Vertiginous Golf

Vertiginous Golf

This game is really pretty cool. It’s a minigolf game with a really cool fantasy-esque atmosphere and neat little contraptions all over. You build up power with swings and can use either a rewind button or a little jet thingie on your ball to move it slightly where you want. At first it seems like rewind is incredibly OP but the game gets fairly challenging and fairly fast. To the point it might even get a bit frustrating to some people. Luckily I was playing it with my girlfriend so I did honestly have a good time watch us both screw up a few times. The game’s got pretty good graphics and a neat art style and is surprisingly not too computer intensive too.

Real player with 19.2 hrs in game

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The Good

Vertignious Golf is a gorgeous game, both conceptually and stylistically. The game controls aren’t difficult to grasp, the music and sounds are well designed, and the interface is nice and clean, not interfering with the graphics – did I mention they were gorgeous? Oh, yes, I did.

The hummingbird and rewind features are welcome additions to the basic gameplay of minigolf. In fact, given the complexity of some of the holes, they’re requirements. The availability of a wedge in addition to a putter is welcome, adding a level of strategy absent in other minigolf games.

Real player with 15.9 hrs in game

Vertiginous Golf on Steam

Even the Ocean

Even the Ocean

Even the Ocean is an outstanding narrative and platformer with clever puzzles, believable personalities, and quite a long adventure.

  • Edit: Probably worth mentioning: It’s of a rare breed of game that can stand on its own merits as a story-driven puzzle-platformer, that also has a message to deliver about society; an existence proof that we can have both, breaking down a dichotomy I’ve seen many people percieve between compelling gameplay and artistic expression in modern games.

I’ve been looking forward to (and following the development of) this game since I played Sean and Joni’s previous game Anodyne, which itself had a wealth of imaginative worlds to explore, each with unique puzzles and atmospheres. Suffice to say, I wasn’t disappointed to find the same wealth of content, crafted with at least as much care and skill as was used in Anodyne. These two clearly know what they’re doing when it comes to game design and development.

Real player with 63.6 hrs in game

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Even the Ocean is a 2D adventure platformer at a glance filled with a neat mechanic and no enemies. As I played, I came to realize that there were some deeper elements hidden within the game, including some commentary on modern day society as well.

The game’s primary focus seems to be the story. Like many other games, this one is cliched as well. You play as Aliph, who is new to the big city, and an unsuspecting and unassuming potential hero to save the world, through her skills in mechanics. But as the story develops, you do become attached to the character and the simple interactions on a day to day basis with the people around her, waiting for the next chapter to unfold, or does it? The story is really quite nice, well-written, filled with funny dialogue and social commentary, etc.

Real player with 17.5 hrs in game

Even the Ocean on Steam