I Love You, Colonel Sanders! A Finger Lickin’ Good Dating Simulator

I Love You, Colonel Sanders! A Finger Lickin’ Good Dating Simulator

This game, in a mere 100 hours, has taken everything from me…

I have sacrificed everything I know and love, just to look at that colonel smile.

My wife left me with full custody of the kids. My parents no longer talk to me. Im a mere month away from being

Evicted by my landlord. Ive stopped working, just to play this game. This game has ruined my life, but still, I love it. That sweet sweet colonel. The story is Immersive, and a roller coaster of emotions to play through. Ever since helen left me, this has been the one thing that I still find love in. This game shields me from the cold that is this planet. More importantly, the colonel protects me from the world. The sweet colonel. I never needed helen. All I need is right here, flexing his big muscles, making his next exquisite dish, and being the man I always craved.

Real player with 256.6 hrs in game

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With stage 5 terminal cancer, the doctors told me it couldn’t be cured. I seen this game come up on my recommended list. I thought to myself “With only hours left to live, I might as well spend my time doing something I enjoy” Starting the game I was filled with immediate joy. The characters were absolutely lovable. The story line has the depth that can only be rivalled by very few AAA titles out there. Every click left me guessing “What’s going to happen next?” and “Will I get to try another one of the Colonels chicken wings of pure ecstasy?” Before I knew it, I was in the kitchen, cooking with the Colonel, helping him create Nan’s potato and gravy. It was absolute bliss!

Real player with 10.8 hrs in game

I Love You, Colonel Sanders! A Finger Lickin’ Good Dating Simulator on Steam

Our World Is Ended.

Our World Is Ended.

The Good: The overall art and aesthetics are really colorful and well designed, the music is surprisingly decent and fitting for most scenes in the game, and the UI is really crisp and well-designed.

The Okay: While the plot explores some interesting ideas with virtual worlds, it still got really hand-wavey with explaining what the rules were for the science fiction involved. I also wish the game did a better job conveying what choices to make in order to get the bonus endings. While it’s somewhat possible to figure it out on your own, it’s a lot more preferable to just consult an external guide. Also there were a ton of typos for the English text, but it was still easy enough to parse out the intended meaning.

Real player with 52.1 hrs in game

“It’s an interesting Sci-Fi visual novel with vibrant anime artworks!”

Our World Is Ended . It’s a Sci-Fi adventure visual novel made by Red Entertainment & published by PQube. If my guess is correct, this is an upgraded version of what was originally released on PS Vita in 2017(Ore-tachi no Sekai wa Owatteiru). It is always welcome news that interesting visual novels can be launched globally. Usually, the localization of original Japanese titles is done because it is popular, has potential, or it matches the publisher’s vision. In this respect, Our World Is Ended is enough to attract the attention from anime games and visual novel fans.

Real player with 45.0 hrs in game

Our World Is Ended. on Steam



Yako is a 2D story-driven hand-drawn platformer. Using your wind-powered abilities, explore a mystical underground world, solve the mystery plaguing the area surrounding Mount Inari, and earn a place among the deities of the Japanese pantheon.

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Yako on Steam

Ghost in the pool

Ghost in the pool

For a short horror VN, the game was pretty decent. I did enjoy reading the story, which was pretty straight forward and to the point for the most part. There were some bits that I was a bit confused by even though I could probably connect the dots (

! specifically talking about the cat…). There are three different endings, which I do like the variety. I also do like the route map and that different choices did slightly change a few things (though the endings themselves do not change). The graphics were great and I loved the sounds.

Real player with 7.5 hrs in game

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CASCHA games is a solo developer from China working on two visual novels; Ghost in The Pool (GiTP) and in-development Sunset Paradise. GiTP is a joint effort with author and comic illustrator JOEY, to bring the latter’s horror works to life in a new medium. Due to a language barrier, sadly I cannot (though I’m Chinese) read nor check out the comics. However, I was hooked into this game because the title reminded me of a widely debated mystery in my hometown.

Real player with 4.9 hrs in game

Ghost in the pool on Steam

Super Dodgeball Beats

Super Dodgeball Beats

Great game, this game definitely deserves more attention.

The game feels well polished, and the art is really nice. It only has a few song, though it has just enough for a rhythm game. But the music is really energetic, catchy and really fun. But some songs are only playable in certain difficulties, which limits the amount of song even more. It would be great if these songs were available for each difficulty. There are 3 difficulties and each difficulty has 12 songs. But in total there are a actually 18 playable songs.

Real player with 12.4 hrs in game

Super Dodgeball Beats is a tap-to-the-rhythm game at it’s core, with a heaping load of personality in design, animation, and artistic styling. The basic flow of the game is not exactly a game of dodgeball as we typically know, since the win/loss conditions of each match plays out more like tug-of-war, having a meter at the top of the screen that sways to either your team or the opponent depending on how well each team performs. Powerups are gained by filling a secondary meter, which increases as you hit notes with good timing, and are used to hinder the opposing team, or help your own when they unleash an attack on you. The goal of each match is to finish the song with the central meter leaning on your side of the bar, leading to victory by dealing one massively stylised killing blow and knocking out the other team and progressing up the points ladder to reach a bracket style elimination tournament, and eventually win the finals for each level of difficulty.

Real player with 4.2 hrs in game

Super Dodgeball Beats on Steam



Full review (including score): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vnutf8U-ZaE

Summarized review below!

A visual novel with almost Persona-style graphics? Sign me right up for that. I’ve been playing through a lot of visual novels lately with the same 2D art, so it’s about time for a change of pace.

Note: Had to trim review to fit character limit, check video for full version!


