :S

Real player with 0.3 hrs in game

Crazy cool game for an insanely low price. The developer has given you a handful of stuff that will be interesting for you this game experience. Including chill music to vibe to, bad guys, weapons and shooting system, movement mechanics, colors and graphics. It’s really fun, it’s different and really creative, big thumbs up. (Note to dev: first boss got stuck on the fire and could not move 2nd time around, 1rst time around I died and I had to go through all the story again).

Youtube Game Play:

Real player with 0.2 hrs in game

Amendium on Steam

InFlux Redux

InFlux Redux

InFlux Redux is a high-definition remaster of the 2013 puzzler InFlux , built on a brand new engine with improved graphics and physics, and completely rewritten game code.

InFlux is a puzzle game that mixes exploration and platforming in a series of beautiful natural and abstract environments. You are a mysterious metal sphere which falls from the sky, traversing an apparently deserted island dotted with cubic structures of glass and steel. Each glasshouse is a puzzle to be solved. Redux is prettier, more polished, and more performant than the original!

  • Roll your way through a series of beautiful and varied naturalistic environments

  • Discover and solve a sequence of mind-bending cubic puzzle structures

  • Forge an alliance with a majestic and enigmatic humpback whale

  • Enjoy an extensive original soundtrack by composer Jonathan Yandel

  • Experience the game that Andy Sum, creator of Crossy Road, described as “So beautiful I cried. Twice” when prompted to say something flattering about it

InFlux Redux on Steam

Savage Halloween

Savage Halloween

This game rocks especially when you play 2 players the fun is doubled!

Weapons are very fun even if the frog is a bit hard to use at some places,

The chicken is very cool to get rid of some hard bosses.

bosses fights and run phases are really cool and graphics reminds of that good old retro vibe!!

Oh and I was happy to fight a weird garlic-headed man in this game haha!

So really good game, really cheap too, just grab it!

Real player with 20.7 hrs in game

Savage Halloween is a steam videogame featuring bristling detail cyclone tops that make stages welcome in halloween themed hell areas…characteristic decisions that easily surely depend on prodding the enemies with familiar traps that cross brow lifted support..nice expertise controls that are gazed into focus as a softening arm clovers a nut drizzled with fancy decoration entertainment…i whimpered in the difficulty chambers llke dark wispy hair shutting the edges off…i give this game a 10/10 a jump start to a conclusion of halloween nature love the burrito master

Real player with 10.1 hrs in game

Savage Halloween on Steam