Trivia Vault Baseball Trivia

Trivia Vault Baseball Trivia

You get what you paid for, 5K achievements at minimum price. If you’re an achievement hunter looking to increase the number of achievements on your profile showcase, then I highly recommend buying this. Else don’t waste your money. This is not a game, it’s just a way of distributing achievements.

Real player with 5.8 hrs in game

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It’s a spam game, in which the main point is that you pay to boost your achievement count by 5,000. Steam is working to remove these games. Good riddance.

Real player with 0.4 hrs in game

Trivia Vault Baseball Trivia on Steam

Baseball Mogul 2017

Baseball Mogul 2017

Best stat based baseball sim out there.

Not for action fans or casuals.

Can manage at:

-Grand Strategic level, (Owner / GM tasks like: ticket prices, when to build a new stadium, or vote on expansion or rules changes).

-Strategic level, (GM, VP of Player Devlopment, tasks like: trades, drafts, scouting, player assignments, change player’s positions).

-Game to game tactical, (Field Manager tasks like: Daily roster, pitching assigments, platooning strategy, infield / outfield stances).

-Pitch by pitch by pitch tactical, no fancy graphics but you can throw every pitch, swing every at bat, initiate every steal, pull pitchers, put in PH’s or PR’s etc. etc. for every play, for every inning, for every game all year.

Real player with 1417.4 hrs in game

If you’re not familiar with Baseball Mogul, there are 3 things about it which cause people to give the series a lot of crap:

1. It was the dominant, if not only text-based baseball sim for Windows at one time, and they squandered that lead by focusing on things that didn’t matter and generally not working on it like OOTP Developments worked on their game. It could easily have been like Football Manager or OOTP by now, but it’s nowhere near as good as it was supposed to be.

2. Some of the releases over the years have been really, really terrible. Like, “How dare they?” level of terrible with major features not in the game at all and bugs and so forth.

Real player with 483.4 hrs in game

Baseball Mogul 2017 on Steam

Baseball Mogul 2018

Baseball Mogul 2018

If you’re a stat junkie, then the Baseball Mogul franchise is right up your alley.

Real player with 2224.9 hrs in game

This game runs like crap. It crashes, and crashes, and then crashes again. This game has been be updated.

Real player with 660.4 hrs in game

Baseball Mogul 2018 on Steam

Baseball Mogul 2015

Baseball Mogul 2015

This is one of my favorite games of all time. It feels like a complete game. Are the graphics a little out dated, yes but sometimes a great game doesn’t have to be a pretty game. I highly recommend playing the demo. It is a full season, this is great, normally you get a game or a series to test a sports game out. Now there is some things that I would like to see added in. As the years within the game go on (I’m in year 2036) new players are created and they have just a plain photo, this is fine I don’t mine a outline of a random player, but all of the right handed pitchers in the game have a left hander throwing and vice versus. This is just a mistake. The other thing I noticed is when I created my expansion team there are no team stats. There are lots of stats but I would like to see who my all-time wins leader is or all-team home run leader for my team. They only have it by season and not team totals. This is a great game and I hope to see more in the future. 10/10 Rating

Real player with 3899.4 hrs in game

easy to play one of those games that doesnt tax your brain all the time. what makes it replayable is that some games players are better than in others like Walter Johnson one game he could be ranked 96 and be unhittable the next game 76 and just ordinary then Carl Hubbell ranked 93 and just cant win next game he’s ranked 87 and a 30 game winner. throw in non-real players and its fun as heck

Real player with 584.0 hrs in game

Baseball Mogul 2015 on Steam

Ultimate Rivals™: The Rink

Ultimate Rivals™: The Rink

Set in a digital world of the near future, Ultimate Rivals™: The Rink is a hockey experience that, for the first time, gives fans the ability to play as their favorite athletes wherever and however they choose.

Electrifying, end-to-end arcade action hockey: Play 3-on-3 hockey at break-neck speeds! Choose your team and then pass, check, shoot, and score in ways you’ve always imagined.

Short-session games and intuitive controls make The Rink easy to pick up and play but with deep levels of strategy to explore.

Superstars from across the sports world create ultimate rosters: Team up your favorite athletes from the NHL, NBA, WNBA, NFL, MLB, and US Women’s National Soccer Team to create powerhouse squads. Choose wisely to combine their playing styles to maximize their impact on the ice!

Sports-themed Ultimate moves: Trigger “The Cup”, “Wild Pitch” and other devastating moves that provide powerful advantages over your opponent!

  • Online Challenge Mode: Play your Game Center friends!

  • Play with 60+ athletes including Legendary Athletes.

  • 3 Breathtaking environments to battle in.

  • Unlock athletes to craft your team as you play.