  • Really cool visual direction. Necrobarista may not have the best graphics, but it makes up for this with some of the best visual direction I have ever seen in a visual novel. By visual direction, I’m referring to the lighting, camera angles, framing, and everything else that goes into presenting the graphics to the player. It is some very cool stuff here, with the camera constantly shifting between characters, going wide for certain lines to add emphasis, and even omitting dialogue entirely and just showing little snippets of animation to better illustrate certain scenes. It’s like a movie in a way and was definitely a nice change of pace compared to the usual flat backgrounds with 2D sprites popular in the medium.

Real player with 11.8 hrs in game

I waited three years for this game and I don’t regret a thing.

I have some qualms with the “Memories” system- it’s somewhat arbitrary, and some of the short stories have stronger narrative impact if you read them earlier in the scenario rather than later (which will more likely be the point where you’ll get to read them)- and some characters that are more-or-less prominent in the trailers don’t actually stay their welcome long at all, but aside from that this was one of my favorite visual novels to read and experience of all time, and I had high expectations just from teaser trailers. (EDIT: Most of this has been recently addressed. More details at the end of the review.)

Real player with 9.7 hrs in game

Necrobarista on Steam

Beach Love Shop

Beach Love Shop

A peaceful game. Perfect to rest your mind and do some click.

Real player with 4.7 hrs in game

I’ll play any time management game… Except maybe for resource one, but this one isn’t it… Anyway! Beach time! First of all, this game doesn’t have resize screen options… I think it was made for a tablet? But it works well on PC.

It starts off slow… So you learn the ropes, etc… There is a time period where you will feel zen like spacing out… UNTIL you get your license! More products? Everything picks up! That’s where the fun began. I managed to get everything unlocked… So proud…

Real player with 3.9 hrs in game

Beach Love Shop on Steam

Keiko Everlasting

Keiko Everlasting

A novel where the end is worth it more than most of the journey leading towards it. The game definitely dragged during the first half, but got better during the event linking the halves and the second half. The characters look rather nice and the music is acceptable.

My biggest negatives are the complete lack of any CGs and… technical performance. Never thought I’d have to mention performance in terms of a VN, but the game appears unresponsive for seconds at a time whenever a large amount of characters appear and additionally when changing scenes with them. It also takes a considerable amount of time to even start up and save/load menu functionality breaks if you make the window fullscreen. I’m more bagging on TyranoBuilder at this point than the game, but it is easily the worst VN engine around. Supposedly it’s the easiest to just start using, but it lacks so many QoL features that are default elsewhere.

Real player with 8.4 hrs in game

So I picked this up for less than $1 and I must say it’s enjoyable once you get into it, but the problem is the game doesn’t do much in the way of storytelling and choices, so it feels like you just reading a book with no say for the first 20 minutes. Only then does your first choice come and it doesn’t even have a impact on the story. The story is 95% told and 5% choices.

At least the voice acting is good for the price, but it’s completely in Japanese with no way to change it. Only English subtitles are available, but as an anime lover I wasn’t bothered by this. A really annoying thing is that the game runs at 720p windowed, which totally breaks immersion. No way to change the resolution (There is NO SETTINGS MENU!!) So the game runs fine, but the borders break the immersion. Also the names of the characters are Japanese. Would be totally fine if they weren’t so similar to each other. You will have a hard time trying to remember who is who. Trust me.

Real player with 7.3 hrs in game

Keiko Everlasting on Steam

Ys IX: Monstrum Nox

Ys IX: Monstrum Nox

Ys IX - Monstrum Nox does not reach the level of masterpiece that is Ys VIII - Lacrimosa of Dana, but it is still a solid, great fun adventure to dive in, and a good stopping point to look back, reflect on how far the series has evolved before the next stage.

For newcomers, I think you should wait for sales, for the price to properly reflects its quality, as you pay more than VIII yet receive lesser. But Ys fans? Well, it’s up to your generosity whether to hit it now or later.

Final Score is 8.5/10 – Great

Real player with 200.1 hrs in game

I cannot not recommend this.

1- It’s a Falcom Game and all their games are labours of love.

2- It’s the next installment of the Ys franchise and Ys is the Gold standard for Action-Adventure Games. That means it’s got fast-paced combat, exploration and a ton of quality of life stuff to keep you from getting bored.

3- The Falcom Sound Team jdk have another fantastic music score, check out their Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCz7eke4JGlbtc11_6mmA7ew

As for things more specific to this game in particular:

Real player with 94.9 hrs in game

Ys IX: Monstrum Nox on Steam

Sakura Spirit

Sakura Spirit

This should be the only game available on steam, I don’t understand how this hasn’t been a top seller.

It has everything anyone could want in one videogame:



-Wet Boobs

-Cat Girls

-Roleplaying boobs

-Stimulation boobs

-Suspense boobs

-Drama boobs

-Kawaii boobs

and the list goes on and on…

If you don’t own this game I think you’d be wise to just purchase this product, this company has really set the standard for PC gaming since this release and you can see it influence the develpoment of popular titles such as Crysis 3, Battlefield 4, Max Payne 3, Diablo 3, Bioshock: Infinite and much, much more.

Real player with 12.2 hrs in game

“There is a charm about the forbidden that makes it unspeakably desirable.”

Mark Twain

Wait, a fox-girl?

Sakura Spirit is a wonderful story about one guy and some “special” girls. The situations are very funny and sometimes so absurd that you can’t not laugh. But and that is the point you have to know, its like you read a book or a manga or something else. A visual novel isn’t a “real” game where you can interact with your environment. You get some beautiful wallpapers from those girls that show you the current situation. But that’s all. You have only one decision in the whole game and the story ends always equal! So i only recommend it if you like to read, are interested in an unusual funny story and see some great wallpapers with some ecchi. Otherwise i can’t recommend this visual novel for you.

Real player with 8.0 hrs in game

Sakura Spirit on Steam