A great game if you like simple platformers without complicated puzzles.

A terrible game if you like good puzzles where stuff happens. The puzzles are very simple, you often have to just press a button and wait for your character to walk somewhere, and the beautiful artstyle gets really boring once you realize how often everything repeats itself.

Real player with 25.8 hrs in game

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A lone female character facing off against enemies that represent mental illnesses while usually in a dim, black and white/grey, or colourless world isn’t anything new. Far from it.

There are plenty out there (Little Nightmares, Shady Part of Me, Celeste, Child of Light, Hellblade, Amnesia Rebirth, Ib, Limbo (but a boy), and more)

So with that in mind I wondered what Gris (apparently pronounced “gree”) could add to the already overcrowded, overdone trope/setting.

It was fun while it lasted. Great art and animation. Nice soundtrack. You can’t die so you go at your own pace. It was a nice day playing it (about 6 hours to 100%)

Real player with 8.2 hrs in game

GRIS on Steam

A Juggler’s Tale

A Juggler’s Tale

Some comparisons have been made to games like “Little Nightmares”, and at first, that seemed far fetched, but it actually turned out to be kinda true: even though this game isn’t nearly as horror-themed, there are several scenes which are moody and scary and also involve chase sequences.

The story itself is presented as an actual story, with the narrator doing a great job setting the tone and also, sometimes, explaining what to do if the player ever gets stuck. The mechanics and riddles might not be that innovative to players who are familiar with these kinds of games, but for newcomers, there are several tricky parts. I especially struggled with some of the scenarios, but managed to solve them without needing to look anything up online. So, if I can do it, pretty much everyone can do it. There are even some nice conceptual twists thrown in, with drastic turns you might not expect. It has an undeniable meta-quality to it, and the game takes good advantage of that.

Real player with 8.0 hrs in game

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A very entertaining and beautiful puzzle adventure game, but solutions are a little obvious and game time could be longer.

A Juggler’s Tale is a charming fairy tale adventure with puzzle and platform elements.

Abby, is being held hostage. Confined in a cage, she is only released to perform circus tricks for scraps of food. The ring master is mean and domineering, and her life is tedious and unfulfilled.

All she wants to do is break free from her prison and see the world.

Real player with 4.5 hrs in game

A Juggler's Tale on Steam

“Glow Ball” - The billiard puzzle game

“Glow Ball” - The billiard puzzle game

Glow Ball - The Billiard Puzzle Game has a really great concept. A puzzle game where you use the mechanics of a pool table, but instead of a pool table, you have a series of balls and unusual “tables” and pockets.

The glowing balls and shadows make the game look great, too, despite the otherwise lazy minimalist/low poly environment. Unfortunately the controls are finnicky, and the puzzles are more frustrating than enjoyable (admittedly I am not the best at billiards to begin with). If the game was a little easier this would be a great casual puzzle game. The $5 asking price is a little high given the issues with the game. It’s hard to give a thumbs down to a game I wanted to like, but couldn’t.

Real player with 34.6 hrs in game

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Pool with puzzle elements, seems like a nice combination, right? Well, I guess the idea could be nice if it was well executed, which “Glow Ball” sadly does not.

I do not have any problem with games that do not have superb graphics but Glow Ball’s graphics are amazingly ugly in a way I find it amazing people are able to create these kind of graphics in 2014. Especially the main screen looks atrocious and almost funny.

The gameplay could have been interesting. Like in regular pool you will have to shoot your balls in the holes, the only difference here is you will have to avoid fire traps, canyons and other contraptions. The only problem with this is that the physics are nothing like real Pool, which is ofcourse one of the most important things that should be right in a game like this. Then there’s the power bar of the cue which is very slow and does not make much of a difference.

Real player with 3.8 hrs in game

Glow Ball - The billiard puzzle game on Steam



Escape from Docy – it’s an indie game, where you have to escape from Docy, he is your enemy who is doing everything to prevent you from reaching the end or finish the game.

You can cheat him in a way, so that he can not reach you. All these you’ll understand during the game.

There are 18 levels. Going from level to level, the game is getting harder and you have to escape not only from Docybut also from his friends.

You have to be fast and nimble, be able to quickly orient how to escape from Docy, there will be many obstacles in your way,

It will not be easy, but you have to fight against all the enemies.

There are more than 10 mechanics that make the process of playing more interesting and enjoyable.

It is beautifully designed, structured in a perfect way and there are fantastic particle effects that will let your hair down. You will enjoy your time and feel like you are in your element.

All the other technics and rules you will understand later on while playing the game.

Enjoy it.




this game, is absolutely incredible. i cannot explain it. on my first journey my friend showed me where all of the cape things were, all of the pictures on the walls, everything. they saved me from the dragons in more ways than one, even after i flew right into the back of one of them, my friend came back and showed me a safer way to get through. they showed me how to speedrun the 4th or 5th level by spamming bing bongs and flying up, this is the only game ive ever felt compelled to write a review for. i thought we messed up when we froze, heartbreaking stuff. 10/10 will bing-bong with a stranger on the internet again

Real player with 80.9 hrs in game

I met small fren, then I met many small fren, then met some bigger fren, then some not fren. In the end though i met A true friend in struggle. We helped each other. This game made me feel more bonded to anyone then any other game I have ever played. 10/10, 100/100. I cried myself to sleep. I got into this thinking, “Probably just an over-hyped game.” When I first started walking I noticed that the sound quality on the walking wasn’t good. Not of that mattered in the end, because art isn’t perfect, but for goodness sake’s if this game dose not come close to it.

