Rhythmic Retro Racer

Rhythmic Retro Racer

This game made me feel like in the 80’s. It is very nice that the movements of the cars are compatible with the rhythm of music so that I can be caught up myself in the rhythm of the music and feel the music.

The game soundtracks are very good, I think it was created specifically for the game. It is open to development, the menu style is nice, I think the brightness could ought a little less.

The pleasure I got was worth the price for I paid absolutely. I am ready to pay 7$ just for the soundtracks in the game!

Real player with 4.1 hrs in game

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Bought this game to play casually while in COVID-19 lockdown. Not at all disappointed.

If you are a fan of 80’s retro/outrun aesthetic, this game delivers.


-Original Outrun/Synthwave style soundtrack

-Lighting and reflections are awesome

-Satisfying to play

-3 difficulties and a practice mode for each level

-Developers are accessible though Discord

-Realistic goals for Early Access


-Menus (Early Access)

-Currently there is no 4K support, control bindings, or controller options.

Real player with 2.7 hrs in game

Rhythmic Retro Racer on Steam

Neon Cyborg Cat Club

Neon Cyborg Cat Club

I leave it on all the time for the music and because it adds some nice ambience to my room.

Real player with 66.5 hrs in game

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This is great to have one a second monitor with headphones on while working on something.

It’s even got it’s own dystopian plot to go along with it.


Real player with 6.9 hrs in game

Neon Cyborg Cat Club on Steam



So 320 hours of gameplay, met many super nice folks, visited all areas multiple times (Map is huge). Super stoked i gave this game a shot upon release!

Developers are really friendly and work really hard, updates have been frequent, sometimes daily depending on what theyre working on. Lots of exciting things to come in the future of Capsa, but need to give them time. Just 2 developers and the game hasn’t been out long at all. Lots has changed from the short amount of time it has been released.

Real player with 1640.4 hrs in game

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So far I have spent like 32 hours in Capsa and not one minute was boring.

Even if the community is still small it is growing, but you can easily spend hours exploring by yourself.

I didn’t even visit all of the islands yet, but found a marvellous place for my home…just imagine a house directly on a beach with your own mooring to the right there is a romantic looking lighthouse and I can listen to my favorite music while dancing with a friend or simply gazing at the sunset!

When I feel like going somewhere else I can choose between a boat, a horse or a buggy to go wherever I please in this huge open world.

Real player with 41.1 hrs in game

Capsa on Steam

Vaporwave Drift

Vaporwave Drift

As an old school gamer I CAN’T RECOMMEND this game because of its controls mostly.

It would be better to exclude present (unnecessary) acceleration and use only Turbo button as acceleration and maintaining speed too, ex. UP arrow or W letter. And space button as drift.(simpler)

The best solution is to use ONLY arrow keys or WASD as controls. When you want to accelerate press up arrow or W automatically igniting turbo effect = acceleration and maintain speed, when you steer over maybe 15-20 degrees (without UP or W) you automatically drift, and if you want backwards you use down button or S button.

Real player with 2.9 hrs in game

Really smooth once you get the hang of drifting. Personally I’ve never been the best at driving sims but I find it quite enjoyable.

Real player with 2.8 hrs in game

Vaporwave Drift on Steam

Rainbow Reactor

Rainbow Reactor

EDIT: 1/21/19 - I originally expressed hesitation toward paying full game price, but that was before I realized the FULL ACCESS version would be much larger, and almost certainly a better cost / content ratio. Yes, I think a bigger and better game will be more worthwhile and more fun game.


I paid full (sale) price (and I’m glad I did!)

This reviewer just spent 30 minutes playing Rainbow Reactor, and I had such a great time I (literally) had to force myself to stop! While perhaps not the world’s biggest fan of color matching games, I’m far from a stranger to the genre, and I have enjoyed it often while on Steam. Yet even in that context I don’t hesitate to take this opportunity to say that color matching through a combination of dexterity and strategy (mostly strategy, I’m inclined to think at this point) is just remarkably fun, and I sincerely thank the friend who told me about Rainbow Reactor.

Real player with 13.9 hrs in game

I like this game. It’s a little more hectic than I expected but it’s unlikely to make you sweat. I particularly like that I got it at 67% off, it’s definitely a bargain at that price!

I completed the 8 levels of the main game in about 2hrs but haven’t managed to clear the bonus time stage. I also had a little teleport around. I haven’t tried SINGLE SHIFT yet.

The world you are in is well made and gives some grandeur to what is otherwise a quite simplistic game i.e. throw coloured ball in hole. However it does that very well. The colour blending (light not paint) works nicely, but they have clearly spent quite some time getting the throw of the ball just right.

Real player with 9.4 hrs in game

Rainbow Reactor on Steam



0xFFBADD11: SYSTEM32 has been corrupted.

In this retro operating system simulation, eliminate invaders attempting to corrupt files. Gameplay involves switching between fast-paced bullet-hell action and use of a retro terminal in order to alter the battlefield, and your character.

  • Use the terminal to completely alter the battlefield and create endless customized weapons.

  • Computer memory is currency. Stack your upgrades by copying files, or free up memory by deleting them.

  • Deck out your PC as you loot and extract corrupted files from enemies to gain new weapons, armour, and abilities.

  • Themed for programmers and computer-science lovers, but accessible to all types of players.


SYSTEM32 on Steam

Vaporwave World

Vaporwave World

it’s a nice place to just relax

Real player with 7.6 hrs in game

A very unique and atmospheric building game!

The look and feel of the artwork is what sets this game apart. If you were around in the late 80s to early 90s, this will take you back. The screenshots make great backgrounds and screen-savers! Changing the lighting level and color has a dramatic effect on the look of the environment. I would recommend a “Cinematic” mode that removes all text and HUD info from the screen for better screenshots.

It is very early in the development schedule, so there’s not much going on game-wise. There are 10 or so decoration pieces. You can place all the items on the ground level or in the air. So far, there is only one flat panel that you can place, and then place other items on it. More deco will be added.

Real player with 7.3 hrs in game

Vaporwave World on Steam

Vaporwave Road VR

Vaporwave Road VR

Really cool chill game, music is good but some things i would love if this was a multiplayer so i can chill with my friends and be able to have more stuff to interact with in the car like the steering wheel or have some items in the car so you wont get as bored or have a screen share for the screen in the passenger seat so u can watch stuff with your friends in the car but i’m probable asking for to much, but i cant wait to see what other stuff they will add to this game.

Real player with 1.2 hrs in game

Honestly can’t recommend it. I had to get down on the floor just to access the options as it constantly placed me above the car roof. There’s no tutorial and I can’t even find how to use the pedal or the music. If you try to import music, it boots you right to the desktop. Just either not well made or needs better instructions.

Real player with 0.2 hrs in game

Vaporwave Road VR on Steam