Trivia Vault Baseball Trivia

Trivia Vault Baseball Trivia

You get what you paid for, 5K achievements at minimum price. If you’re an achievement hunter looking to increase the number of achievements on your profile showcase, then I highly recommend buying this. Else don’t waste your money. This is not a game, it’s just a way of distributing achievements.

Real player with 5.8 hrs in game

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It’s a spam game, in which the main point is that you pay to boost your achievement count by 5,000. Steam is working to remove these games. Good riddance.

Real player with 0.4 hrs in game

Trivia Vault Baseball Trivia on Steam



This is by far the best baseball game for VR, the fact that you can field, pitch & bat makes this game light years ahead of other VR baseball games. However…

There are a definitely some major bugs that need to be fixed, like immersion breaking, if not game breaking, bugs.

1. If you manage to get the AI to swing at a ball, it still counts as a ball. Have had multiple times where this occurred & made the AI swing at balls but never counts as a strike.

2. If you hit a home run with the “Manually run the bases” option, none of the runs will count if you go outside the running lines. Had a game winning grand slam count as an out because i was half-hazardly running the bases and ran outside the line.

Real player with 17.5 hrs in game

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I absolutely love this game, I am a big fan of baseball and this game manages to do what all the other baseball VR games cannot. You get to do more than just be a batter. You field, pitch bad, be base runners. I love the cartoon style they went with it. If you don’t have enough room to throw the ball or you just suck at it, it’s fine because there is a cannon option where you just aim where you want the ball to go and press a button. I am very excited for more updates that will more than likely tackle any issues I have with the game, the computer isn’t exactly difficult to beat, especially when you get the hang of the game. When you are in control of the character you can run very fast, but the AI controlled characters seems to slightly jog to where they want to go. There are other small things as well but not worth mentioning. They have already fixed somethings about the game my biggest thankful one is sometimes you throw the ball to hard when trying to make a play and throw it out of the park and the computers would just run the bases and there was nothing you could do, now they get 1 free base and the ball is returned to the pitcher. They plan on doing multiplayer and that will be very fun to have. It’s a cheap, fun, baseball VR game.

Real player with 15.0 hrs in game


Out of the Park Baseball 20

Out of the Park Baseball 20

UPDATE - 1/16/21 I guess after almost 2000 hours on just this version they don’t want me anymore. I had a game playing while walking my dog. When came back the game was uninstalled and no other games did that ever.

This is a formerly great game that I have nominated in prior years for Steam Awards. I got it many years from OOTP and the last few years on Steam. It was my favorite game. When OOTP started making what they call Perfect Team they took resources away from the game that made them famous to work on that part rather than the main games and thus OOTP began a decent in quality. All updates it seemed at the end of last year were for their new gimmick PT which I have no interest in. Bugs went unfixed. This year the release was in worse shape than last year and the vast majority of work appears to be on PT so the game is worse than it has been in years in my opinion. I really liked the guys on the OOTP team in the past. It looks like they got greedy though and trying to cash in on player decks and other garbage that has nothing to do with what made them great. I’ll play this version as long as possible and am done buying new versions. They lack the interest in the main game.

Real player with 2091.9 hrs in game

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Purchased day one as I have with the last two iterations. Long story short I recommend 10/10

Pros over OOTP 19:

1. This version is SO MUCH more efficient when playing or really doing anything! Last years version completely bogged down my CPU and GPU so it was impossible to do anything else multi-media related while in-game. OOTP 20 is a dream to run. I think the developers took A LOT of time with optimizing the game for this update. Last years version was painfully slow by comparison.

2. Spray chart is excellent! I appreciated this addition to the game. When you play the same game for a while with ficticious players you learn about many of them. However the spray chart for batting is excellent regardless.

Real player with 690.8 hrs in game

Out of the Park Baseball 20 on Steam

2D Baseball Duel

2D Baseball Duel

A baseball game like I’ve never seen before. The outwardly simple gameplay proves to be shockingly deep, and the uniquely clean art, witty writing, and catchy soundtrack complete the package. Well made all around and definitely worth picking up.

Real player with 120.7 hrs in game

Disclaimer: I made the soundtrack for this game but I was otherwise uninvolved with its development.

This game is hilarious and good old fashioned arcadey fun. I don’t want to spoil anything, but you should play through the entire single player campaign. I was laughing the entire time. I could see the 2p mode catching on in competitive circles as it’s a great mix of mindgames + execution. With the crazy number of unlockable pitches + the breaking ball mechanic there is a ton of depth there to explore. It amazes me that this was all made by one person, from the programming to the game design to the art. Looking forward to future releases from Largemann!

Real player with 27.7 hrs in game

2D Baseball Duel on Steam

Out of the Park Baseball 22

Out of the Park Baseball 22

I have been playing OOTP off and on since it was in single digits. I have a love/hate relationship with this game. So, let’s talk about this dysfunctional relationship a bit.

First, how do I play? I am only interested in GM with slight manager touches - typically, setting lineups and pitching roles, and team strategies - because the AI is atrocious at this, but I hardly ever manage or watch a game. I just sim sim sim. For me, I like to do the majors with fictional players, or a full redraft of real players and go from there.

Real player with 2341.3 hrs in game

I didn’t want to buy this game at first, given Out of the Pockets’s complete and total greed with their Perfect Team system. However, OOTP came out with some nice updated graphics, a cool new tournament system (Perfect Draft), and made promises to fix one of the largest and most glaring flaws with the Perfect Team system : live players being trash tier in comparison to pretty much every single historical equivalent.

Okay, so…how’d they do?

Graphics : Are updated. But, now, it is clearly noticable that the attendance, no matter the era you play in, is full of cardboard cutouts. Literally. Your in-stadium audience is a bunch of flat, lifeless sprites. Now, I don’t know if this is a graphics option you can turn off or not, I have yet to look. If it isn’t….100% fail. Sorry.

Real player with 1662.4 hrs in game

Out of the Park Baseball 22 on Steam