Real player with 12.9 hrs in game

Journey on Steam

AuroraBound Deluxe

AuroraBound Deluxe

its quite relaxing keeps the mind alert being as i am an older person.

Real player with 357.4 hrs in game

A fun game to while away the hours

Real player with 55.8 hrs in game

AuroraBound Deluxe on Steam



Fill a blank canvas with vivid memories as you explore the summer with paint, music and photographs. Wander into open city scenes, discover secrets and meet charming characters as you unfold an immersive world filled with everyday wonders.

Key Features

  • Painting: Use gorgeous watercolour to paint the world and reveal its secrets.

  • Exploration: Roam freely through open city areas and unlock more as you progress.

  • Photography: Capture your favorite locations on film to revisit them later.

  • Music: Lead a symphony of instruments as you interact with the world around you.

  • Relaxing: No combat, no puzzle, no challenge, no failure. Explore at your own pace.

été on Steam



Side scrolling environmentally conscious educational puzzle game about coral reefs and oceans, and the human impact on both. A family friendly learning experience for any age. There is enough educational content it could be used in schools as part of a lesson. Now before anyone thinks an educational game is not fun, think again. The education is hidden among the 32 collectibles (shiny white sparkly glow balls) which explain coral reefs and oceans, and the devastation humans are causing. These collectibles can be found over 9 different oceanic environments of the 10 chapters. Each chapter has puzzle elements to them: sea currents, pollution walls, various plant and coral life, volcanic vents and cavern systems.

Real player with 13.1 hrs in game

There are things every medium does well; each with their own potential and set of virtues. For creators, it’s about finding the best way of utilising a medium to amplify their message, whatever that may be.

The proof of gaming’s potential—be it narrative, thematic, or even educational—is now all around us. It has enormous value as an artistic medium and its growth continues to show us what games are capable of. Every year we see games taking on bolder, more innovative, and challenging forms.

Koral, a modest puzzle game with a potent environmental message, is one such form.

Real player with 4.5 hrs in game

Koral on Steam



8/1/2020 EDIT: After the recent Minimalist mode, I’ve decided to revisit this review.

This is the most engagement I’ve ever gotten from a Steam Review. And it was me dunking on an incredibly talented team of creators. It sucks knowing that my highest creative achievement has actively held back purchases, and thus just compensation, to actual artists. With all that said, I want to see future games from Mooneye Studios. I want to respect their creative achievement with a fair review, rather than with apathy.

Real player with 35.5 hrs in game

Recommended- with caveats.

The game has fantastic visuals. The environments are stunning.

However, at the time of this review, there are some significant bugs, such as clipping into terrain, possibly getting stuck in/on geometry if you morph back into the wolf at the wrong time or place, animals, plants, rocks, and other things floating above the surface (levitating when they should not be). Some random UE4 engine crashes, unknown what is causing them, no way to predict them.

An earlier bug that left the game running after you exited has been patched by the devs, but it means my total hours played is not accurate. (I bought the game on Launch Day, while the bug was still occurring). I estimate my actual playtime to be about 5-8 hours less than what is shown on this review.

Real player with 29.3 hrs in game


Blind Souls

Blind Souls

I like this game and the atmosphere in it.

This is what you need after a hard day’s work!

She soothes and the whole game process is like a meditation.


  • Graphics. Traced details of delights me, it is so magical and beautiful, as if you are really on nature. Grass, water, trees, stunning views that one after another can be put on the desktop.* Music. It relaxing, but at the same time keeps you awake. The sounds of nature are really real and not sharp.* Gameplay. Very pleased that the game will not hurry you and you can enjoy as much as you want the surrounding nature. There is a fairly simple gameplay and maybe not everyone will appreciate it. However, drawing pictures while listening to the story and exploring the surroundings is very interesting and relaxing.

Real player with 2.6 hrs in game

Player Bases.

☐ Kids.

☑ Everyone.

☐ Mature.

☐ Casual Players.

☐ Pro players.


☐ Potato.

☐ Really Bad.

☐ Bad.

☐ OK.

☐ Good.

☑ Beautiful.

☐ Masterpiece.


☐ Full Price.

☐ Wait For Sale.

☑ Refund It If You Can.

☐ Don’t Buy It.

☐ Free.


☐ Minimum.

☐ Medium.

☑ Fast.

☐ High End.

☐ Super Computer.


☑ Easy.

☐ Medium.

☐ Hard.

☐ Very Hard.

☐ Death March.

☐ Dark Souls.

Game length.

☑ Really Short. ( 0 - 2 hours)

☐ Short. ( 2 - 8 hours)

☐ Medium. ( 8 - 16 hours)

☐ Long. ( 16+ hours)

Real player with 1.6 hrs in game

Blind Souls on Steam