Super Mega Baseball 3

Super Mega Baseball 3

Superb. Almost perfection. The negatives a very VERY small so I’ll list them first. There is no 1. instant replay which is a shame because you cant watch close up “climbing” the fence to get the out, (yeah they do that)

pick-off of heavy leaders (yeah they do that too) Double plays, outfield to plate saves, etc;;you get the drift. amazing stuff happens and it would be cool to watch it up close. 2. The information of players could be presented a little better. for those that dont care about stats this is a good thing as the game moves along quickly. But this is baseball. It Is THE sport for Stat heads like myself. Dont get me wrong there is a lot of information, but it flashes too quickly. What I would do is show a large image of their BB card to the left with some summaries of their daily performance to the right and maybe versus their season performance to the right of that. 3. Broadcasters are needed imo. It would give more “life” to the game. I would hope if they do add this in the next iteration of the game or a patch or DLC for this one, the announcers would be able to say player created names. This is 2020 i am sure the technology exist to say any word typed on a screen.

Real player with 795.7 hrs in game

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I don’t think there’s a baseball game I haven’t played, so over the years I still have my all-time favorites. SMB3 may not seem like a big change from SMB2, but the quality of life improvements are almost worth it by themselves. It compiles all the good, all the stadiums, and all the DLC from SMB1&2 into one polished product. At the moment on PC, you have this or R.B.I. Baseball which is a terrible MLB licensed product. OOTP is cool if you like being the GM of your team, but that’s all it is. You just don’t see developers making baseball games like they used to in the early 2000’s. The reason why I stand by this game is because it is SO CLOSE to replicating the feelings those old games gave you. In an age dominated by MLB the Show, a PS exclusive atm, Metalhead is providing a VERY GOOD baseball game. The default teams are amazing, and the ballparks are beautiful. But what I love is the customization options. You can create just about any team, and customize your players exactly how you want them. The recent update only enhanced this by doubling the layer count from 16 to 32. My only gripe with the game is that it limits itself in its possibilities. This game would easily surpass MLB the Show, MVP Baseball, Mario Super Sluggers, Slugfest and others on my All-Time list if it offered more arcade game modes in addition to a solid Franchise and Online mode. They say they have no plans on adding a Home Run Derby mode, or even a batting practice mode like Backyard Baseball had. Sometimes I just want to tee off and hit some dingers, not create an exhibition match on low ego to do it. I also would love if they allowed the PC community to create new ballparks via mods/workshop to enhance the experience. Or allow a logo vault to easily transfer logos from team to team without spending additional hours to simply copy and remake them. All that being said this is still one of the best baseball games being produced atm, which is why I highly recommend this game. Support these devs! More support = more features!

Real player with 748.5 hrs in game

Super Mega Baseball 3 on Steam



This is by far the best baseball game for VR, the fact that you can field, pitch & bat makes this game light years ahead of other VR baseball games. However…

There are a definitely some major bugs that need to be fixed, like immersion breaking, if not game breaking, bugs.

1. If you manage to get the AI to swing at a ball, it still counts as a ball. Have had multiple times where this occurred & made the AI swing at balls but never counts as a strike.

2. If you hit a home run with the “Manually run the bases” option, none of the runs will count if you go outside the running lines. Had a game winning grand slam count as an out because i was half-hazardly running the bases and ran outside the line.

Real player with 17.5 hrs in game

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I absolutely love this game, I am a big fan of baseball and this game manages to do what all the other baseball VR games cannot. You get to do more than just be a batter. You field, pitch bad, be base runners. I love the cartoon style they went with it. If you don’t have enough room to throw the ball or you just suck at it, it’s fine because there is a cannon option where you just aim where you want the ball to go and press a button. I am very excited for more updates that will more than likely tackle any issues I have with the game, the computer isn’t exactly difficult to beat, especially when you get the hang of the game. When you are in control of the character you can run very fast, but the AI controlled characters seems to slightly jog to where they want to go. There are other small things as well but not worth mentioning. They have already fixed somethings about the game my biggest thankful one is sometimes you throw the ball to hard when trying to make a play and throw it out of the park and the computers would just run the bases and there was nothing you could do, now they get 1 free base and the ball is returned to the pitcher. They plan on doing multiplayer and that will be very fun to have. It’s a cheap, fun, baseball VR game.

Real player with 15.0 hrs in game


Astonishing Baseball Manager 20

Astonishing Baseball Manager 20

Astonishing Baseball 20 is a great game for those who like/love baseball but don’t understand how the salary cap will affect the farm team vs the triple-A team. AB has just enough depth to keep your attention without drowning in deep UI data tables. Check it out!

Real player with 23.2 hrs in game

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First and foremost -thank you dev and publishers for efforts made to this game- i would like to point out ,it’s probably my 3rd baseball game,as i like baseball in real life.Modern Ui,simple ,straight to point,easy to navigate,background music which relax even the most hardened soldier with a cigar ,flexibility,you can custom teams,create legends,write history or simply have a casual sunday bam-bam with the leading baseball stars.Yeah,have no doubts ,this is slowly becoming one of the coolest baseball games,and dev listens to everyone and tries his best. Put your favourite cap, the gloves and grab your fav stitched ball just as i did and let’s get down to innings.Oh yeah ,enjoying the sound of the crowd,the sound of the ball hitting the baseball bat ,imagine your team mates shouting and the heart beats like a drum.

