This is a very special game. Fujii is absolutely full of charm, character, and magic. While I haven’t even finished it in 2.5hrs, I’m already in love. It’s the type of experience that you want to play through slowly and savor, enjoying the beautiful sounds and sights. The aesthetic and the experience as a whole is incredibly relaxing - exploring, gathering light to push further, and collecting seeds to grow a garden.

And beyond is the Index controller support. It’s absolutely wonderful being able to grab, pull, and interact with the world using fully tracked fingers. The implementation is extremely well done and adds so much to the experience. This was the first game I tried after receiving the new controllers, and I think it was a perfect choice. I’ll likely use it as a first experience to show others the Index controllers as well.

Real player with 9.7 hrs in game

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Did you ever play Okami and think to yourself “Man, I wish this were a puzzle game/gardening sim”? If so, the answer to that wish would be Fuji.

The Good:

1. Art Direction – Fuji has style in spades. The cute cartoon graphics are simple, but lively and loaded with character. Everything moves, wiggles, bounces, and dances in this world. The radiant color palette pops vibrantly, and the environment is full of music and surreal chirps and warbles from the flora and fauna around you. Some areas are genuinely moving in their beauty – be sure to visit the standing stones atop the mountain in the desert. Don’t forget to look up once you’ve activated everything there!

Real player with 2.9 hrs in game

Fujii on Steam

The Stillness of the Wind

The Stillness of the Wind

I cant say as i regret playing this but if someone asked me if they should play it, i would say no and thats why i decided on a thumbs down.

Firstly if, like me, you expected a farm simulator of some kind you would be very wrong. Do not get if you have that in mind.

The only two things i enjoyed enough to note are the visual style and the writing. This game has a very nice visual style, simple but pleasant and enjoyable. The writing is very artsy and poetic.

There are many things i did not enjoy. Nothing about the game is explained at any point other than the blurb on the store page. Its easy enough to get the point and click controls though. The story is unclear, difficult to understand (due to the very poetic nature of the writing) and i couldnt figure out what was happening, political unrest maybe? The day to day routine or running of the little farm is mundane, nothing really changes at any point. The character you play is a little old lady and the movement is SO SLOW, i get shes old but moving around is a chore in itself and gets boring very quick. It looks like there are place outside the farm to explore but after walking about 5 metres out the fence its night time so no idea what they are. The days go so fast that you cant get anything done. Your food does go off but there are no indicators at all as to how long before this happens. I dont know if i did something wrong or not enough of something. There is no indication how much things are worth when the trader shows up so you just have to click stuff until a tick appears. Wolves attack but they move so fast and you move so slow its impossible to stop them (i never managed to at least but i did shoot my own goat apparently). Eventually everything kinda stops for a few days yet again with no explanation or idea on what to do about it.

Real player with 6.4 hrs in game

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In The Stillness of the Wind you control an old lady living quietly in solitude.You do minimal task everyday to survive and sustain. You can trade your artisan cheese, goat, chicken, harvested crops for resources you don’t have or need more of. As your family goes far away from town, you receive heartwarming and sometimes heartbreaking letters.

You may like this game if you are okay with or want to…

  • in-depth letters with emotions of a roller coaster and steadily dealing with some grief/loss (you can’t reply and that can make it harder to endure feeling uneasy like prisoner in chains - at least it was for me)

Real player with 6.0 hrs in game

The Stillness of the Wind on Steam

Desktop Farm

Desktop Farm

this game is great to just have running and check back in on from time to time. the plants are adorable, the animals are adorable, and you can do some pretty entertaining things here.

personally, i made a maze for a bunch of cows to meander around and get lost in. those that got out of the maze got the sweet reward of getting satiated. those that did not are now stuck in the fences, and it is a deserved fate for not escaping before they got fully grown.

however, that isn’t to say that the animal ai is particularly bad, but they get stuck on fences a lot. as in, they’ll be trapped and infinitely walking forward forever into a fence and their satiation will plummet.

Real player with 236.2 hrs in game

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Desktop Farm is fun and it works like a basic farming simulator should. It did get a little laggy near end game but I must have had 2k animals by then. I did not feel it was heavy on the PC but i felt like the game limited its self from using too much RAM and CPU. The game did crash once or twice but it was far from crashing the PC. Moving around the map was kind of annoying because the blue highlight square would show up when right clicking and dragging. Despite that it was still very playable and enjoyable for a few days. It gave me the urge to play more in depth and expensive farming games while satisfying my idle itch. Get it if you are in the mood for casual farming/idle play, a few achievements or you need something to do while waiting for loading screens or smelting metal frags.

Real player with 146.4 hrs in game

Desktop Farm on Steam



Brocula is a pixel art indie game created by a solo developer. The game is about a vampire named Brocula who has been asleep for 500 years and is woken up when a car crashes into his castle.

You play the role of Brocula whose money is useless in current times and his castle is crumbling. Roam around the town, talk to people, work to get money, gain skills, repair castle, cook food to gain stats, unlock new skills, make a reputation, farm lands, sell stuff, etc.

With over 40 hours of relaxing gameplay and an interactive storyline about creating relationships with unknown people, enjoy the beautifully crafted pixel art and fall in love with this vampire whose name is Brocula.

Enjoy the petting system in the game and gain their trust.

It is not a Role Playing Game without the fishing mechanics.

Brocula on Steam

Reiterland - Meine Rennpferde

Reiterland - Meine Rennpferde

Amazing game!

Real player with 0.9 hrs in game

Amazing game!

Real player with 0.1 hrs in game

Reiterland - Meine Rennpferde on Steam

Moon Farming

Moon Farming


Tired from the same farming games on Earth? Now, take on the role of a real modern farmer on the Moon! Explore new farming possibilities in a new Moon environment. Prepare land on Moon for your base and vertical farming inside of it. For sure, it will be farming like never Before!

Explore farming possibilities over acres of land on Moon! Start from scratch with prepare land on Moon for your base. Hop onto your Cybertruck with robots and speed up the tasks, but watch out or you’ll run out of gas!

And now it is time for vertical farming inside your base!

Start growing different types of crops and plant trees with vertical technologies. Do you need a lot of acres of land? Start using tiny space with vertical farming and see impressive results from such farming on Moon!

Ride your Cybertruck and robots tp explore the vast areas offered in huge open worlds on Moon

Moon Farm is the newest and most unique farming experience ever made!

Moon Farming on Steam

Adventure Farm VR

Adventure Farm VR

I think this is a possibility at fun… Unfortunately, there’s just too many game breaking bugs at this time. Just as an example, getting stuck in a wall, the game’s controls glitching to constantly show in multiples wherever you go (think your entire screen lighting up in blue curving teleport lines from every place you’ve walked in the last 30 seconds), and unfortunately for a friend of mine… Falling through the floor. We’ve tried to pick this up a few times, since purchased, but can’t get further than a few minutes in without something breaking. I hope the team continues to work on this and it isn’t forgotten or given up.

Real player with 0.8 hrs in game

This game barely works. IF you get it for free, its still not worth it because it takes up hard drive space. DO NOT BUY.

Real player with 0.5 hrs in game

Adventure Farm VR on Steam