Super Mega Baseball: Extra Innings

Super Mega Baseball: Extra Innings

Outstanding baseball game that is a lot more than meets the eye. The pitching and hitting mechanics are as good as any baseball sim and it will scratch the itch of super casual and hardcore baseball gamers. It does lack a lot of the stat tracking and normal gameplay options you would find in normal baseball games (no pitch outs, no pick off​ moves, etc) but the things that are included are implemented, presented and executed at an above avg level.

What really makes this game appeal to casual and hardcore and all in between is the way difficulty is handled. You choose from 0-99 with 99 obviously being the toughest. A few points tweaked either way can mean the difference between a fair challenge, a walk in the park, or a flat out RNG laced tirade mixed with occasional rage quits. Luckily the sweet spot can always be adjusted as your skill level goes up even between in season games. This in my mind is groundbreaking and it should be adopted in every sports game in my opinion and it’s one of the main reasons there is so much replay value in this game.

Real player with 294.1 hrs in game

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I like baseball games but I don’t like overly complicated baseball games so I haven’t bought a baseball game in years. I’ve played the Xbox 360 trial of RBI baseball and thought it was terrible.

After this came out on PS3 one of my friends snagged it and told me about it so I purchased it. Don’t let the cartoonish graphics fool you, this game is tons of fun.

They did a great job on the physics and took care to make sure base runners were the correct speed compare to throws and whatnot so double plays are realstically difficult and you’re not going to throw out a batter at first base from right field.

Real player with 186.0 hrs in game

Super Mega Baseball: Extra Innings on Steam

Super Mega Baseball 2

Super Mega Baseball 2

Unfortunately I had to change this to negative. Negative means I do NOT recommend this game. I’m not saying it’s bad. Here’s why:

The devs fell into the trap of “Fixing what’s not broken”. They nerfed pitching SO much that batting is a slugfest. You can literally pitch halfway into the other batterbox and have the reticle LITERALLY in the dirt, and power teams such as overdogs and sirloins will smashit. There is NOTHING you can do to stop it if the batter doesn’t mess up.

It’s such a sinking and resigning feeling when you KNOW 100% without a sliver of doubt that you can not stop a comeback or an onslaught. They have runners on base and thus are swinging at everything. If you approach the strike zone within like 2 ball lengths, it is smashed.

Real player with 81.1 hrs in game

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I’ve been playing baseball games for 30 years, starting with a game called Color Baseball on my dad’s Coco 2 computer. Then, on top of my head, I played Baseball (Nintendo/Gameboy), the Bases Loaded series, RBI Baseball series, Little League Baseball, Baseball Stars, Hardball 3 and 4, World Series Baseball series, Super Baseball Simulator 1.000, Frank Thomas Big Hurt Baseball, Ken Griffey Jr. Presents Major League Baseball (and winning run), The Triple Play/EA MLB series, High Heat Baseball series, MLB 2K series, MLB the show series, and Super Mega Baseball 1. I’ve also probably played countless others that I can’t recall right now.

Real player with 45.1 hrs in game

Super Mega Baseball 2 on Steam

Super Mega Baseball 3

Super Mega Baseball 3

Superb. Almost perfection. The negatives a very VERY small so I’ll list them first. There is no 1. instant replay which is a shame because you cant watch close up “climbing” the fence to get the out, (yeah they do that)

pick-off of heavy leaders (yeah they do that too) Double plays, outfield to plate saves, etc;;you get the drift. amazing stuff happens and it would be cool to watch it up close. 2. The information of players could be presented a little better. for those that dont care about stats this is a good thing as the game moves along quickly. But this is baseball. It Is THE sport for Stat heads like myself. Dont get me wrong there is a lot of information, but it flashes too quickly. What I would do is show a large image of their BB card to the left with some summaries of their daily performance to the right and maybe versus their season performance to the right of that. 3. Broadcasters are needed imo. It would give more “life” to the game. I would hope if they do add this in the next iteration of the game or a patch or DLC for this one, the announcers would be able to say player created names. This is 2020 i am sure the technology exist to say any word typed on a screen.

Real player with 795.7 hrs in game

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I don’t think there’s a baseball game I haven’t played, so over the years I still have my all-time favorites. SMB3 may not seem like a big change from SMB2, but the quality of life improvements are almost worth it by themselves. It compiles all the good, all the stadiums, and all the DLC from SMB1&2 into one polished product. At the moment on PC, you have this or R.B.I. Baseball which is a terrible MLB licensed product. OOTP is cool if you like being the GM of your team, but that’s all it is. You just don’t see developers making baseball games like they used to in the early 2000’s. The reason why I stand by this game is because it is SO CLOSE to replicating the feelings those old games gave you. In an age dominated by MLB the Show, a PS exclusive atm, Metalhead is providing a VERY GOOD baseball game. The default teams are amazing, and the ballparks are beautiful. But what I love is the customization options. You can create just about any team, and customize your players exactly how you want them. The recent update only enhanced this by doubling the layer count from 16 to 32. My only gripe with the game is that it limits itself in its possibilities. This game would easily surpass MLB the Show, MVP Baseball, Mario Super Sluggers, Slugfest and others on my All-Time list if it offered more arcade game modes in addition to a solid Franchise and Online mode. They say they have no plans on adding a Home Run Derby mode, or even a batting practice mode like Backyard Baseball had. Sometimes I just want to tee off and hit some dingers, not create an exhibition match on low ego to do it. I also would love if they allowed the PC community to create new ballparks via mods/workshop to enhance the experience. Or allow a logo vault to easily transfer logos from team to team without spending additional hours to simply copy and remake them. All that being said this is still one of the best baseball games being produced atm, which is why I highly recommend this game. Support these devs! More support = more features!

Real player with 748.5 hrs in game

Super Mega Baseball 3 on Steam

Dash Blitz

Dash Blitz

Dash Blitz is a fast game with a surprising amount of depth. Each character plays differently and I personally enjoy Manny with his ability to hang from cellings and throw explosives or Valerie who can fly around the stage. This is a game that keeps being refined with each update, and it is really enjoyable to watch the improvements over time. The music is also very catchy and it doesn’t become annoying over long play sessions. I have had a lot of fun playing this with friends, and I look forward to the completed version with more characters and stages.

Real player with 37.3 hrs in game

It’s a good game. Fun to play. But the UI and AI are a major letdown. But, if you’ve got friends to play along with, this can turn out to be fun. Read the full review at indie game reporter.

Real player with 1.0 hrs in game

Dash Blitz on Steam