Real player with 9.7 hrs in game

Astonishing Baseball Manager 20 on Steam

Astonishing Baseball Manager 21

Astonishing Baseball Manager 21

Astonishing Baseball (or AB for friends) is not your usual baseball simulation game. It’s not only about tables full of players and stats. It’s about people! Well okay, you heard that line from your Economics 101 class already. But I promise, this game will be way more interesting! It’s like a narrative roguelike sports game, Seriously!

What’s new in AB21

Already an AB player? Here are some of the main new features:

  • Play historic seasons or try our brand new scenarios. There’s a challenge for every kind of coach!

  • Always play for the best team in the new career mode

  • A new minor team system, where you can hire your coach and train your rookies!

  • Edit the portrait of your favorite player, or import an online logo for your team!

  • Congratulate your starter, taunt your rival or ask your fans what to do with your new rookie thanks to the Bleachers message creator!

  • Hire a brand new coaching staff to get advice on contracts and strategies

  • Join the excitement of the draft thanks to the new Draft projections, or the top prospect interview

  • Enjoy a brand new history listing, retire your Hall of Famer number in the ballpark, or use the new player history to check past performances!

  • Pick the menu at your stadium, and hire a chef to get the prestigious ballpark awards!

  • Show who’s the boss in the new World Cup, or admire the best players in the Power Contest and Pitching Contest.

  • And more, like league records, improved game simulation, smarter AI, new awards, legendary players… Too much to describe here!

Fake (but real) baseball players

AB is about fake (sorry, virtual) baseball players. Some you’ll like, some you will hate, and a lot of them you will LOVE! That anonymous “Jim” guy at the top of your lineup? Give it a few minutes, and he will become your favorite player ever. Or maybe he’s actually very bad, and you’ll send him finish his career in your minor league team, because he disappointed you. Poor Jim…

And that starter, Sandy. Is he an ace or not? Well, maybe you should train him a bit. And make sure you have solid relievers to help him if a left-handed batter is giving him a headache. After all, you’re paying him 12M a year, that’s a lot! And he’s asking for an even bigger extension contract now. Not sure you’ll like Sandy after all… Oh but look, his nickname is “Cubbie”, that’s so cute!

Watch them evolve!

One of your tasks is to draft rookies. And once you’ve drafted your first prospect… Let’s call him John okay? Well, you’re going to be very interested in John’s life. Where to put him in the lineup? How much training does he need? Do I start him everyday, or does he need to go to the minor leagues first? Why is he suddenly struggling? Wait, it’s getting better… HE’S THE MVP NOW! But is he really worth 20M per year? See, it never stops!

The lineup of your dreams

Okay so the team is not too bad these days, but you want to do a big move and win the Baseball Cup. Is it time to do a big trade with another team? Or maybe it would be better to wait next year and sign a big free agent during the offseason? Or maybe do both? One thing is sure, building the lineup of your dream is actually super hard! And you haven’t even tested the “Extreme Mode” yet. Or maybe you want freedom and receive job offers from other teams too. In that case, the career mode is for you!

A living world

Astonishing Baseball features an artificial but living world. Fans are posting about the game and your brand new rookie. Journalists write articles about your starter’s last night performance. Players send you messages about their concerns or their contract. It’s all about baseball! Fortunately, all these people are very positive persons! Except if they complain about their contract. Or their role in the lineup. Or the team performance… Well, it could be worse. It’s not like they’re French and complain all the time, right?

For baseball fans and stats nerds

Astonishing Baseball is very easy to learn. If you know the game rules, you’ll know how to play! But if you’re a sabermetrics savant, you’ll find all kind of stats to satisfy your nerdy instinct! I even suggest to use wOBA. You don’t know what wOBA is? Don’t worry, according to very serious studies, about 99.999% of people don’t care about wOBA. Good news, right? And now you can even see the future thanks to our WAR projections!

Get international

Not enough talent in your league? Send your incredible and local scouts to find the best prospects in the world, and then invite the most promising player to your team! But be careful, even the best scouts can make mistakes… My favorite one is named “Francis Dupont”. Yes, he’s French, from Paris, and he’s always hyping up his prospects. Like “Look, I just saw that guy from Strasbourg for three minutes and I’m rating him 80/80 and he’s already in the Hall of Fame blablabla”. Best thing to do with Francis is to ask him to spend a bit more time on the prospect. Generally it ends with a final rating of 50+/80 and a simple “I told you so”. I really like you Francis, but if you’re reading this, do your job correctly please.

Live incredible stories

As a coach, you have a life too! In Astonishing Baseball, you can take your team to a burger restaurant, help local associations, but also meet your favorite author, become a rock star, visit Iceland and even marry the love of your life!

Apparently I have to put a disclaimer here. You’re not going to really meet the love of your life with this game. It’s like… Your in-game soulmate, okay?

If you like baseball, fantasy sports and simulations, or just good stories, you’ll love Astonishing Baseball Manager! I hope. If you don’t, I like messages!

Astonishing Baseball Manager 21 on Steam

Planets Battle

Planets Battle

Stars received: 1.2/10 _ Note: v.5 [0.0 to 1] = personal impressions

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[0] BONUS point: Multi-Player related

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[N] - if Registration is required with providing PII

Game description key-points: alike sea battle paper game

Real player with 6.0 hrs in game

Planets Battle - This is a copy of the game - Battle for Sea 3D. The problems of this game are the same - poor AI, a crooked camera, poor design and an overpriced game.

This game will not even be played for free.

I do not advise her to buy, a waste of money.

Real player with 0.6 hrs in game

Planets Battle on Steam



This game sucks so much. I got diarrhea all night long after playin' this.

Real player with 0.3 hrs in game

It feel like I got rape and didn’t realized it until the game is over.

Real player with 0.2 hrs in game

Snowboard on Steam