  • Includes support for PlayStation DualShock 4, Xbox Wireless, and MFi controllers.

Ultimate Rivals™: The Rink on Steam

Baseball Mogul Diamond

Baseball Mogul Diamond

What is there to not like,the game is fast you get every team for one price but what I like most is the lively crowd,it makes it feel like a real game, Playing the game is a lot of fun, if I could make a suggestion that I am sure many people have thought about, it would be great if you could make it possible to play a tourney platform between all different years.

Real player with 1564.0 hrs in game

The best simulation for baseball! Also, you can edit everything! You can alter the devellopment of your players, you can rename them, custom make your stadium, create a fantassy league etc. Great game to have.

Real player with 361.2 hrs in game

Baseball Mogul Diamond on Steam

Baseball Riot

Baseball Riot

Another awesome game by 10tons Ltd!

I had lots of fun with “Tennis In The Face” and so, I decided to try out this one too and it did not disappoint! It’s slightly more challenging to get 100% Achivements compared to “Tennis In The Face” but you will have a great time doing so!

Real player with 12.3 hrs in game

This is a cute, decently fun physics puzzler. I don’t know if there’s a central joke. Just… hitting people with baseballs? Is that supposed to be funny or something? Well, it’s a little cathartic, at least. Get it on sale.

Real player with 8.7 hrs in game

Baseball Riot on Steam

Bottom of the 9th

Bottom of the 9th

Hi there:

This is a fun game quick and simple.

It’s the bottom of the 9th and you need 1 point to win the game.

Some of you may find this useful.

When a S (Strike) is rolled the batting player need to roll bigger then that to hit.

If same number is rolled will result to a foul.

When a B (Ball) is rolled the batting player need to roll the same number or lower to get a ball.

When a C (Crush) is rolled the batting player must roll the same number to hit.

Whenever you hit the ball with a 6 you Crush It!

Real player with 11.3 hrs in game

This is my first ever review.

My advice would be to buy a physical copy of this board game.

The digital game itself is fantastic, and great fun.

My major issue that has caused me to write this review, and advise you to save the £0.79 pence this game costs, is that there is a finite amount of dice role animations and therefore it feels like rolling the dice is out of your control.

The developers really need to make the dice rolling mechanic truly random. When you have played enough games you will notice that, immediately, when the dice begins its role animation you will be able to call the face it will land on before it has finished its role. This can cause you to feel very frustrated and give you a feeling of the game being against you.

Real player with 8.6 hrs in game

Bottom of the 9th on Steam

iB Cricket

iB Cricket

What can I even tell about this game? This is taking Cricket and VR to the next level. So much emphasis on literally everything, so natural swing and pace along with spin as well. I have been playing this game right from the early stages of development and have constantly seen only improvements.

The ground atmosphere is top notch and more than all, Vasanth, the man behind this game has been extremely friendly and has provided me the best customer support experience more like a friend. These kind of things surely make this game a must have for every single cricket fan. I will continue to support this game to see more and more features.

Real player with 196.3 hrs in game

I enjoyed the demo so much I had to get it! It’s truly a must-have for any cricket fans!

What I like:

    • Solid graphics, animations, atmosphere, and haptic feedback.
    • Realistic physics.
    • Easy to get started. The bat shield makes it very easy for people who have never played the game before, to pick it up quickly.
    • Practice and training modes are actually really fun and helpful!
    • Climbing the leaderboard is fun, challenging, and rewarding.
    • You can customize where the bat is, in relation to the controller.

Real player with 50.0 hrs in game

iB Cricket on Steam

All-In-One Sports VR

All-In-One Sports VR

This VR sports game has a nice assortment of 10 sports games for the price of 1. When I first started the game, it had a nice fun game assortment of options to chose from. I’ve played each sports game with various different opinions on each one.

1.Archery: This sport is nice and relaxing just requires you to aim towards the target. Like that’s they’re other factors that could cause you to be less accurate on shots. Requires more skill to actually aim towards the target.

2.Billard: This is a fun and relaxing game. I like that there’s an indication to telling if you going to hit one of the balls or the direction of where the ball could land. All in all good, but make it so when you’re viewing your opponent’s turn you can move easier around the table.

Real player with 10.5 hrs in game

Ok so. i have almost all of the standalone appnori games. They were always pretty good but this is probably the one you want to get now that it has a ridiculous amount more content.

Only downsides is the artstyle here is more Chibi so some events everything is super sized.

I think there’s a lot of content if you’re into only scoreboard or just beating the AI. Haven’t tried multiplayer.

In general all of the sports “work” there’s no control issues. Controls are really polished it’s just on the arcade side. So some sports like golf there are way better more realistic golf games out there.

Real player with 5.6 hrs in game

All-In-One Sports VR on Steam